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    Day 23

    breakfast - nothing, was not very hungry
    lunch - at a Chinese restaurant; various fairly compliant dishes (except for oil) and vegetables, but I felt like eating some rice
    snack - fruit salad
    dinner - none, too full (edit: I got hungry later and ate a few Brussels sprouts sautéed in bacon fat, with horseradish)

    Movement - about 30 minutes of walking (even this was rather exhausting with the cold)

    Sleep - I slept looooooooong but spent the whole day being tired. Going to bed now.

    Mood - good, considering the circumstances (especially the muscle aches are annoying, and swallowing is hard - I only tolerate warm ginger tea)

    Work and life balance - I had to get some work done, but it didn't bother me much.
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      Day 24

      breakfast - bone broth
      lunch - shepherd's pie (with lamb and mashed cauliflower + sweet potato), 1/2 pomelo
      dinner - hen soup, a tangerine

      Movement - none

      Sleep - not uninterrupted but sufficient

      Mood - better than yesterday because my cold seems to be receding

      Work and life balance - no work today, just reading and cooking


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        you are doing great! Congratulations! I have just given in. Which is horrible. I just want to get through the holidays and pick up from there. Really impressed with your ability to stay on track!
        You know all those things you wanted to do: You should go do them.

        Age 48
        height 5'3
        SW 215 lbs
        CW 180 lbs (whole foods/primal eating)
        LW 172 lbs
        GW 125ish lbs


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          I don't feel like I am completely on track. I've been eating way too much fruit because of the cold, and also various sweet pastilles to relieve my sore throat.

          I am sure there will be a huge support thread in January - more people will want to join, and it will be somehow easier to maintain discipline.


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            Day 25

            breakfast - duck liver with bacon and onions, an endive, 1/2 pear
            lunch - chicken breast sautéed in lard with assorted vegetables (carrot, fennel, green beens, bell pepper) and champignons, leafy greens
            snack - various citrus fruits, some mascarpone, some dark chocolate
            dinner - a cup of bone broth

            Movement - none

            Sleep - quite poor

            Mood - quite bad - a major headache associated with the cold

            Work and life balance - some work done, lots of reading


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              Day 26

              breakfast - a cup of bone broth
              lunch - finished shepherd's pie, with leafy greens, one orange
              snack - one apple
              dinner - Brussels sprouts with bacon, capers and parmesan

              Movement - just 20 minutes of walking (still fighting the cold)

              Sleep - decent

              Mood - decent

              Work and life balance - lots of work but everything is tranquil


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                you are awesome!
                You know all those things you wanted to do: You should go do them.

                Age 48
                height 5'3
                SW 215 lbs
                CW 180 lbs (whole foods/primal eating)
                LW 172 lbs
                GW 125ish lbs


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                  Day 27

                  breakfast - just something quick: canned tuna (in olive oil) with a bell pepper
                  lunch - I had planned a decent meal but because of circumstances I just warmed up some sausage and ate them with mustard, horseradish and an endive
                  dinner - sweet potato and a bit of pork shoulder cooked in butter, with garlic and leafy greens

                  Movement - about 1 hour (walking to the physician and back)

                  Sleep - horrible; I developed middle ear infection that woke me around midnight, and I couldn't fall asleep after that (because of pain)

                  Mood - decent considering the whole situation

                  Work and life balance - this would be too much work even for a good day, but surprisingly I don't mind at all


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                    Day 28

                    breakfast - none
                    lunch - beef stew with champignons, an apple
                    snack - a grapefruit
                    dinner - the same, plus a piece of cheese, some dark chocolate and a banana (cutting myself a slack because of the illness)

                    Movement - none

                    Sleep - great

                    Mood - some pain but I didn't mind too much

                    Work and life balance - I worked a lot and enjoyed it thoroughly