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    I hope that Mark was serious when he said that we should only lift heavy things when we feel like it. I did do a few burpees but ... meh ... I got on the elliptical and pedalled away through most of Dancing with the Stars instead. No sprints, nothin' fantastic ... just pedalled.

    Still feeling kinda blah. Sweet slips do not serve me well. Neither does working for a living

    I'm trying to finagle a spare day off tomorrow. I'd really like to dump out my dresser and get rid of the 160 lb summer cloths. A little shopping would be nice and/or a nap. I just find that I function much better if I can turn my head off for a half hour during the day.


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      oo purging old clothes is always fun - i hope you get to do it! day off would rock.
      Eating lots but still hungry? Eat more fat. Mid-day sluggishness? Eat more fat. Feeling depressed or irritable? Eat more fat. People think you've developed an eating disorder? Eat more fat... in front of them.


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        Well, I didn't get my clothing cleared out and I didn't get today off. LOL!

        However ... we did go fancy food shopping last night.

        We're a kind of malcontent couple. If we're both restless and at loose ends ... we like to wander off somewhere. Last evening, it was a lovely big grocery store 45 minutes from home. Pepperettes, fish, new cheese, 5 lbs of organic baby carrots (DH loves these) ... mmmm ....


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          ooh fancy food shopping sounds fun. I'm a little jealous.
          Eating lots but still hungry? Eat more fat. Mid-day sluggishness? Eat more fat. Feeling depressed or irritable? Eat more fat. People think you've developed an eating disorder? Eat more fat... in front of them.


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            Once in a blue moon, I get philisophical and post rambling thoughts about things.

            I'm a control freak.

            The science of calorie counting makes sense to me. Fuel in and fuel expended.
            Making that fuel good quality also makes sense to me. Fresh, local, organic ... good nutrients to build good cells.
            Resistance training makes sense to me. Building a muscle base to support bones, increase calorie usage, protect my organs, lower back ...
            Even cardio, although I tend to be pretty low key about it ... uses more calories, improves cardiovascular health ...

            My problem, you see, is that I kinda sorta don't understand why PB is working. And I don't understand some of my results.

            And even that is not exactly true. It does make sense that I'm using body fat for fuel instead of quick, easy carb energy.

            I'm shrinking. Seriously shrinking. In and back out of two pairs of jeans in 5 or 6 weeks. There are two small columns of fat down the center of my abdomen and on either side is skin over muscle.
            But I'm not losing weight. After that initial swoosh ... I really am hovering right around 130 lbs.
            I know it's muscle. You can see it in my arms and even thigh definition.
            But I'm not lifting. I'm not even doing the energetic boost stuff Mark suggests. Eh, maybe a couple of short stints. They're hard!

            But but but ... I'm eating lots of calories, too much fat ...

            It feels almost magical, out of my control and weird!


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              I've been reading reading reading. I exchanged a few emails with primal friendly friends. Now I think I'm on to something.

              I have been less than 122 lbs a couple of times. Always incorporating weight lifting ... but never progressing much. Inspite of everything I knew about building muscle mass, I was in denial. I maybe was doing enough to say I was doing it but ... my diet was wasting muscle. Had to have been. I'm almost as small as I've ever been but I'm 130 lbs. Even at 119 lbs I didn't have skin over muscle on my abdomen. I had a soft handful of flab.
              While I denied being skinny-fat (I did lift weights after all) I was skinny fat!
              If I ever got around to trying lifting heavy, I was sore for days, starving and tired.
              If I tried to increase my diet accordingly ... I wandered in the wilderness, lost focus, blew it and gained +++

              CW friends suggest that I'm not doing the things I need to do to build muscle now. But if eating well can restore my optimal muscle mass base ...
              Something is gaining density and it's not fat or fluid!


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                no such thing as "too much fat". I mean, unless you're eating past when you are satisfied/full, but that's just too much FOOD, not too much fat.

                Denser is good! Maybe your bones will also get denser over time... if you drank a lot of diet coke I think that can affect bone density, so cutting it out will help, and eating the right foods to "heal" them will help too... of course bodyweight exercises / weight lifting are good for building muscle too.
                Eating lots but still hungry? Eat more fat. Mid-day sluggishness? Eat more fat. Feeling depressed or irritable? Eat more fat. People think you've developed an eating disorder? Eat more fat... in front of them.


