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  • Primal Journal - Vanessa

    Okay, I'm going to try to start this and track my progress through this life-changing journey.

    To start, a little about myself:
    I'm 25 years old
    I've always been athletic and active (soccer, hiking, running, walking, surfing, snowboarding, etc)
    I have two dogs -- a 6 year old lab-mix, and a 2.5-year old German Shepherd Dog
    I love my boyfriend (and he is taking this journey with me)
    I moved to Utah by myself [dogs includedd] about 1.5 months ago
    I've gained 15 pounds in the past 1.5 years; I've also spent the past 1.5 years being hungry and unsatisfied.
    I'm ready to conquer my food obsession.

    Okay, now on to the real story. Last summer [May - July 2011] I completed the Insanity workout -- in the first 3 weeks I dropped those last six pounds and I held steady at about 115 for quite some time. But slowly the weight started creeping back on, I was also starving all the time and I never quite felt satisfied after a meal.

    So, slowly until this point I kept gaining weight...up to 130 (at 5'2" it's too much weight for me). I haven't been happy the past few months because it just feels like an endless battle to lose 2-3 pounds and then gain them right back. Not to mention, every few weeks my boyfriend would come into town and we would dine out and I would always end up eating too much -- just continuing the circle.

    BUT, a couple of weeks ago I came across this site [I'm not even sure how] and the more I read, the more I was curious. So I made the decision and I bought The Primal Blueprint, The 21-day Total Body Transformation, and the Quick and Easy recipe book. I read the 21-Day book on Friday and Saturday and purged my kitchen on Sunday [October 14, 2012] -- my diet on Saturday had consisted of meats and vegatbles only, so already I was on my way to the right track.

    Purging the kitchen was a fun adventure and we got rid of a lot of food [more bothersome to my boyfriend then myself]. We had also been to Whole Foods the night before, so already had some fresh, organic foods to stock the kitchen a little bit. Over the weekend (my weekend is Sunday-Tuesday) I delved into cooking all sorts of new things that fit into the Primal way of eating:
    • Omelets with bacon, avocado, onion, and bell peppers
    • Spaghetti squash omelet
    • mashed sqaush (like mashed potatoes, but yummier)
    • A pumpkin pie with a walnut crust
    • Spiced mixed nuts
    • Walnut crackers
    • And after carving pumpkins I saved all the seeds and roasted them and spiced them.

    I'm less hungry and more satisfied (which is the feeling I've been striving for since doing Insanity last year, I missed that feeling that I was forcing myself to eat because I needed fuel rather then because I was starving all the time). I'm anxious to see what the coming months hold for me and for my boyfriend. Thanksgiving and Christmas will definitely be interesting, I already have some plans for how to alter recipes to make them more primal-friendly

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    Welcome, Vans/Vanessa!

    Are you going to be posting the altered recipes? I'd love to see them.

    Good luck on your journey. I'm sure that your experiences here will serve you well.
    See my progress at Cocoa's Corner.

    Or check out my journal thread here.

    If I accidently make you a brony or convert you to Taoism, well... you shouldn't have talked to me if you didn't want that to happen.


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      I'll try to post some of them later when I have the recipes in front of me again. The pumpkin pie with walnut crust I got off this website.
      And the Mashed Squash and Spaghetti Squash omelet I both got from the Quick & Easy cookbook.


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        Woke-up pretty hungry this morning so decided to make a 2-egg omelet and have avocado on the side, with a cup of coffee.

        This biggest changes I've noticed so far:
        • Hair is not shedding as much as it was two weeks ago.
        • Core temperature feels like it's leveled-out -- I'm no longer freezing cold in the office or when it drops below 60 outside.
        • Less hunger (although still some exhaustion eating when I get home from a 15-hour day, guess that's expected)
        • Energy is horrible -- however, the energy is level, it's not up and down like it used to be.
        • This nagging headache is driving me insane; I refuse to take medicine for it though and I'm really not sure whether the headache is from caffeine decrease, or from carb-decrease. Hmm.
        • Weight has also leveled-out -- hasn't fluctuated more then a .5-pound since I started this new lifestyle.
        • I feel more myself then I've felt in a long while. So naturally I'm happier, more relaxed, and positive/motivated about this lifestyle change.

        Just trying to take each day as it comes. I just want to get past this beginning phase and have more energy; how long does this tired/exhausted feeling last???


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          And so Week 2 begins and it's time for some changes.

          I've been snacking on nuts a little too much recently, I think it's been out of necessity more then anything -- because of the absence of carbs I've been feeling the void of needing something to fuel my body so I've been snacking -- and since there aren't a whole lot of "primal" options for snacking I made walnut crackers, spicy and sweet roasted nuts, chocolate nut bars, etc. -- which has led to me over-eating on these various items. I have finally emptied of the house of pretty much all delicious things I would/could snack on.

          So today I started the day fresh. I packed three meals and a baggie with some sliced cucumbers, baby carrots, and raw broccoli.
          • Breakfast: 1-egg omelet with tomato and 1 slice of bacon in it; 1/2 cup of mashed squash; 1/4 avocado; and 1/2 tomato
          • Lunch: ~ 3 oz. chicken thigh; 1 cup of steamed veggies; and 1/4 avocado
          • Dinner: ~ 3 oz. filet on red leaf and green leaf lettuce with olive, onion, and red pepper (lemon to squeeze over)
          • Snack: 1/2 cucumber; 1/2 cup broccoli; and 2 oz. baby carrots

          A fairly healthy day, if you ask me. So, the goal of the rest of the week is to do 3 meals per day, and have a bag of raw veggies as a snack -- no more munching periodically throughout the day, and no more feeding my stomach at the first sign of hunger. <-- I think this is more a result of being so conditioned to eating 5 small meals per day. It may be that I need to increase the amount I'm eating at each meal, but time will tell that; and I'm prepared to increase meal size if need-be. Trial and error for the remainder of the week.

