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  • Another newbie to say hello!

    I am 40 years old, married to a wonderful man (45) who would benefit from joining me on this journey, and we have three children (12, 9 and 7). I live in the beautiful Adelaide Hills in South Australia and work in Adelaide as an Administration Support Officer (aka Receptionist) for a US university.
    I turned 40 in July and decided that I no longer liked the image that looked back from the mirror plus I was finding the less and less of my clothes were fitting me. So I made a decision to do something about it and that I intended to become fabulous at forty!
    I have always tried to eat healthily (as do most people I suspect) and whilst I am not overweight (my BMI is around 24 - I am 170cm tall and back in July I weighed in at 72.8kg) my shape was letting me down.
    I was drinking far too much wine (almost 4 glasses a day) and this I think has been my downfall.
    My best buddy, a wonderful Welsh lass named Karen, had been talking about this PB stuff whilst on contract at my work but I didn't pay much attention until she moved to Queensland and posted her transformation after just six weeks!
    I was very keen at this point, but I had also been interested in the Dukan diet (could not stick to that but the book was interesting!!) plus tried other methods including shakes etc so when Karen sent me the link to the daily apple, I knew I could work with this.
    I started reading the pages/blogs that were of interest to me and tried to juggle in my head how I was to manage this as well as keeping my family happy at dinner time too!
    So on 1st November, I started my own version. I have not jumped in with both feet however I have removed all processed foods (biscuits, cakes, bread, pies etc), pasta and grains and have not found this too difficult. I weighed myself this morning and was pleased to see that I am already down to 69.9kg!
    I am impressed with the before and in-progress photos I have seen and you are all my inspiration to continue down this path. This is going to be in interesting journey!
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    My version of a primal salad: lettuce, cucumber, carrot, parsley, basil, beetroot, tomato, spring onion with a small grating of parmesan cheese drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar! Have been having this most lunches since 1st November and not bored of them yet!001.jpg


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      Welcome! That is a very nice looking salad I wish you much luck getting your husband on board