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  • I hurt all over. It's a combination of muscle pain and sunburn. I thought I would go to bed for a few hours when i got home at 11..well, it's 4 now and I don't intend to get up anytime soon! I think my chores will have to wait until after work tomorrow. I'm going to do my veg shopping tomorrow and pick up lots of things to blanch. I feel like I have some great ideas for preparing food ahead of time. When I read my old journal I could see that the times I was most successful with PB I was eating simpler meals, with less fruit and dairy. It's obvious when you look at other people's journals, but sometimes it takes a little distance to see it yourself. Anyway, I had my fruit fix this weekend---more than I've had in an entire year!

    It was so great to meet you and your husband at Primal Con. It was such a positive, fun crowd of people. Caroline, Suz and I took a brief un-Primal detour to an outlet mall on our way back to LA, and then went to see the Hollywood sign. Caroline is a much better driver (even on our side of the road) than I am! Did you have a relaxing night at your hotel?

    In the end, I think I got just what I needed from Primal Con: Inspiration to recommit myself fully (after spending three days with really healthy, fit people) and ideas for how to make it happen.
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    • In the end, I think I got just what I needed from Primal Con: Inspiration to recommit myself fully (after spending three days with really healthy, fit people) and ideas for how to make it happen.
      I like this!


      • Wow, where do I even begin? I think my PrimalCon experience will come out over several posts, as I can't possibly remember and put down everything at once, and it would be far too long anyway!

        Absolutely amazing, inspiring weekend. Supremely heavy on the physical plane, which was great and pushed me to work hard, go for it, and have fun at the same time. Sharing the experience with hubby was a major bonus. Those of you who have been reading along for a while know that he's mostly been following, but now he has new perspective, including directly from Mark himself. Hubby is actually planning on getting some VFFs after the experience and the session with Barefoot Ted, and can be quoted as saying "WHEN (not IF) we come back next year..." Hooray! How cool is that??

        I met some fantastic people...Superdeluxe, Melodious, Timothy (who made the most awesome Yellow Team Leader spurring us onto victory in the survivor challenge), Paleobird, Michmich, cpb, kristiankristiansen, lars1000, primal toad, and many more... A great bunch of primal peeps! Lots of the attendees are people who read but are not very active in the forums, but are just as on board as those of us who frequent the boards. And it was a very diverse group...from those uber fit 'kids' in their 20s to lots of us in our 40s to those a lot older, all of varying fitness levels, some new to PB and some who've been following for a couple of years.

        Best part of the weekend? Hard to choose, have to think about that for a bit before I reply to Mark's blog post for today. (and I have to add, that primal fitness challenge totally KICKED MY of the toughest 3 and a half minutes ever, even at the basic level...but I beat hubby by 3 seconds, heheheh). Everything was of value. Barefoot Ted is inspiring. The sprinting session...practicing sprinting without using your arms (think of them as noodles) felt amazing and made me laugh out loud every time. Survivor team challenge we came from behind to kick butt and win with an incredible group effort, and having Mark actually ON our team didn't hurt, haha. I loved the game of ultimate frisbee, managed to score a few points and gave it my all with tons of sprints and diving rolls across the field. Even had some compliments from Mark, which was too cool Mark's son Aaron was the ringer on our team, that kid can throw! Posture with Esther, cooking with Chef So much learned and to incorporate into my life. Am trying to remember Esther's direction to squeeze the medial glute with each step while walking...and the samba to have uninhibited fun while feeling totally uncoordinated!! She is fantastic! And the impromtu Q&A with Mark on Sunday morning was enough to keep my from trying the obstacle course, so much to take in and put into practice.

        Overall, I'm sore, my face is peeling (good grief, should know better...but pleased to know that I know I'm not the only one!!), I'm inspired to take this journey onto the next level.

        I've decided to take tomorrow off work and get sorted out. Coincidentally, I had a phone call this evening from a local bison farmer...he's coming by the neighbourhood tomorrow with a full truckload, so I can get a batch of lovely bison meat at my door in the afternoon...must be fate!

        And the kids survived. Some minor points...some work to do, but not insurmountable.
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        • Oh wow .. it sounds like you had an AMAZING time!!! I am so looking forward to going to the next one!
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          • Sounds fantastic. I'm thrilled for you that you had such an awesome time, and that hubby is so inspired by it too. Just a thought, perhaps you could take the kids with you next year... who knows, it might just get them on a whole new plane of thought!!!

            Yeah so you are totally going to have to share some stuff with us... the activating the glutes bit... I need to know more about this... I have actually bought Esther's book, must get it out and have a re-read... I just do not activate my butt enough hence I have no butt!

            And what about the parboiling....

            I want to know EVERYTHING!


            • It DOES sound fantastic!!
              I want to know everything too!!!

              I have Esther's book too, it's on my "to read" list...however, I have managed to "loose"'s here somewhere...I have a feeling that it's in the piano bench that the 47" TV is sitting on

              And of course the kids survived
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              • I slept in, and spent the day restocking the kitchen, doing a few errands, and catching up a bit on MDA posts. Glad I took today off to sort things out.

