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    I read DQ above... A butterfinger blizzard fan here. Had a couple early this spring, that is going to have to hold me for the year as I need to succeed in getting healthy this time.
    Follow my progress at ->Journal: My Body Revival


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      Yep a tough one to stay away from. The SO brand of frozen coconut milk treat are a good replacement, especially this new one I've had Mocha almond fudge. I don't feel the same bloat with these treats as I do with DQ. Taking this route in eating is a process, slow and steady and not beating one's self up after cheating a little is the best practice.


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        Not a lot to talk about as far food goes, I've been on track, keeping the carbs low under 20.

        I have been walking this week, for an hour down in the park on a section of path with a hill, that make me walk up hill on both directions. I still have an interest in Movnat, but have also discovered Ido Portal's site and his videos on Youtube. With all that, I have been doing a lot of body weight exercises.


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          Had a bit of a reset over the weekend, lightly battered chicken bites, chips and dip and biscuits w/sausage gravy. Now that that's out of my system, I can move on.

          Got an nice walk in yesterday, over an hour. Wanted to walk today, but we had some big storms roll thru and sure I could go now, but I'm ready for bed...or just ready for sleep. Long week at work, worked an off day and taking two half days, so it doesn't cost OT(in the job market now, I have to get out of this business)

          Think I mentioned my medicine ball...okay enough for now.


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            Had some toast today with strawberry preserves on it...when I really only wanted the preserves. Why did I ever eat bread/toast, biscuits? so dry and unfulfilling.

            Worked half a day and went down to the park for a walk. I combined the two sections of path I walk, both take me around an hour. Combined, I walked for around two hours. it was good, but now have some chafing to deal with...but it was worth it.


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              Starting fresh, after eating way too many fries and drinking coolatas. Yesterday I did well, and had a steak lunch at Longhorn, broccoli, steak, with bacon and egg on it and stuffed mushrooms. and iced tea. later I stopped at Liquide Planet and got a Green Genie.

              This morning I've been chowing down on almonds...still hungry but I'll probably get some Lobster bisque and stop at Liquid Planet again...
              dinner, not sure, some meat and green veggie.

              I bought a ab wheel the other day and have used it every day, one set of at least ten. I was sore today, but struggled to get my ten reps in. Couldn't go out as far today, but went as far as the sore belly would let me.

              Oh, this all came about because I noticed my belt and pants needed more room...I haven't been real strict. I guess mashed potatoes was a gateway to home cut fries at Old Carolina and it was easy to slip in a collate until it became a daily habit...

              NO MORE!


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                Did some research and decision making yesterday, on green smoothies. Time to do some more tweaking and move closer to a diet of sustenance, instead of a diet of eating for taste. Taste is important, but I've found my own needs for taste are for salty and sweet, if those are satisfied by a meal or snack, then I can function with little craving. How do I accomplish that? That was the question I've asked since October when I decided Paleo/Primal was my next step.

                It seems clear to me, that if I provide a source of fatty meat: bacon etc for the salty part of my need and a sweet ( no sugar, Paleo friendly)...say vegetable, then that is all my body will need. How to accomplish that in which I seek? Good surce of meat and large amounts of green veggies. But leafy greens aren't typically sweet, so what's a boy to do...look for a way to bring sweetness in naturally, but avoid the sugars that come with fruit. Stevia, that is my plan, no calories and all natural and may be a good way to mask the overwhelming taste of some bitter greens.

                Off to the store I went on my way home, baby spinach, kale, cucumbers, fresh mint and stevia and two packs of center bacon. Tonight's dinner will be the first run for this idea. Cook up the bacon and blend up the other ingredients. I am eating the bit of dark chocolate and the last frozen coconut milk treats as a transition. I may still drink the coconut water, which is usually just a few sips, here and there. This is my plan: morning, green smoothie, lunch(once I finish with taking in my romaine lettuce wraps or mustard, lunch meats and baby swiss) will be some form of meat, bacon, etc and green smoothie and dinner same as lunch.

                To some, they might think I would get tired of eating and drinking this way, but if it satisfies my taste buds needs and provides sufficient sustenance, then it will be enough. Eating and planning on a menu is such a task, for those of us trying to simplify our lives. Coming up with an elaborate menu to entertain ourselves with is time that could used elsewhere. I do wonder if I will still want to go out to eat once I get this rolling. It's a bit like if I was able to grow fruit trees and raise chickens on my property, why would I ever go pay for something that I could get for free?

                I am about to go weight myself to record it here...

