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So thankful i found MDA, i have my IBS under control now!

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    actually i find the "no bread" attitude a lot of fun! the amazed and confused looks, im thinking on keeping up with the primal attitude and have some fun for the holidays.
    today has been an excellent primal day for me: i even got to a morning and a nite set of excersise, first time ever that happens to me. As for food, i even toned down the strawberries and cream! replaced that with some fresh kiwi for dinner dessert. The rest of the day was: for lunch: eggs, bacon, mid afternoon: espresso with cream, dinner: chicken with string bean souffle and three kiwis for dessert! ah yes, a glass of wine, cuz who can throw away some leftover wine?
    "If you can dream, then dream out loud" - Bono.


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      ok so i am now in the need to really stay away from wheat&sugar combo, my gut really needs it!
      yesterday i had a fancy work meeting and ran around all morning getting ready for it, so almost no breakfast (1 sq of dark chcolate). so lunchtime, almost fasted and surrounded by petite sandwiches and devil ice cream.
      i was so hungry and with no primal on sight, i caved in: i had 5 petite sandwiches and an icecream cone.
      thankfully a couple hrs later, the meeting was over and i had to really rush home, boy did i regret the wheat intake! it must have been less than 50grs overall, but caused havoc in my poor gut
      never again.
      in healing mode now and successful at it for the last 24hrs.
      i must get to the fasting mode soon so that i avoid such temptations out of hunger.
      "If you can dream, then dream out loud" - Bono.


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        I havent posted in my own thread for a while, I see now that reading my own evolution is a good encouraging thing!

        After last friday's horrible carb binge, I am easing myself back into my successful 80/20 lifestyle. I had a couple of horrible weekend days where I just could not resist any craving and had to indulge every thing!

        Today, I had a single serve of ice cream and had no other carbs besides that. The rest of the day consisted on:
        .- breakfast: blueberries+cream, coffee. 9 hazelnuts in mid morning.
        .- lunch: lotsa lettuce, slice of turkey, one tomato, half a cup of green beans, three very small cubes of potato (inevitably mixed in the salad).
        .- and for dinner: eggs+bacon, one tomato, coffee+cream (had to work at home).
        Throw in a 30minute walk and damn damn damn, an ice cream bar in mid afternoon, during a long boring work meeting.

        Tomorrow I plan to work out and keep up the primal menu! 80/20... I CAN do it!
        Ill strive for staying away from any icecream source. Have a couple dark choc squares to keep the ice cream away from my hands!
        "If you can dream, then dream out loud" - Bono.


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          Day 2:
          breakfast: 9 hazelnuts, coffee.
          lunch: slice of turkey, 2 tbsp of corn (shouldnt have), shredded cabbage salad and half a cup of fruit.
          dinner: steak and cucumber salad. again a cafe creme for a late nite study session.
          i did have a scoop of ice cream, the good part of it, is that i had absolute clarity on why i had to cheat: anxiety or boredom.
          tomorrow i plan to consciously associate the cheat with the feeling and stay away from the sugar.
          i do feel a little less sugar crazed, so ill keep up the inertia!
          these are the moments when working in an icecream factory does not seem like such a good idea.
          "If you can dream, then dream out loud" - Bono.


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            ok, ill come back to this thread when i have sustainably gone under 50g
            carb per day.
            no fruit, no dairy, no dark chocolate, no cheating, no over feeding myself!!
            "If you can dream, then dream out loud" - Bono.