                Score today on bison meat. "Mr. Bison", as he calls himself, made a run into the city towing his trailer filled with 8 chest freezers full of all cuts of bison, which he raises on pasture. Spent over $200 (ack!) on ground, roasts, steaks, short ribs, gluten & nitrite free smokies and sausage, and 4 huge packages of marrow bones for stock. Nice indeed.

                Suse & winencandy, cool that you have Esther's book, I didn't buy it, but may at some point. Biggest thing she instructed was to not tuck your pelvis in (like we were all told through the 80s and 90s in exercises classes, you know, the pelvic tilt thing) but have it out behind you. There should be a slight curve in the low back, but not in the upper back. And when you walk, you should be squeezing the medial glute muscle, which not only helps with gait and posture, but also for esthetic reasons (think photos of bare bottomed tribal have that cool photo in her book).

                Chef Rachel had some great ideas about prepping foods ahead so that during the week it's really easy to throw something healthy and tasty together without taking forever. She suggests parboiling (blanching) all veg that can be then stored in the fridge for use raw as crudites or than added to stir fry, or whatever. I'd never really thought about that before. It makes them more easily digestible, apparently. She make us some killer nut butter based dips with herbs and garlic. Her cookbook would be great to have as well, they sold out quickly at PrimalCon, but can be ordered off her website.

                Melodious noted on another thread about gaining 5 lbs over the PrimalCon true! We all probably ate way higher carb with all the fruit than most of us usually do, so likely just water weight, granted, the food was so amazing that everyone had heaping plates at every meal. Too good to not do so. Plus today was the start of my cycle (so happy it held out till I got home), so no doubt that is also playing a role.

                I'm going to have to think about my workout routine. The lifting with NROLFW is going well, but kind of tedious and non exciting. This weekend we did so much without equipment, so not sure what direction to take. We have a 4 day weekend coming up for Easter, so should get some planning done on this front soon, nice to not have studying to worry about!

                More on PrimalCon later, and should have some photos soon too. If you have any specific questions about the weekend, I'd be happy to answer...

                Oh, could add today's eats:
                B: black coffee
                L: nada. not really hungry, had plenty over the past few days
                D: grilled pork sirloin marinated in evoo/lemon/garlic/oregano/rosemary, roasted veg in bacon fat - asparagus, peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms.
                S: kind of hungry a few hours later, so half a cup or so of greek yogurt with a few berries and coconut shreds. A pepperoni stick. 2 glasses of red.
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                • I made blanched cauliflower tonight, which was excellent. My dip was not...I only had almond butter, and I used the chipotle variation with wheat-free tamari sauce. It came out very soyish. It actually tasted kind of good on my steak. But I think for a veggie dip, I'd stick with the salt. i wish I had had a chance to look through her book.$45 is a lot to spend if I'm not sure how much I'm going to use it...Might have to wait until next year's event to peruse it and decide if want to purchase it.
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                  • hmm interesting on the parboiling. I dont really like the whole crudite thing, eg carrot, it's just too crunchy for me, so perhaps parboiling to just take that edge off might work for me and then I wouldnt eat so many rice crackers. Will think about that.

                    I need to locate that medial glute I'm not sure i have one? lol

                    Today I ordered Perfect Health Diet. Just thought I'd get some other perspectives.


                    • Suse, if you don't like the crunch of raw veg, then the parboiling would be perfect for you. I'm going to give it a try this weekend. And yes, you have a medial glute. Think of it as sort of the upper outer part of the cheek...put a hand there, and think about squeezing when you walk. I'm sure Esther describes this in her book.

                      Lots to catch up on at work today. Got to get working on a presentation for a panel I'm on for the conference in Alaska in 3 weeks. At least it's brief. And so nice to go to work with peeling skin on my nose and forehead...ah well. Coconut oil, aloe vera and jojoba oil are my friends.

                      Strangely, I didn't really feel much like doing my lifting today. Correction, I think I didn't feel motivated to lift in the gym, after all the crazy body weight and less structured and traditional stuff we did at PrimalCon. I did go, but not until the end of the workday, as I decided to change things up and eat a big breakfast and skip lunch, rather than the reverse, as I usually do for work. At lunch, I was still feeling quite full, and am so used to lifting when fasted, that I wasn't ready. So the gym was at 3pm. Second last workout of level 2 NROLFW. Was a bit taxing, but I felt pretty good once it was done. Still undecided about carrying on with this program, more thought needed. Definitely will continue LHT of one sort or another, and incorporating sprints. And hubby has agreed we need to get out walking every day over the long weekend. Good stuff.

                      Today's eats:
                      B: black coffee, 3 jumbo egg omelet with last night's dinner inside: pork, mushrooms, peppers, asparagus, plus spinach. Cooked it up, threw it in a container and promptly devoured at my desk once arriving at work.
                      L: still full. Few cups of assorted green tea through the day. Bit of coconut oil pre workout.
                      S: after work, and workout, getting hungry. One pepperoni stick and a few almonds.
                      D: BAS with grilled flank steak. Yum. I love my hand immersion blender for making salad dressings: today - evoo/avocado oil/balsamic/acv/thyme/garlic/shallot/back pepper/grainy dijon.
                      Glass of cabernet.

