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    Hoping to get out and trek thru the snow, now that its my weekend.

    I will let you know about the meatballs.


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      Today, took in my tamari almonds and an apple...did look in the food machine but nothing worth eating.

      After work I stopped and got soem broccoli cheddar soup from Panerad the bread. Came home ate that and ate the rest of the ribs. Second weekend in a row I got some arbor Mist Blackbery wine....we'll see if I get my pen out and scribble in my notebook again.

      I did have a coworker ask me about losgin weight. i had walked passed her to see if it was snowing, because it looked real dark out for 8ish in the morning. She stopped me and asked if I had lost weight(i had my hoody zipped up) "yep" and she said, that I look like I had. She asked what I had changed..."eating meats, veggies and fruit" Any specific meats? nope, nothing that i think about it, I should have said, anythig that sed to be breathing, but I was tired and the smartass wasn't awake yet.


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        Since it's been a few days since posting, I think I'm going to put down the non-primal foods or questionable food i've eaten

        Gravy on the Boston Market brisket and the apples there

        New years day, when I went in for half day of work i had a taste for orange juice. Noting i the machines, but ginger ale. Drank barely a quarter of one and it really bothered my stomach. Poured the rest out and drank water the rest of the morning.

        Three packs of justine's organic dark chocolate peanut butter cups...just because of the peanut butter. They are good and not as sweet as Reeses.

        I made my bison and cauliflower rice meatballs...they kind of looked like mini meatloaves after cooking them in a skillet. Verry tasty, the blended cauliflower cooked enough in the frying process. I think I would use more cauliflower than I did, but had enough to have little bits in each meatball.

        Tonight had rotis chicken and then had some almonds and raw honey.

        Think I'll make spanish cualiflower rice for next week, to use the rest of the cauliflower.

        My cookie eating coworker came back from vacation and kind of took me off guard. I was sitting there, it was like the first hour in, she turned around and said to me,"you look so young." Now remember, she is the same age as me...I am a young looking 47 to begin with, but this was like she meant I looked even younger.

        Another note on the coworker, she is going through sugar withdrawls, someone we know thru work had a heartattack and died in their sleep. I told her all the symptoms of sugar withdrawl, I really hope she doesn't give in, but we all know, that a small percentage actually take the change...more often they don't.

        Hopped on the scale today, looks like I might've lost a couple, but didn't look that close. I was more interesed in the top of my belly, sideview, it is sunken in a little more and my chest sticks out more. I've started treating my chin bar like mistletoe, it has been attached to my bedroom door for years. Every time I go under it i will do some pull-ups or chins.


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          I just got finished importing my pictures from today, comparing the previous weeks and staring at teh drastic changes that my body has gone thru in the last 12 weeks.I keep updating the newset week, next to the first weeks picture and that's the one I usually stare at...I just love seeing the change and it gets me emotional every time. I can't say I was as big as some here, but watching your body change for the better is good at whatever starting point we had.

          I was always a skinny little kid, until my teens, able to wolf down alot of food, with little gain. It wasn't until my 20's that I realized how I could lift weights and eat different food groups to morph my body into something different. Now another evolution for me, is in the works and I love it.

          Oh, let me add this, I lost two more lbs, so now I'm at 175. It took my body a few weeks to start burning weight/fat off, but it's begun.

          Just a food note, I starting eating barbacoa, in place of chicken on my Chipotle shredded beef.


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            Two days gone, the monkey on my back won, whispering into my ear, seducing me with the need for chocolate milkshakes and one meal of loaded fries. That gooey orange cheese-like substance, was justified with the words,"but they have bacon on them." lesson learned. I shook the monkey off, ended the binge, fasted a bit and came back swinging.

            The voices in my head, are my own worst enemy, teasing me with old memories of foods I used to eat. They rattle on amongst themselves, as I bide my time. i find excuses for the side I want to win, push the others back, come home and eat some grapes. It feels like a relapse, but it is only a slip. I never fell off the wagon, I held on, feet dragging, white knuckled. What's a little blood among friends or would that be fiends?
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              I'm a little tired of talking about my food, right now. Sure today, I woke up checked my weight and took pictures, then I set about eating a package of bacon and half dozen scrambled eggs.

              Yesterday I stopped at the bookstore and, after looking thru this book on core work, multiple times, setting it down and coming back, I bought it. In my life I have never spent alot of time on making sure I had a strong core, but it makes sense now. The time in the military, we did core excercises, but it was never explained that's what they were and I never cared--I just did as told.

              That being said, I have been combining kneeups and leg lifts to my chins and pullups. Today, on a trip the Goodwill, I found a excercise ball in the box for $5 and it's worth $35. If I weren't going to use it I'd sell it on Ebay.