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                  I used to joke that I was going to write a book entitled "You Don't Really Want to Lose Weight, You Just Want to be Smaller"


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                    The first time I lost weight (at 43, 1200 cals per day), it really was pretty enjoyable. I'm reluctant to say effortless, but I did enjoy the journey. In fact, I remember thinking "What if I really am a small person who has simply messed up and gained weight. Maybe this is what I naturally am????"

                    Some days I wonder if primal isn't the way of life "I have been waiting all of my life" Everybody sing ...

                    Waxing philisophical this beautiful Sunday morning.


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                      Good evening!

                      Today I had a weird snacky day. Nibbling all day with only one real meal. Feels kind of decadent ... like I'm getting away with something. I couldn't do that when I was raising children
                      1617 cals
                      72% fat
                      19% protein
                      9% carbs

                      hmmm ... I should eat that other half can of sardines. Protein's kinda low.

                      And I walked 1.5 kms in 4 inch spike heels and then went to work.
                      I don't think I usta coulda done that.


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                        Well, if that was my day off ... it went by very quickly.

                        Nice cals, nice percentages. Walked outside, elliptical and a band workout.

                        I've just put a roast of beef in the crockpot. DH can put some carrots and onions in at lunch time if he pops in.

                        Nothing much new. I continue to feel good.


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                          I am blue. Don't know why, but I am. Yes, I'm blue.
                          Is that a song?

                          Primal is going well. While I can't afford the quality of foods I'd like, I'm doing OK with the types of foods. Walking, sprinting, resistance exercise ... all ... um better than OK. They feel good and I know I can improve. Sleep is as OK as shift work will allow and I'm getting much better ate having a nap. I actually can fall asleep for 45 minutes or so.

                          Earlier this year DH was more or less forced into going into business for himself. I worried at first but it's becoming more and more apparent that folks do pay and jobs keep trickling in.

                          I have to take some more added skills courses. I'm not sure how it helps the nursing shortage for me to be running around like a one armed paperhanger.

                          I finally have enough scrubs so that I don't have to wash them very often and most of them are too big. I'm officially on the hunt for xxsmalls ... cheap.
                          My jeans (only bought them in January) are baggy.
                          I look like a clown most of the time.
                          Yes, um ... I'm having trouble finding anybody who feels for me on that one

                          I may be in scale withdrawal. I did not weigh myself this morning. Unnecessary at this point. I'm not going to continue to lose decimal points every day any more. And I have to get used to the idea that being slender and fit has little to do with pounds ... not when you're already little.

                          Blah, blah, blah ... Maybe I'm just getting old and not very good with change any more ... if I ever was.


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                            sounds like you are doing great!!!
                            what is DH's business, if you don't mind sharing? just curious.
                            Eating lots but still hungry? Eat more fat. Mid-day sluggishness? Eat more fat. Feeling depressed or irritable? Eat more fat. People think you've developed an eating disorder? Eat more fat... in front of them.


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                              Sure I'll share!

                              John is a carpenter.
                              About the time he usually gets called back to work after a (semi, kinda, Christmas, winter) lay-off, he went to his boss's house to see what was happening for Spring. There was nobody home! No furniture, no vehicles ... they had dismantled the shed! The shop was empty and the locks had been changed.
                              For a few weeks things were pretty uncomfortable here. People callling looking for their money, construction materials they'd already paid for ... We're pretty fortunate in that nobody seems to think John had any part in the crookedness Old clients are calling for more work etc.
                              It took a few weeks for jobs to start trickling in at a reassuring pace. We're pretty used to having two paycheques coming in regularly.
                              I only started working full-time about three years ago. We're still helping the kids pay off student loans and ridiculous car insurance payments etc. Another two years or so and self-employment would have been a good idea. This was just kinda shocking and worrisome ... just yet.


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                                Did you know that the binder in plain old aspirin is corn starch?

                                Between that and a back tweek at work yesterday ... I had a carb melt down (involving an entire package of dates) last evening.
                                I'm just so blessed tired! And tiredness is my health enemy! This weekend, I simply must get some good quality rest and a good quality lifting session.