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My War on Hormones

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  • My War on Hormones

    Went Primal before but for the wrong reasons. Now, I'm back and really doing it for my health and hoping that it will help my fertility.

    Sept: Went gluten free
    Oct: Cut out Dairy
    End of Oct: Became Primal.

    I'm not into Primalizing things- at this point, although I have made some almond meal cookies with dark chocolate chips.

    I found out that I have Hashimoto's, PCOS, and Endo (well that is assumed, but not really confirmed).
    I found out that I am not ovulating. My body tricks me into thinking that I did ovulate, including showing it on an ultrasound! But my hormone panels shows that Ovaries just send out tons of testosterone instead.

    So far, my TSH is 2.25 so I'm making strides! And this cycle I had really good fertile signs even if I didn't really for real ovulate.
    Stats: 5' 4 1/2"
    Been on an off PB.
    March 10th-- starting PB combined with WW (no comments from the peanut gallery!)
    Current weight (March 10): 169 lbs
    Goal weight: 135

    Planned 5Ks
    April 10th, May 29th

    Philly Tri (First time Tri!) June 25


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    You are doing wonders for your health, keep up the good work and best wishes for your improved fertility.
    Annie Ups the Ante