                On another note, the work with the ab wheel is going well. I am able to squeeze 20 reps and have been able to get a fuller extension and I'm not as sore this week.

                Weighing in at 177lbs roughly on the analog scale. That is where I've been stuck even my body has changed, more belly than anything. Face and limbs are lean for the most part.


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                  doing pretty well, morning meals have been pumpkin seeds and green smoothies. Lunches of bacon and green smoothies...dinner has been the same as lunch for the most part. I have had some peanut butter M&Ms and some frozen cocnut milk treats and one dinner at Boston Market. For the msot part, i have stayed on track. still getting one set of the ab wheel, missed two days since I've started that.


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                    Woke and got on the scale, I LOST WEIGHT! I am 170lbs and haven't starved myself. with mostly eating dry roasted pumpkins seeds, cocnut water, bacon and green smootheis or as I call it eating my bacon and drinking my salad. Last night I even had the taste for Taco Bell for some reason, something I haven't eaten since going Primal--kept the need for that style of food to Chipotle. I have to say it tasted almost how I remember it but not the same. It wasn't as good as how my mind remembered it. With that and I still lost weight. Oh and I have kept the frozen coconut milk treats.

                    Exciting stuff.


                    • for the last two weeks I have been dealing with Hemrhoids. I believe it is because I started the green smoothies and my body is adjusting. Going from very little green vegetables and fiber to almost three liquified portions...good change but it feels like payback.

                      The majority of my meals have been some meat and green smoothies. Yesterday I had a pack of salted peanuts some "going away" cake..dinner was a bowl of chili and iced tea at Dennys...not a healthy day. Oh and a green genie smoothie from Liquid Planet.

                      Saturday is a fast until I get off work, then probably some lobster bisque Althought I am drinking a Arizona Iced tea, lemon and sweet...feeling stuffy and needed the taste...nnot hungry and really don't feel like eating. Can I just get an IV for nourishment?

                      This whole chewing food thing gets old sometimes.


                      • Biggest news , started using IF for about a week and a half now. I had a couple morning that I wanted to, but because of some sleep issues I had some Monster loca mocas.

                        This is my one year anniversary being primal and many more to go. I think I will post the pics here.
                        first year front.jpgfirst year side.jpg
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                        • Weighed myself yesterday, wasn't going to, but I lost a couple pounds! On top of that, I have three pairs of jeans right now and one pair was tight around the waist...well, until today. Excercising more, but not more than 20 or 30 minutes, if that. I've been doing about two rounds of basic excercises--dips, push-ups, seated DB curls, lying DB tricep extentions and bent bar rows. Sometimes adding or subtracting, no specific order. This weeks pictures showed a little thinner face and love handles.


                          • Comparing pictures today, showed a small difference in my upper abs. IF is working and my pants are starting to slide off my ass. I didn't weigh myself today, but last time I did I was about the same as before on an empty stomach.

                            I keep thinking about eating this or that in the evening, not because I'm hungry, because I have "pickles" or something, then remember what time it is. I get more water and go back to what I was doing. I really like not being a slave to food, it beats any other way of eating I have had or seen others some well known fruitarians.

                            It has been about two weeks practicing IF and it seems 12weeks is the average time for good results. Should be interesting to see the change...and exciting!


                            • Got a real good workout in yesterday, that made me decide to push the goal of benching my body weight. I am getting more motivated to do exercise, something that I didn't do much in the last year. I don't feel bad that I didn't, because I still lost fat.

                              My jeans are getting looser, I keep pulling them up in the back. It has been a while since I've lost fat/weight, to the point my clothes got looser, so I was trying to remember where I would lose first. As I approach y 48th B'day I think I am making decent progress for my effort. I am more motivated now and feel like I had put some things on hold over the last year. It is time to get a move on.

                              I have either had one big meal and small snack or almost grazed during my eating window.


                              • Just starting my six following IF and I feel great. I've gotten a pretty good exercise habit in place, that has only grown and I try to keep it very basic and fluid. Yesterday was weights and today I unrolled the yoga mat for the first time in a while. Even though I have the strength, yoga incorporates more stamina and flexibility and my forearms burned.

                                Fifth week into IF...I can feel the ab muscles just under the skin along te side of my abs, really cool and amazing. I am trying to stay away from everything non-primal, but have had some breaded chicken and onion rings. I've stayed away from dairy and gone to the frozen coconut treats. I'm eating about one big meals around 3ish in the afternoon, except for days like today, that I know I need to eat during my 11am lunch time. Staying within the window has been easy, it has been more about making sure I eat enough to get me to my next eating window and the later and smaller the window the better--at least for me and my goals.