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                Let's try this again, since the computer wanted to act up.

                Didn't take any morning food on purpose, but ended up grabbing a tin of chicken salad and tossing the crackers. After reading some threads here, I wondered if I should tweak my eating and not eat i the morning, or cut back somewhere.

                Lunch was from this new place for our meeting/party, I had mixed green salad w/seak and a bowl of lobster bisque. Then the cake was cut, I waffled a bit and was going to pass. I haven't had any cake/bread(not counting pie crust) in 13weeks. I had a really small piece, that was enough to give me a headache and sniffles. Test or not I proved a point to myself.

                The funny/sad thing is that my coworker(the one I've mentioned alot) didn't have a close what I meant at first when I told her how I felt.
                "the cake gave me a headache"
                "because you haven't had sugar in how many weeks?"
                "uh, no, because of the grain/flour"
                "Oh, that's right"

                I also had to sit and listen to all the diet talk during the meeting, save me. One boss skipped lunch, even cake and ate celery while we ate our food.

                I came home and cooked my spanish cauliflower rice, came out really tasty. Ate some of that, then finished the few scrambled eggs i had with some salsa on top.

                I think I will try eating two meals and see how it goes. It wil be lunch and dinner...that might make a difference.

                Body is a little sore from the core work, but not painful.


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                  Skipping the morning meal has been going well, at first it wasn't. One morning, I think it was the second day, around 8am I got this incredible stomach hunger pang, it folded me over in my chair for a couple minutes befre it went away. My other meal times haven't changed, whether I am at work or not.

                  Just a quick glance on the scale, it looked like I may have dropped a couple pounds, which makes me right above 175lbs. Yesterday I tightened my belt and am now on the last hole. I have been hovering between the second to the last and the last holes. I thought I would try the last hole and see if it was too tight or if it would go naturally--it went very naturally. Even the pair of pants that were the tightest on the waist, when buttoning them, the button passes the hole.

                  All of this makes me excited for tomorrow, to check the scale and take pictures.


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                    Just a quick rundown of the last two days, since I haven't been logging much lately.

                    Last night I went to Earthfare for dinner, had some salmon and two types of chicken and cold asparagus(ew).

                    Today...this morning rather, i ate some of the chunk of ham. Lunch was brought in from Jimmy John's, I grabbed two of the small platter sandwichs and retreated to my desk. I ate some of the shredded lettuce and the tomatoes and rolled the meat and cheese up to eat it...tossed the bread. I foudn myself explaining that i wasn't going to eat the bread, because of the retirmenet cake headache....not sure why I bother explaining. Then I ate more of my ham and the small bag of green grapes.

                    It is very cold here right now, but I had a taste for a peanut buttercup it, ate it...bit strange not sure what is going on with the need for ice cream over the last week. Got home, ate some pimento stuffed green olives and cooked up my last four eggs.

                    Think tomorrow i'll take the rest of the ham and more grapes...dinner? not sure have a couple things I can do.

                    I'm on the edge of my newest transition, but don't have anyone to relate to on it. That really doesn't bother me as much as the time it takes to get there, just have to keep chugging along.


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                      The last two mornings, I've raided te food macine for the deli meats from the sandwiches. I thought I would or rather could fast until lunch at 11am, could be the extra cold weather...causing the need to feed. First morning is was ham and cheese, tody it was an "italian" sub which was salami and ham or bologna.

                      Today's lunch was chunks of ham and a couple small cups of apple sauce. Dinner has turned into a mid-afternoon meal about 3(I try to stretch it out to 4), with my early hours and earlier lunch, I think my body is adjusted to eating a early dinner. Evening or later meals are rare, usually get home and drink water. Todays "dinner" was at Earthfare, had some beefstew*left the taters behind) w/carrots and onions, some mashed potatoes, mixed veggies and a bowl of broccoli cheddar soup.

                      While at Earthfare i grabbed some kombucha and a dark chocolate almond and cherry bar, a rare snack for me tonight.

                      I still wonder with the cold weather we have and a freezing office, if my body is requiring more food. I only say this, because I have had no problem waiting until lunch to eat anything, being satisfied on tea and water. With the so many getting sick here, if I have to eat a little more I am okay with that.

                      On another note, I wish I had known to take pictures of my bald spot to compare to now. i swear I've had grow in, more than was there. I don't know how much will grow back in over time, but it is interesting


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                        I've been cheating and I've justified it by calling it the winter blah phase, but after weighing myself and taking pictures it is over. No more dark chocolate, no dairy, except the little bit of goatsmilk(which is about a half cup). Any urge for something sweet will be fruit or fruit juice, tea with anise or raw honey.

