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    Didn't eat yesterday until about 1PM. By then I was hungry-ish. I had some romaine lettuce with an avocado and a quarter pound of grilled salmon. Dinner was another celebration with old friends. I had crab claws with drawn butter and brussel sprouts with chorizo. I had a bite of peppermint ice cream. Not worth it. The crab claws were amaze! Butter is amaze!!

    Went to pt. She told me not to do the dead lifts. Too much stress on my joint. At 6 weeks out of surgery I'm only supposed to be doing light biking, no resistance and 1/3 knee bends. I'm worried I've overdone it all and now my knee won't heal. It's the first time in my life I've been ashamed to talk about how much I lift and workout. Really not sure what to do. My thought is to stick with upper body stuff that doesn't put any stress on my knee. According to the protocol I can swim. I don't really like to swim. Don't mind the bike, tho and it's only another 7 weeks!


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      I really don't think the scale is budging. Haven't weighed myself, but judging by my clothes I'm still up a bit. Is this a function of age? Being close to my goal? Not being able to sprint? Have been really good every day, though haven't posted for a few.

      Today -- long workout with weights, body weight rows, kettle bells. I don't really ever get hungry, but I have "tastes" for things so I had 2 eggs from the farm with some steamed and pureed butternut squash. I cheated on it, because I saw it already diced up at TJs and I just bought it. Was so easy and so amazing!

      Going to an Iranian restaurant for dinner. Planning on chicken and salad. Pretty easy to stay Primal there.


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        Had a really challenging few weeks. A death in my family, Thanksgiving, etc. I did go off my gluten freeness to eat my apple pie which I made with my friend's crust. It was amazing! I only had a tiny piece just to taste and bit of ice cream. I felt crappy for days, could have just been overwhelmed with stuff. Otherwise I've been RELIGIOUS! I think I'm down a bit. Have been cooking some wonderful things. Chicken Cacciatore; pumpkin bread; chicken thighs and wings marinated in lime juice, olive oil and onion and broiled; butternut squash with Kerrygold butter; a fabulous salad with roasted beets (leftover from Thanksgiving) and herbed goat cheese and pistachios. I just made some cashew butter to make bread with.

        I've been able to add some more weight into my workouts and I was also able to get rid of my brace!