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  • grockinout's 30 day Challenge

    Day one:
    Work out in morning, lift heavy things
    breakfast: one scoop of whey concentrate
    120 cals
    1.5 grams fat
    2 grams carb
    25 grams protein

    fast all the way till dinner

    I plan on doing this warrior style, 20 hour fast, 4 hour eating window. Protein shakes only on the day that I work out since I can only work out in the morning.

    I have been pretty primal for a while, but still was drinking diet coke, and chewing gum. None of that for 30 days. I will have some dairy, but not much, same goes for nuts. I plan on being almost full carnivore minus some veggies, and nuts.

    Their is going to be one day that I will not be primal and that is my birthday the 10th of apirl which is only nine days away! I am turning 21, and I plan on going to get a drink or two with my buddies.

    I will post tonights dinner after I eat it, as well pictures, and weight so I know where I am starting from.
    And After that I will only weigh myself on fridays.

    before I forget : currently I am 167 pounds, 13.5 % bodyfat, it would be cool to get down to about 10% or lower i will see what thirty days can do!

    Please feel free to add your 2 cents!
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    Here is my before picture!


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      tonights dinner was around 5 and it was made up of a lot of chicken-3 drumsticks, and 8 wings, plus a small salad. once i got home I also had about 6 oz of almonds! I usually dont eat that much, but I was quite hungry.

      totals for the day:
      cal:about 2200
      fat:151.2 grams
      carbs: 40 grams
      protein: 166 grams

      that breaks up to about 61/7/32
      not to shabby
      till tomorrow!


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        Day two!
        three eggs cooked in EVOO, and a 1.5 cups of coconut milk with a shoot of expresso
        Thats about 337 cals
        72/3/25 broken down

        Later on today I plan on doing a good kettlebell workout, and a bike ride with my dad

        Still not sure about food for later on today its good friday, and my mother is a hardcore catholic so i am guess we not going to have any red meat for dinner :-/ perhaps i will just end up cooking up some kind of tuna spinach and cheese omelet. I do plan on trying to make a hot chocolate coconut milk drink later.
        I have a problem with extremely cold toes, and fingers :-( does anybody else suffer from this or did you? What did you do to help it go away? To be honest one of the reasons why I am trying this hardcore for 30 days is to try to see if it helps. I am thinking that once my body is hardcore fat adapted, the fat i am eating will help go towards increasing my body temperature? Though I have been about 75 % primal since feb and it has not improved at all. I will see what happens I guess.

        And oh i never posted my goals for this challenge:

        I'll be honest with myself. I want an endless supply of energy, and to be able to bike for hours without bonking out. I want to be able to bench my bodyweight, and squat double my bodyweight. I want to be able to do a lot of pull-ups, and finally get a handstand down. (I can do a couple of handstand pushups with a wall, but I think it would be sweet to bang out a couple when I am training on the beach this summer with no help). I already got rid of my blood sugar problems, and have no problem with not eating for hours at a time, which is nice for me. I used to do the 6 meals a day, and if i did not eat something when that 3rd hour came around i was not a happy camper. But I also want a six pack. I will be vein, and honest with myself. Sure I am already in good shape, and am in better shape than most of my friends, and all of my family but I want to look really good for when I go to the beach this summer. So at about 14 percent body-fat and weighing around 166 pounds. I have a LBM of about 144 pounds. I would like 10 percent so I need to get down to about 158 pounds. and that is about 8 pounds. I workout and am active so I need to eat about 2300 calories a day to get to that point in a month. I also plan on keeping my carbs below 50 grams total a day. I will see what happens!


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          Day three:
          Last nights lunch/dinner/dessert was great! I had a great kettlebell workout yesterball full of swings, cleans, squats, presses, and sit-ups. After my workout I had a nice spinach and tuna omelet, followed up by a couple of hard boiled eggs as a snack, and for dinner i had a some baby spinach and 4 chicken drumsticks in hot sauce (I love hot sauce btw i put it on almost everything i eat, except for my cottage cheese, but I have thought about it). dessert was decent I tried something new for myself. Cottage cheese mixed with shredded coconut, cinnamon, and dark cacao powder. The cacao was a little overpowering so next time I think i will add a little less and I think it will be a lot better. Before I went to bed I also made myself hot cacao coco milk twas good! a bit bitter, but since cutting out fake sweeteners, and sugar i found that i like bitter better than sweet. I think i could eat a whole bar of unsweetened bakers chocolate haha.

          Enough of yesterday! onto today!

          So i had a nice breakfast/lunch consisting of nothing but coffee. I still plan on eating 100% percent of my calories today, but once again I am still trying to do an warrior diet/if cut. On todays menu is the following:
          4 eggs,
          2 oz cream cheese
          one can of tuna
          some evoo
          4 cups of baby spinach
          4 more drumsticks
          5 cups coconut milk drink
          a cup of cottage cheese
          and a tablespoon of almond butter
          that puts me at about:
          fat:102.5 grams
          carbs:24 grams
          protein:153 grams
          percent wise that is 56/5/39

          And as a side note, I know there is a lot of talk on these forums about do calories matter? And to be honest I think they do. In the beginning when I went primal I was still VLC and I ended up gaining a couple of pounds by eating a ton of meat, and fat. Perhaps it is because eating all of that meat gave me to much protein in my diet? I dunno, but overall I think calories do matter and that is way I am staying at around 1800, and under 30 grams carbs. The reason why I think primal so much better/easier is because the low carbs means I do not get hungry. Seriously I could eat almost nothing and not worry about hungry pains. Last week I did a 36 hour IF with no issues what so ever until it ended I was differently "weak" mainly just a bit sluggish, but never hungry. The reason why eat 1800 calories my old 6 meals a day sucked because I was always hungry and was never satisfied with what I just ate. Now I can break up my calories into two or three big meals, or like tonight just do a nice 6-8 hour eating window.

          oh I know there has also been a lot talk lately on leptin and i will post this on the forum too, but as someone who followed a lot of bb principles I know how important a re-feed is. The idea of a re-feed has been in the bb circle for a while and is one aspect of CW that I will still follow. (But primally of course!!) They will be about 6-9 days apart and it all depends on my energy, moods, and workouts.

          here is that link:


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            Hey guys! i know i havent posted in a while, but school have been crazy with papers, and studying and rehearsing for my juries!! But that does mean that I have not still been primal!! I just wanted to posted my 18 day progress picture!

            I think there is a bit more definition in my abs, and my arm is cut just a bit more!