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    Been Primal since July 2012.

    Took about 1 month to get the hang of it, then alot of unwanted fat started shedding off.
    I have been keeping carbs under 100g and been intermediate fasting till recently. Also had been doing
    a lot of pack walking/hiking and cross-fit (Angie being a fav).

    Height: 174 cm
    Starting Weight: 87.5 kg
    Hip circumference: 97 cm

    Last time I checked round start of November
    Weight: 79 kg
    Hip circumference: 90cm

    For the past month I have been eating a bit more fruit to gain some more muscle mass.
    So the weight and hip circumference reductions have slowed down. I'm not fussed I am quite happy.
    I could be a bit more leaner, but I have started Start Strength with a goal to Deadlift 200 kg and bench 150 kg by the end of next year. I am considering lower the carbs again and starting A Dozen Eggs A Day.

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    7 extra large boiled eggs today

    Working upto 12 eggs a day today.

    Had 7 boiled eggs throughout the day at work today.

    As for training, did a starting strength workout, still light weight for me:
    If I remember correctly
    Squat: 52.5kg x5x5
    Bench: 47.5kg x5x5
    Row: 32.5kg x5x5

    also a bodybuilding friend has pointed out to me that my rear deltoids are small in comparison to the front and middle deltoids. So I am doing some hyptrophy specific excercise for them 3x8-12


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      well i have been trying lots of things.
      I tried leangains but the 300 grams of carbs training days just was not working from me. I am trying to transition back to MDA primal.

      I have been drinking lots of milk lately, lots of 1 L sittings. Today I tried a 2L sitting of organic full cream milk. But it has caused inflamation in my checks, cramps and toilet runs.

      I am now going to try giving up milk for a month and seeing what affect that has.