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  • Primal Journal ***Horse-crazy cewdressage***

    Hello! Well here I am, beginning my primal journey! I've always been an active person (sometimes too active!), spending many hours working at the farm and riding horses ever since I was a young child. My eating habits were terrible through my teenage years-- I hated veggies and was clueless when it came to cooking. l have always been able to mantain a healty body weight, and have tried various diets to try and become healthier, more toned, and lose those extra 5 lbs. Of course, nothing ever really worked for long, and it was so easy to eat a giant bowl of pasta... plus I thought that was what I needed to stay fueled through my work day.

    After a summer of illness, a cancer scare, and just a general feeling of "bleck", I figured there had to be a better way. A friend was diagnosed with c. difficile over the summer and started talking about his diet and how he had learned that grains were actually bad for you. That put me on an internet search which ended with the discovery of the PB. I know it is the way to go and the way I want to live the rest of my life.

    I am still learning A LOT about what is and isn't primal (obviously that bowl of pasta is out of the picture now, but what about whole milk yogurt?) and am certainly making some mistakes along the way. Such is life, and I love learning from said mistakes.

    Anyways, let me get down and dirty with what I have eating today!

    Cup of coffee with powdered creamer (oops... need to pick up some organic heavy cream)
    3 eggs with red peppers and feta cheese

    Smoothie... blueberries, strawberries, yogurt, water, whey protein powder

    Random Handfuls of:
    almonds, sweet potato chips (is this primal?)

    Seared Chicken w/ avacado and cauliflower rice
    Seared Chicken with Avocado - The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC

    Still hungry...
    1 cup whole milk yogurt w/ almonds, walnuts, cinnamon, brown sugar (is this allowed?)

    As far as excercise... I didnt do any today. I just felt tired after a few very busy work weeks (work is riding horses, walking back and forth to pastures, lifting 50lb feed bags, etc...).

    I always welcome feedback and advice!

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    Your work sounds like plenty of exercise and lifting heavy things, if you sprint to a pasture once a week I guess you have your exercise more then covered.
    If you can tolerate dairy full fat products are the way to go. So the full fat yogurt is primal. Brown sugar is not really primal, though Mark has a blog about cane sugar being better then hgh fructose sugars. Better would be some raw honey or maple syrup (grade c). Once you have done primal for longer you may notice that the sugar tastes to sweet and the yogurt will be fine without any.
    The sweet potato chips might be fried in the wrong oil, but I vaguely remember there being a post about homemade chips you might search for.

    edit. Just checked the recipe. Try it with a fatter piece of chicken like a thigh and leave the skin on (is great when it is nice and crispy).
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      All your ideas sound great! Good to know about the brown sugar. The more aware I am about it, I realize I put it in A LOT of things... roasted sweet potatos, yogurt, stir fry, etc... I will most certainly start cutting it out. It was rather easy to cut grains, but these smaller things seem to be a bit trickier. You were right about the sweet potato chips too. If I really get a craving, I will just make some of my own!

      A fattier piece of meat would probably help keep me fuller longer, right? I love chicken and eat a lot of it, but if I fill my plate up with half chicken and half veggies, I am still hungry! I feel like I am eating a lot already, and am still hungry much of the time. I don't want to eat too many nuts and fruits either because I don't want to gain weight. I will give the fattier chicken a try and see if it helps keep me full.


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        Yes, fat keeps you full for longer. You can also try adding some real butter to steamed vegetables or olive oil over your salad (or add some olives).


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          A Primal Thanksgiving... and making the connection.

          Hello! Well, I must say I had a lovely Thanksgiving and managed to stay completely Primal. It actually wasn't too hard... with any family living a minimum of 7 hours away and the horses needing to be fed, I didn't even have a Thanksgiving dinner to attend. It's not as sad as some people make it out to be. I took care of all the horses, cats, and dogs, which I love. My puppy, Bella, and I went for a walk (with a few short sprints in the mix) and I snapped some good photos with my camera (she is SO adorable!). I took my horse, Marley, on a lovely trail ride and observed all the wildlife on the farm-- deer, squirrels, muskrat, turkeys! It was a very peaceful day.

          I planned on at least eating some turkey legs, but forgot to thaw them out. Ah well, I still ate well despite the fact!

          Breakfast consisted of a simple smoothie with pineapple, mango, strawberries, coconut milk, and whey protein powder.

          For lunch, I ate a big salad with spinach, cucumber, cauliflower, carrots, avacado, feta cheese and olive oil/balsalmic dressing. I did sneak in a handful of organic blue chips to finish off the rest of the avacado. It's one of my favorite pre-primal things and I indulged, but luckily with no ill side affects. I do try very hard not to do these things, but I won't beat myself up about it.

          Right now I am tucking into a scrumptious dinner of homemade (and primal friendly) indian chicken curry with cauliflower rice and a glass of red wine. YUM!!!

          Yesterday began with a bowl of greek yogurt, almonds, walnuts, fresh berries, a few sprinkles of cinnamon and a swirl of honey (no more brown sugar!).
          Lunch was a salad similar to today's, but without the avacado. I ate a few slices of bacon leftover from the night before too.

          Last night I had goat cheese stuffed chicken breasts (I plan on buying thighs and fattier meats next time I go shopping) with asparagus and zucchini. I have never had any problems with cheese or dairy of any kind, but this was my first time eating goat cheese and it was a bit bothersome. I might try it again just to see if it was a coincidence or was indeed the goat cheese.

          Monday night was not the greatest... I ran out to the store after work and was standing in line, tired and hungry, with Sour Patch Kids staring me down. I gave in. I paid dearly for it with a restless night of sleep. I don't except to repeat that mistake often! However, its almost exciting to me that that happened... it was just cool to see how after just a few weeks primal, I am so much more in tune to my body and am starting to connect what I eat with how I feel. It is also cool to see how my body is becoming more sensitive to those sugary foods that I used to scarf down every night in front of the TV.

          Becoming primal is pretty awesome!!!


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            Well, I have certainly been MIA from the forums lately... what can I say, life has been crazy! The responsibilities of work, my horse, and my family have left me we little time to spend on the internet these days, but hey, that's alright. I am learning to navigate eating primal on such a busy schedule and finding ways to make it work.

            My wonderful boyfriend was able to move closer to me, so now I am able to travel (2 hours) to see him every weekend, rather than once every 3 weeks. Unfortunately, he is not a primal eater, so I have to learned to plan ahead and pack food for the few days I am there. Most of the time, I just need to bring breakfast and snacks, and we will eat out or cook a primal dinner together.
            So far, so good!
            Some things I always bring with me:
            -almond butter
            -nuts (pistachio, almonds, or macadamia)

            I have been eating fairly simple otherwise. Lots of eggs, bacon, salads, protein smoothies, and fruit. I know I need to work on my meal planning and start eating some more meat, and less fruit (I just love it so much). My boyfriend gave me some venison, so I am looking forward to making some great dishes with that. Primal venison chili, here I come!

            I would say the biggest challenge I have had lately is INTENSE cravings for sugar and carbs. I had very few cravings like this when first switching to primal, but the past few weeks I have just been bombarded by these horrible cravings. Unfortunately, I given in more times than I should have... breadsticks, Sour Patch Kids, TimBits... each time feeling terrible afterwards. The only reason I can come up with for these cravings, is hormones, and the fact that I have had my period for 3 weeks now. I plan on going to the doctor to get that straightened out, so I hope these cravings go away too. It's miserable and it makes me feel like a primal failure!