                        I haven't gained weight and I haven't changed in body composition in the last three weeks, since the weight loss. I'm tired of having the belly I have, I want it to go away.

                        A return to spinach and bacon salads? I finished my week with having a lunch and dinner. Yesterday I ate one bit meal at Chiptole, a bowl...wondering if that needs to be cut out too, then the blizzard at dairy queen. Maybe just meat and green, leafy veggies as a weeks meals, two meals a day is what I need to try.

                        I think it might be warmer out today, so I'd like to get a walk in.


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                          Thursday, scavenged some ham and swiss from a sandwich for the morning.

                          I have been drinking some Tulsi teas and other varieities in the morning, I like the organic herbal teas and don't mind spending the money for them.

                          Lunch was a buffet of finger food for a retirement office party. I had four deviled eggs, five small meatballs and some semi-frozen fresh fruit.

                          Today I learned the leftover food was in the lunchroom fridge, so ate four more of the deviled eggs in the morning. Lunch was my bacon and broccoli, cooked up in a skillet, nothing added to it, it was tasty.

                          Dinner tonight, was lobster bisque, lavender kombucha and I'll be eating a dark chocolate almond cherry bar, because I want to and because it's going to be cold as balls tonight.


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                            Weight hasn't changed and didn't think there was any change from the pictures, at first. Then I took another look, there looks like there is a little change in my face. On the front view of my full body picture, I didn't see it at first, but there is a change in my sides, rib area.

                            I was looking into juicing, but I don't know if that's the solution. I may be just looking for a silver bullt, out of impatience, instead of looking at the bigger picture. I am not ruling out juicing completely, but adding more physical activity seems like the better solution. I've had to back off the pull-ups and chins, because i over worked it and feel it in my elbow. I've been thinking about activities i can do, that won't stress my elbow. A walk in the park souds good, as long as the temp and wind don't prevent me from walking in relative comfort.


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                              Yesterday was interesting, I went to the buffet, since I'm on vacation. I hadn't eaten anything until I went at about 2pm, was hungry but not starving. I had too many tastes i wanted and thought it would be a good option.

                              Started with some clam chowder, had a plate of bourban chicken, spinach, mashed potatos w/gravy and a piece of meatloaf. Second plate was brussel sprouts, green beans, BBQ chicken and pot roast(no potatoes). That was my meal for the day.

                              Kind of a snack about 6pm, a dark chocolate cherry and almond bar and two Lavender Kombuchas.

                              Sitting here, trying to plan out my meals for the day, thinking hash and eggs at one place, so i can have room to hit Earthfare for dinner. Looks decent outside, so I also want to hit the park...maybe hit the thrift store.

                              Additonal note:
                              I was sitting here, after already doing todays post and thought I should weigh myself. usually I wait until Monday, but thought I should do it now. I am weighing in at 171lbs!!! I guess eating bunless burgers from fast food places works to, the Baconzillas from Rallys and Triple cheeseburger from Wendys were just primal enough for my body. Not to mention the meal of half a package of bacon and five grapes the other morning etc.

                              I am not saying getting fast food is better than cooking your own food, but it works if you skip the soft drink and fries and any other treat tehy sell. Although I have indulged my ice cream fix with these stacks of meat and it doesn't seem to have hindred me. I thought the ice cream binges would make me gain more and I definitely am trying to watch the dairy and sugar intake.

                              One to two good primapl/paleo style meals a day seems to be the ticket for my body. Could this be the spark that leads to more weight loss for me? I read how some have a slow start, after losing body fat like I have, then the weight comes off. I hope that's what's starting to happen, I am so excited now, I can't wait to go eat and go soak up the sun in the this snowy weather.
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                                Depression started to set it in yesterday, my week of vacation is over and tomorrow I go back to work. I have no meal planned or packed for tomorrow, it make me wonder if I will be hungry or not. I've settled into this one or two meal a day groove. While I've been on vacation I've almost alternated days when I don't eat anything until 2pm--today was the same.

                                One of the days coming up at work, lunch is supposed tp bought for us. It was suggested we get pizza, but I told them I wouldn't eat it and it was decided that we could get wings along with the pizza.

                                Pictures today, because I really slept in, the background light was messing up my camera, so they cam out dark. I don't have any editing porgrams loaded, so I let it be. I have put the same shorts on every time I take pictures and they are really falling off now. Because the dark frontal shot you can't tell so much, except the one side you can see it. The side shot you can see my belly has shrunk.

                                I wonder what my final weight will settle off to be...160? 150ish? I would guess 160ish would be easy to see, with the muscle base, but 150 would my high school weight and wold fit the BMI(not that I follow the BMI)