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    As per usual, yesterday started out with much resolve and willpower, then took a nosedive in the evening. I halfheartedly started logging my food, which I know in the past has helped me get nutrition in order. Just that little bit of accountability (though no one else may ever see it) is enough to help me stay on track. Usually.

    Unfortunately, I gave in to the easy route of eating what my husband prepared for dinner which was carbs, carbs and more carbs, also known as spaghetti with garlic bread. I also polished off the rest of my chocolate bar. I tracked everything but UGH!!!

    My husband just woke up so I can start in on my chores for the weekend. A good primal breakfast is planned!
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      Halfway through the weekend. How does the chore list look?

      General house cleaning and pickup. Cleaned out "junk drawer" in kitchen, assembled one bag of items to donate.
      Hair appointment
      Arrange the pantry and cupboard (done-ish*)
      Clip dogs' nails and brush them
      Clean OUT refrigerator
      Grocery shopping (wasn't on to-do list but needed to be done!)
      Letter written and mailed to son in BCT (also wasn't on previous list...)

      In process

      Still to do
      Bathroom cleaning
      Clean the refrigerator
      Clean the fish tank
      Vacuum (and wash?) the car
      Donate items

      *Pantry arranged (necessary to put away groceries), cupboard not so much. For now, I think I'll designate the cupboard for non-Primal-foodstuffs. So I just need to move a few things from there to the pantry.

      Snowing outside now, with a decent chance it shall continue to snow all day. No washing the car! Can still vacuum it though.

      Food for yesterday: good... unless you count the alcohol, which I do. Without the drinks, my carbs were just over 100 (one cutie, one banana and one sweet potato) and calories were acceptable. I am happy with that.

      So far today, I've had one cup of coffee. I'll switch to tea/water for the rest of the day. Think I'll have bacon, eggs, spinach and onion for breakfast; then make Thai chicken curry for lunch. Dinner... seafood or turkey, or more chicken curry.

      There's something wrong with my right leg, maybe a pinched nerve or something in my back. It hurts to lift, like you do when putting on pants/socks or going up stairs. Definitely not a sore muscle. Wish it would just heal already. It's been almost a week.
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        Quick check-in: doing okay. Chores almost all done last weekend (didn't clean the car and still have the bag of items in it to donate). I've been reducing carbs and increasing fat each day this week, aiming for a ratio of 10/20/70 (carbs/protein/fat) along the lines of EMF. Yesterday ended with 14/22/64%.

        Today I made the Primal Non-Dairy Coffee Creamer for my coffee, which was more satisfying than drinking it black. In addition, breakfast includes bacon and coconut milk. For lunch, I have tapenade and celery sticks, a few extra olives, hard boiled eggs and cottage cheese. I also have some macadamia nuts if I'm hungry between meals. Will pull something out of the freezer and figure out what to do with it for dinner tonight.

        Took measurements and weight this morning. Last time I measured was just before Thanksgiving. I'm down one pound; measurements are about the same. Looking forward to some positive reductions next time.
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          Didn't need the nuts for a snack today, though I had a few pieces of fresh fruit prior to my workout. I think that helped me push during the intervals. That's my story anyway.

          My husband suggested pizza for dinner and I told him in no uncertain terms that was not in my plan. Then I found H20 Goddess’ Oopsie Pizza | Your Lighter Side. YUM!! I had to run to the store to get toppings but it was totally worth it. Also picked up some pork rinds and more cream cheese, had some of the pork rinds with dinner. I also had a glass of Rough Justice afterwards.

          Macros for today were excellent: 10/21/69 (c/p/f) though I went over on calories by a bit.

          I'm making a batch of the Oopsie Rolls themselves to have a bacon-egg-oopsie for breakfast tomorrow. Can't wait!
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            Ahhhh... low carb flu. Feeling very miserable this morning. headache, nauseated, and achy. Felt pretty good when I woke up, had a cup of coffee with Primal Non-Dairy Creamer then BAM! Finishing a cup of green tea and starting to feel a bit hungry now.

            Anyone use MyFitnessPal's website/app on their phone? The iPhone app has the graph that I love to check but it's not on the website. This morning I was researching the symptoms of low carb flu (to see if I had that or the real thing... ) and found a link to Configuring MFP which adds a column for Net Carbs AND the graph for the day that the website is missing! SWEET!!

            Staying home for the day. Hope my nausea doesn't bite me and I can keep down my breakfast... wish me luck...
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              Stats (lbs/inches)

              Weight: 130.0
              Waist: 28.0
              Belly: 34.0
              Hips: 37.5
              Thigh: 21.0 (each)
              Calf (L/R): 12.5/12.75
              Bicep, flexed: 11.0 (each)
              Body fat: 24.75%
              LBM: ~97.8*

              A little of my history is that in May of 2009 I weighed 152.5, with a body fat of 37.4%. This was after about two months of CW dieting... I have no measurements before that, though I know I started just shy of 160#. (I did not want to see a higher number so didn't weigh for a while... lol.) Six months later, my body fat was down to 27.3%. Last January, it was 21.4%... and I felt fantastic. By July of last year, that was up to 27% again. Apparently, I am bouncing between 21 and 27%.