                      Time to retool the eating plan as well. I don't want to count/measure/obsess...which is easy to do when doing the first 2 things. Focus on protein, then fat, and add in good carbs. Eat fruit and dairy if I feel I need it (or really want it) here and there, just not daily. Focus on protein. Don't eat if not hungry. Focus on protein. Did I say focus on protein? Maybe add in some coconut oil again. I think the key is to keep things simple.

                      Friday I will be weighing, measuring, and then putting the scale away for a while. Already, a couple of pounds of the weekend away water weight is gone. By Friday, all the hormonal stuff should be out of the way too, so a level playing field.

                      Plan to keep the momentum of PrimalCon going...and seriously, if you have the means to go next year, REALLY consider doing it. Worth every penny.

                      Chef Rachel put up a post on PrimalCon on her blog today: She has links to the parboiling of vegetables and the dips she made, which tasted fantastic. I'll be making some on the weekend.
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                      • cool thanks for that link, will check her out.

                        And this weekend I will find my medial glute


                        • Wow Greensprout, PrimalCon sounds like so much fun!!! I wish I could go next year, but I'll be at the beginning of my grad program and won't be able to take the time off .

                          I know what you mean with the NROLFW boredom. I just can't muster up the enthusiasm for it, I think I need to find some kind of movnat program over here, the idea of scrambling around, lifting your own bodyweight and carrying logs and rocks rather than barbells sounds so much more appealing!
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                          • I really want to get a big truck tire to hit with my sledgehammers. Swinging a hammer around is fun, but I want to hit something. Not too practical in NYC, but at my mother's farm in Vermont, there's loads of room.
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                            • Originally posted by NourishedEm View Post
                              I know what you mean with the NROLFW boredom. I just can't muster up the enthusiasm for it, I think I need to find some kind of movnat program over here, the idea of scrambling around, lifting your own bodyweight and carrying logs and rocks rather than barbells sounds so much more appealing!
                              The thing is, right now I have access to a gym right at work where I can go during the I feel I should be taking advantage of that, hence the standard lifting stuff. Still need to rethink this. I see that levels 3 and 4 of NROLFW are pretty much repeats of level 2, so that doesn't help with the enthusiasm.

                              Originally posted by superdeluxe View Post
                              I really want to get a big truck tire to hit with my sledgehammers. Swinging a hammer around is fun, but I want to hit something. Not too practical in NYC, but at my mother's farm in Vermont, there's loads of room.
                              Yes, I don't suppose a big old tire would fit into your apartment...heheh.

                              My day was good, able to leave work early for the long weekend, so got some errands done as we're having friends over for dinner tomorrow. And hubby and I went out for a good hour long walk in the park, kind of chilly and windy, but not bad. Tried to do some sprinting...but my legs are really tight and I had a pain in my upper inner thigh on one side with running, so no go. Not sure if that's from the weekend or the lifting yesterday, had planned on a bath tonight...but other things have interfered...

                              So have I said recently that parenting teenagers SUCKS some days?? The boys are both out at a high school dance tonight. Or one still is. The other we had to go out an hour ago and pick up from the vice principal's office, quite drunk. Just great. He's currently pretty much passed out on his bed, I'm regularly checking to make sure he's breathing and so on. He is adamant that he only had alcohol and not mixed with anything. I think it's probably true. He worked out after school, and didn't eat much before going out, so the call came after he'd been out not quite 2 hours...I'm sure he'll be feeling just dandy tomorrow. I think I have chores for him to do. And yes, this is not the one who had been giving me grief lately... Of course, I did this crap as a teen. But it's quite different when it's YOUR kid.

                              B: 2 jumbo HB eggs with mustard, good bit of leftover pork
                              S: pepperoni stick, handful of nuts
                              D: chicken wings. Had a rum & diet coke before being called out. Way sweet, first time I've had this in probably a couple months.

                              I don't think I can relax in the bath. The other kid is still at the dance, staying over at a friends, and being picked up by the other kid's mom. So I think he's fine. Not the ideal way to start my weekend.
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                              • Well, the kid survived the night, I'm kind of surprised he didn't get up and be sick or something. Slept for over 12 hours and today says he has a bit of a headache...good. He has a long list of chores to do. At least he ended up home safe. And the other is good, picked him up from his friend's house a while ago, he and said friend are having burgers at the moment.

                                I'm thinking today's walk may not happen, it's grey, drizzling and chilly. My bum muscles are feeling the glute squeezing from yesterday's walk, haha. So stuff to do around the house and some prep for dinner. Planning on having out some nuts & shrimp, then caprese salad, green salad, striploin steaks, mushrooms, grilled asparagus, and later some berries with coconut milk, toasted coconut & almond slivers, and shaved dark chocolate for dessert.
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