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  • Primal Journal - Kryz

    Figured I'd start one to encourage myself to eat better, get tips, etc. I always tend to eat better if I have to tell people what I ate.

    Day 1: Th July 9 2009

    B: protein powder with a cup of 1% milk (I'd prefer whole, but my roommate gets 1%)

    L: unsweetened almond milk mixed with a little coffee (coffee milk! it's a New England thing); 2 slices of uncured bacon with 2 sunnyside up eggs over about a cup of broccoli (sauteed in the leftover bacon grease + a little butter)

    S: 1/4 C almond meal with 2 tbsps reduced sugar raspberry preserves (random, yes. I had a sugar craving and on a whim I mixed those together in a bowl and it was surprisingly good)

    D: 4 oz ground turkey (cooked in olive oil) with sauteed-in-oil-and-butter summer squash (whole one) and white mushrooms (4); glass of sprite (bleh, mistake)

    Activities: 4 mile walk - normally I walk the two miles to the grocery store then take the subway back, this time I walked both ways. It was funny seeing people on the way back that I had seen on the way there, especially this one guy who was clearly using his puppy to get girls to talk to him.

    Food breakdown:

    1379 calories, give or take a few

    Protein: 90g (26% of intake)

    Carbs: 95g (26% of intake - 25g of those are from the sprite! yuck)

    Fat: 73g (48% of intake)

    Overall I'm feeling pretty fantastic, considering it's that time of the month.

    Goals for tomorrow: do an intense workout (maybe a P90x video); try almond meal pancakes

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    Day 2: F July 10 2009

    B: unplanned IF (wasn't hungry)

    L: 3 almond meal pancakes ( recipe) + 4 oz. turkey burger + cream cheese (used 2 of the pancakes as 'bread' and the other on the side with butter - wow, these things are VERY filling!) + a cup of unsweetened almond milk with a bit of coffee

    D: 1 can white tuna + mayo + I guess 2 cups or so of mixed greens + 1 slice of uncured bacon + glass of diet rootbeer

    S: handful of popcorn

    Activities: P90x Ab Ripper video

    Food breakdown:

    1331 calories, give or take a few

    Protein: 91g (28% of intake)

    Carbs: 30g (9% of intake)

    Fat: 90g (63% of intake)

    Low carb day! The almond pancakes were a success, and are surprisingly ultra-filling. They do take their flavor from the oil used, though, and since I used olive oil...well, I'll have to experiment more, but the consistency makes them great as bread. It's also nice to realize the difference between being full on carbs vs. on fats/proteins...the latter has none of that yucky bloaty feeling. One thing, though: I keep reading that we should be eating 1g of protein per lb of body weight, so I'd nearly have to double what I'm eating now. How do I go about doing that? Or am I misunderstanding something?

    Goals for tomorrow: veggies at every meal


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      Woops, I had made a slight mistake on the food tracking in my program yesterday. Revised:

      1451 calories, give or take a few

      Protein: 91g (26% of intake)

      Carbs: 30g (8% of intake)

      Fat: 107g (66% of intake)


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        Kryz - I think it's supposed to be 1g protein for every 1kg of body weight... so you'll have to convert your lbs to kg. Maybe someone else more knowlegeable will chime in.


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          That'd probably make more sense! If that's the case (or if it's something similar) then I'm doing fine with protein.

          Day 3: Sa July 11 2009

          B: cup of unsweetened almond milk with protein powder + 2 carrots

          L: 2 sunnyside up eggs + 1 cup-ish sauteed broccoli + 2 slices uncured bacon

          S: cup of coffee with a bit of unsweetened almond milk

          D: 3 almond meal pancakes with a pat of butter and some reduced-sugar raspberry preserves + 4 oz of ground turkey with onions + sauteed mushrooms

          Activities: None. If only video games counted...

          Food breakdown:

          1585 calories, give or take a few

          Protein: 94g (23% of intake)

          Carbs: 56g (14% of intake)

          Fat: 110g (63% of intake)

          I felt really crummy this morning, headache + upset stomach. I felt great as soon as I started eating my lunch, though. And on the subject of headaches: I keep getting mild ones at night. Maybe I'm not drinking enough water, or I'm staying up too late, or something.