              I'd like to get below 21% and stop bouncing. I don't really care what the scale says, because I know that fluctuates and muscle weighs more... and I would like to have more muscle. I'd also like to be able to do a proper unassisted pullup. Actually, I'd like to be able to do three, but one would be nice.

              My timeline is by May 25th - when we leave for Hawaii. Typical right? Haha. I'm okay with that. I expect that I'll actually get there sooner which would be great! If I do, I need to STAY there. Consistency will be key.

              *LBM based on measurements, though I have also used calipers which result in very close to the same results.
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                Ending the day at 13/22/65%. Over on carbs (applesauce) and protein (two salmon patties instead of just one) and calories for the day. Feeling okay other than this headache that won't go away.

                Love the oopsie rolls with egg and bacon. So fantastic!! And the cream cheese clouds. Ahh I could eat a whole batch of those. I probably will... Just have to dole them out over a few days.

                No real plans for this weekend which hopefully translates to nice and relaxing.
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                  Yesterday's food:
                  B: coffee w/primal non-dairy creamer, 2 oopsie rolls with one egg and 3 slices bacon.
                  L: 2 slices low carb pizza and 2 cream cheese clouds
                  D: 1.75 salmon burgers (shared 1/4 with my dogs ), pork skins and applesauce.
                  I also had two cups of homemade turkey broth with added salt, one mid-morning and one around dinner time. I tracked one more cream cheese cloud after cleaning off the beaters and bowl. Mmmm.

                  Weight this morning is 127.4. There goes my water weight. Really thirsty this morning.
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                    Today's food:
                    B: coffee w/primal non-dairy creamer, 2 oopsie rolls with 2oz sausage, 3/4oz pepperjack cheese and mushroom slices.
                    L: 1T mascarpone, egg salad, 5 small dill pickles, 3/4oz macadamia nuts, cream cheese cloud. Glass red wine (which took all afternoon to drink).
                    D: 3oz grass-fed sirloin, 1/2cup broccoli, cream cheese cloud.

                    Have not been taking supplements... did today. Multivitamin, calcium, D3... added magnesium. Shouldn't have added it. Two very quick trips to the bathroom already and my gut is a bit painful atm.

                    I ordered a Cuisinart food processor off Amazon tonight. I was going to get it somewhere else that had a lower price but it is back-ordered there and would take over a month to ship. IF it shipped. I'm doubtful so I just got it from Amazon. Cost $15 more that way overall but still a good price. Plus I haven't had any issues with Amazon orders or returns.

                    I did not have any broth today but I picked up beef bouillon from the market. No headache or other issues until this evening, though, which is encouraging. Going to take some probiotics and finish my water bottle before I head to bed. Hope my stomach settles...
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                      Oh, almost forgot - percentages for today are 8/22/70% (net carb/protein/fat). Hitting my targets!
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                        So my day ended with 10/24/66... Couldn't sleep at all and got hungry. Cottage cheese and a slice of Canadian bacon pushed my protein up. I was short on fat too, but that was what sounded good at the time. My stomach was still not happy.

                        Now here it is only four hours later and I am very thirsty and hungry. Having a cup of bone broth to start the day.

                        I'm glad others have figured out how to get MFP to show the graph on the website, too. I really like being able to see it, though I do tend to check my phone anyway.

                        I am starting to feel a little bit like I don't 'fit in' around here. Wonder how long that will last. Heh. Probably always feel that way at least a little. Typical for me... Still get that feeling around coworkers after over 7 years. I'm not sure why I think I'll join in and just instantly belong. Wishful thinking I suppose. Oh well.

                        Planning to repeat yesterday's breakfast, it was that good. Think I will have the pastrami I bought from Trader Joes at the recommendation of a coworker for lunch. Not sure about dinner yet. I keep forgetting to get the chicken out of the freezer. I'll go do it now, maybe marinate it overnight tonight and crock pot it tomorrow. Have to make more oopsie rolls for the week. A double batch so I can freeze them this time, now that I know how good they are.

                        Going to inquire about buying half a cow from a local ranch or two this week. Grass fed and finished beef at much better prices than the coop. That will get expensive fast.
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                          Crap I just wiped out a whole post. Ok so short version - kitchen and pantry are cleaned out of most non Primal foods. My husband wants to keep some things around which is fine. I rearranged too so those things are not prominent to me.

                          Breakfast was as planned. Relaxing with the dogs before lunch of deviled eggs, cucumber with mayo.
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                            Good to see you're still at it! I have no doubt that you will hit your May 25th goal!!!!!
                            Never argue for your limitations.


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                              Thanks for the vote of confidence!

                              As of right now, I feel guilty and stupid. I thought I could make beef bone stock but left the burner on too high with not enough water and for too long. Came home to a house filled with smoke and very anxious pets.

                              Stupid stupid stupid.

                              Thank God I came home to a house filled with smoke and anxious pets.

                              I'm going to cuddle with my canines now.
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                                Just in case anyone actually sees this... They are all fine now.

                                Stressful day.
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