          I'm taking this one day at a time and hoping that by the end of the next 10 days I will see a drop in weight by 2-3 pounds; I would still like to be down to 125 by the time Halloween rolls around....will put me on-track to be down to 120 by the end of November! I also looked at the next 10 days of challenges and what I have to do each day for the Primal 21-day Body Tranformation and I had to tweak a few of the challenges because working 12-hour days (plus 2.5-hours worth of commute time) doesn't exactly give me a chance to work-out/exercise after or before work. The goal is to do what I can, or switch some things to other days. Also, SUNDAY is the intermittent fasting day -- so we'll see how long I can go without food after dinner Saturday night.....should be an interesting day. Will need to get out of the house so I don't get bored and want to eat something -- maybe a good hiking day with the dogs.

          Day One: so far, so good.


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            My energy feels 100x better then it did last week at this time. I even slept terribly last night AND woke up an hour before I had to this morning -- so I'm quite shocked that I'm not dragging and/or falling asleep at this point in my day [been up since 3AM]. We'll see how it holds out the rest of the day (and week), but I'm hopeful that I'm finally at the point where my body has found energy and my brain has caught-up to that idea of using fat for fuel. We'll see.


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              Looking over your meal plans, have you considered that you're not eating enough (edit: In regards to wanting to snack)? One egg, one slice of bacon and then 6 oz of meat split up between lunch and dinner doesn't seem like much, either in fat or protein.
              See my progress at Cocoa's Corner.

              Or check out my journal thread here.

              If I accidently make you a brony or convert you to Taoism, well... you shouldn't have talked to me if you didn't want that to happen.


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                Yes, that did cross my mind, so I've been "playing" with the portion sizes this week. Yesterday I was so full in-between meals and only had 1 small snack in the morning hours of some raw vegetables -- so I think I'm almost to the correct portion amount of everything.
                - I think I probably still need to add a little more meat; but for now it's trial and error until I get the portions correct.

                My meat after two days ago increased. The one egg/one bacon was because I was having the mashed squash with it and was full after all that. I typically do 2-3 eggs and 2 slices of bacon and avocado on the side and am full afterwards.

                I think partly the snacking was in response to the complete diet switch! I'm not used to feeling so full, and I'm not used to not snacking throughout the day so to ease the transition of week one I was snacking. Week two I feel MUCH better....less snacks, more full, and energy is incredible!!!!
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                  I can't believe the amount of energy I have this week.....a complete turn-around from week one of this primal living! -- not to mention a complete turn-around from how I felt a month ago; I was dying during my 12-hour shifts, was so exhausted on the train home and would fall into bed after doing whatever I HAD to do before sleep.

                  This week:
                  - energy to spare
                  - not even tired when I get in bed at 830P (after waking up at 330A)
                  - no dozing or extra coffee needed in the afternoon hours
                  - moving a lot more (taking the stairs at least one per day 8 flights; and just getting up and walking around a lot more often)
                  - losing weight
                  - body core feels warmer (less freezing cold at work)
                  - drinking less caffeinated coffee (mostly decaf at this point -- i love my morning coffee)

                  Overall, I just feel incredible. I really want to convince my parents to try living primal! I think my mom would really benefit from it the most. But we'll see, all in due time.


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                    I made some coconut flour pancakes Monday and then tweaked the recipe on Tuesday -- so needless to say I ate way too many and yesterday paid the price by feeling overstuffed and gross all day. I did manage to get out Monday and Tuesday and walk the dogs 5-miles and play in the park; so they enjoyed that a lot and it was good to get some light exercise.

                    Friday was supposed to be my second I.F. challenge, but I decided to just go ahead and do that today since I was feeling so full and huge from yesterday. As of now I'm at 14 hours and feeling great -- my goal is to make it past 20 hours (I made it 17 hours on Sunday, I think as a result of not eating enough food the previous four days). I'm secretly hoping that I'll make it 24 hours, PLUS just wait to eat until the morning. But we'llsee.

                    It's a constant rollercoaster, I either eat too much or too little. This next week I'm going to land in-between though, and be eating an appropriate amount for meals. The plan:
                    Breakfast: 3 egg-omelet with onion, bell pepper, tomato, olives, and bacon. A little spinach and avocado on the side.
                    Lunch: Red leaf lettuce with onion, cucumber, tomato, olives, bell pepper, and chicken (either breast, leg or wing)
                    Dinner: 4 oz. steak (or 4 oz. salmon) with steamed vegetables and mashed cauliflower.
                    Snack (if needed): cucumber and baby carrots

                    So needless to say today I've been feeling grumpy and moody and just not in a great mood. Just not my day


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                      18 Hours Down....

                      At this point I've lasted 18 hours and I feel great. Granted I'm on 16 oz cup number two of coffee today (half to 3/4 decaf, with a little cream and sugar) -- so not technically a full fast, but still...

                      Anyway, in my mind THIS is how an intermittent fast is supposed to go. I think Sunday's flop was a result of not eating enough food for the previous four days, so now that I'm eating a more appropriate amount I'm able to actually do a fast and feel the great and wonderful benefits of it.

                      So, now that I'm feeling much better (compared to this morning) I can actually process this lifestyle change and the things I want to gain from it, instead of just throwing a pity party because my weight is out of control....
                      • I want to feel better about myself
                      • Lose some weight
                      • Feel full instead of hungry
                      • Have energy
                      • Be more active/energetic

                      And ultimately.....
                      Be happy, have fun, enjoy life!

                      Ultimate goal today is to make it until tomorrow morning before breaking this fast; we'll see how I feel after I pass the 20-hour mark though.