          Goals for tomorrow: exercise, take a walk


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            Day 4: Su July 12 2009

            B: cup of coffee with a little unsweetened almond milk

            L: can of light tuna with mayo and dill weed + 1.5 cups-ish of mixed greens

            D: ordered out! bbq drumsticks and wings + bbq half rack of ribs + a lot of celery + blue cheese dressing

            Activities: 1.5 mile walk

            Food breakdown:

            1835 calories, give or take a few

            Protein: 163g (38% of intake) - I'm not sure if this is right. I mean, I did eat a lot of meat today, but geez.

            Carbs: 67g (14% of intake)

            Fat: 97g (48% of intake)

            I have jury duty tomorrow (oh boy), so I don't really know how eating is gonna go. I'll try to eat a decent-sized breakfast since I'm only gonna bring a bottle of water and a bottle of almond milk + protein powder with me, and who knows how long I'll be there.

            Goals for tomorrow: take a walk outside, do some major bedroom cleaning


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              Kryz - I just reread Mark's Definitive Guide to Primal Eating

              and in the protein section he clarifies the protein/lbs issue... it isn't kg as I mentioned before.... it's .5-1g (depending on activity level) per pound of LEAN BODY MASS. To find your lean body mass you need to subtract the fat lbs (your weight x your body fat percentage) from your actual weight. Then take THAT number and multiply by .5-1g depending on activity to get the number of protein grams you should eat.


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                Thanks, gecko!

                Didn't really keep track of food today (okay, so I could easily list out everything, but I don't feel like it at all). Tried to stay primal. I was proud of myself for immediately going for a salad at the jury duty lunch break. No exercise because I was sitting around in the courthouse from 7:45 to 4:45, and by the time I got out all I wanted to do was eat and lay down.

                Also, it's kind of surprising that a courthouse won't even provide a water cooler for potential jurors. I guess they wouldn't be able to make money that way - they had a snack bar right outside the jury room.


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                  Yikes, it's been a while. I need to get back on track with the journal! Life's been a little hectic: boyfriend moved in and I started a job. On the plus side, I've been making a decent effort at staying primal, and my job requires me to move constantly and lift stuff. It's at a cafe, so I can get unlimited free coffee/tea/whatever drinks the barristas can make (and unfortunately the staff sometimes gets free baked goods, which I'll have to get better at avoiding). A few questions:

                  I try to eat right before heading in, but I'll get hungry partway through the shift. The hunger passes pretty quickly though, and I'll end up having an iced coffee and/or tea at some point to quench my thirst, but don't get hungry again for...quite some time. Is this okay? On the two days I've worked, I'm pretty sure I haven't nearly fulfilled my caloric requirements because of this unconscious IF. How often can I do this?

                  And on the iced coffee subject: they have a wide selection of sweeteners (Raw Sugar, Domino white sugar, Equal, Splenda, simple syrup, and I think Sweet n Low)...which would be the best option? From what I've read Splenda is the best of the artificial sweeteners (not counting stevia of course, which I bought recently and is amaaaaazing). I've only been having a large iced coffee per shift so far, should I stick with Splenda or would the brown/white sugar be okay since I don't drink a lot?

                  And...what's a good way to prevent (or fix) back pain/soreness?


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                    Kryz, I think its best to always go with the most natural option available, so raw sugar instead of the artificial sweetners. I like to stash my stevia in my purse so I can use it at work, school, etc. Or instead use a little heavy cream and no sweetener at all (my fav!)

                    As a cyclist I know about back pain/soreness! My fix is lots of stretching and yoga..

                    Good luck with everything!


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                      cyclist: Thanks! I'll see if Trader Joe's sells any stevia packets, otherwise I'll stick with the raw sugar. There's also honey, but I'm not sure how that'd taste in coffee.

                      I'll give stretching a shot today, and I'll try to figure out a way to bend my back less at work (dishwasher + busser + some cleaning duties).


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                        For me, coffee seems to stave off hunger (sometimes to a detriment), so I have to watch out for that and just try to eat more protein and fat to ward off natural hunger pangs.

                        I have been using Stevia, although my taste preference is Xylitol (coffee with Xylitol is so refreshing! Instead of sticky teeth, you feel like you just rinsed with mouthwash! It's weird).

                        I just ordered some Erythritol from since it's like Xylitol but without the calories and messing up the gut (my hubby and two boys get the major runs by ingesting even a small amount of the stuff).

                        For the soreness, I used a tennis ball on a wall to work out some knots (was that EVER a life saver). You can also do some soaking in Epsom salt baths or even a Castor Oil pack will work (heat up caster oil on a flannel cloth and top with a hot water bottle.