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  • Primal Journal (JudyMac's journey)

    It is Hogmanay, and I'm sitting here thinking ahead about what I want to achieve in 2013.

    I've been lower carb for a while now, though I do admit to the occassional slip...I'm human after all.
    For the last two years I've been trying to train for an Ironman. I say trying, as the universe has managed to interrupt that training with a regularity that is...well...frightening. (Bad cycle accident, broken toes, frozen shoulder, tendonitis)

    I'm not sure that I'm up for that level of training again, at least until I've managed to sort out my food. I'm ok in the aerobic base training but have problems when I hit the Interval side of things and the what seemed to be need for more carbs. The more carbs I ate the higher my blood sugar rose, and the more aches and pains I got. At the time I was using Paleo for Athletes as my food guide.

    Now I've been using the Primal Blueprint way of eating for 3 months, and it agrees with me more than the lower fat Paleo style, less digestion problems, less aches and pains...overall a better fit for me. This Christmas Santa bought me a copy of the Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance, so I now know that long endurance sports can be totally fuelled by LC.

    2013, maybe I won't finish an Ironman, but I'm going to try to get a solid aerobic base and a good grip on my diet and keeping ketogenic.

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    Hi Judy. Welcome!

    If you have read much here, you probably know that Mark (former world class marathoner and triathlete) is against long endurance events, precisely because they damage your body.)

    I do water intervals as part of an aqua-aerobic class. Little chance of damaging legs and feet.

    If you are very active, you may need more carbs from starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes.

    Good luck!
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      I read that. I also noted the exercise pyramid...swimming and cycling are both in the bottom rung. I use Jeff Galloways run/walk system now, and keep my heart rate in the aerobic zone. Feels just like a long hike (I love long distance walking)

      From what I've read on hunter/gatherer anthropology, they often covered up to 10 miles a day with days of rest in between.

      I'm trying to get my training to reflect that. Less is more, rather than anaerobic and empty miles. Whilst I've not got much faster over the last few months, I've noticed significant changes in ease of breathing and recovery, plus no injuries.

      Maybe I should concentrate on the Half Ironman for now, as I found that training for that made me feel energetic and more active.
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        Happy New Year!

        Up early this morning to assess the 'holidays' damage and was surprised to find that I've lost weight rather than gained it! An all time first.

        Vital stats for later comparison.
        Weight 55.8 Kg
        Body Fat (calipers) 16%
        Bust 34 inches
        Waist 26 inches
        Hips 34 inches
        Clothes size: French 36, UK 6-8 (depending on cut), US XS.
        Powerbreathe setting: 4.25 (red sports version)
        Blood sugar: 82mg/dl
        Present daily carbs 50-60g depending on morning blood sugar.

        Breakfast: Homemade beef sausage, buttered almond (faux bread) toast, green salad and olive oil. I've found that for breakfast my stomach prefers its lowest carbs of the day.

        Lunch: Lamb Thai curry. (Lamb, coconut oil, coconut meat, cabbage, shallot, carrot, green beans, homemade thai paste, walnut oil and sesame oil). Portion of wild mixed berries (frozen picked locally)

        Dinner: Homemade haddock, broccoli and garlic soup. Hazelnuts. Hard cheese. Half of a pomice pear from Portugal. Wine glass of coconut water.

        For your amusement:
        The old vegan me at age 40.


        The new Primal me this Christmas age 45...looking much younger, and now eating meat.


        Will update later...if there are any changes.
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          Blood sugar: 83mg/dl
          Todays total carbs: 40g

          I've joined the More Fat in January Challenge.

          Had a nice hike with the dog today, though the weather is turning cold again. Back into training tomorrow.

          Breakfast: Coconut porridge (coconut water, coconut meat, coconut oil and a pinch of cinnamon.)
          Lunch: Navajo lamb stew ( lamb, pumpkin, butternut squash, shallot, lemon juice, apricot, olive oil, butter, chilli seeds, cumin, mint leaves)
          Dinner: Sea soup (salmon, mixed seaweed, spinach, olive oil, butter, salt and pepper), almonds, hard cheese and a Spanish clementine.

          Drinks: Black and green tea. Coffee. Detox herbal tea. Camomile herbal tea. Water.
          Alcohol: 0


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            Blood sugar: 77mg/dl
            Todays carbs: 40g

            Things went a little pear shaped today when it turned out the the swimming pool was closed. I came back home and had to face rowing in the garage in -5C ickkk. The first five minutes were the nearest that rowing has ever come to be chronic cardio for me, then I felt warm from the exercise (most likely the gloves, hat, woolly socks and thermal running gear helped).

            a.m. 40 minutes rowing in aerobic zone 2
            p.m. chin ups (bodyweight) 25, seated rows (gym) 180lbs 25, plank 2 minutes.
            2 x standard dog walk.

            Breakfast: Homemade beef and liver sausage, mixed winter salad greens, olive oil, buttered slice of almond (faux) bread toast.
            Lunch: Stir fried turkey; turkey, pak-choi, asparagus, ginger slices, gomasio, walnut oil, sesame oil, chinese five spice. Kiwi fruit.
            Dinner: Lamb, mint and pumpkin soup. hard cheese, almonds and a small Spanish clementine.

            Drinks: water, green tea, black tea, coffee, detox tea, camomile and white tea.
            Alcohol: 0


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              I guess you saw in Mark's post today about endurance. A Different Kind of Fitness Resolution | Mark's Daily Apple
              Ancestral Health Info - My blog about Primal and the general ancestral health movement. Site just remodeled using HTML5/CSS3 instead of Wordpress.

              My MDA Friday success story - Stubborn Senior's Testimonial


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                Originally posted by Hedonist2 View Post
                I guess you saw in Mark's post today about endurance. A Different Kind of Fitness Resolution | Mark's Daily Apple
                I did and agree with some of it.
                I also read the Primal Endurance Athlete post by Mark, have you? I don't compete at the professional level, have no need to carb load and have never used sports gels.

                The reason the rowing approached chronic cardio for me, was because it was cold. It was certainly not due to effort or flogging myself silly as I use heart rate training and the rowing kept me steady in aerobic zone 2, slow movement on the Primal pyramid. I didn't even break a sweat.

                I also walked the dog, chopped wood and carried it indoors. On my first walk I noticed that limewort is sprouting next to the stream down the road, so I'll be able to supplement my winter greens grown in the garden in the next few weeks.


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                  Wow! You look like a completely different person in those 2 pics. Thanks for my motivation for the day!


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                    Originally posted by Caffeinated View Post
                    Wow! You look like a completely different person in those 2 pics. Thanks for my motivation for the day!
                    Thanks for the compliment! One of our old friends whom we hadn't seem for a couple of years, thought that I was my own daughter. Mwahaha.


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                      Unexpected guests last night so I didn't get to post for the day.

                      Blood sugar: 69mg/dl
                      Carbs: 40g

                      Breakfast: Homemade beef and liver sausage, winter greens, olive oil.
                      Lunch: Roast chicken, olive oil, mashed neeps (swede/rutabaga), fromage blanc, half a Winter red sour apple.
                      Dinner: Last of the lamb soup (lamb, pumpkin, mint), almonds, hard cheese and a Spanish clementine.

                      Exercise: Rode to the post office and back on my mountain bike as the road is pretty muddy at the moment; 20 miles on the over mountain/ rolling hill route, aerobic zone 2, averaged 18.9 mph. I scared a deer at the top of the mountain!
                      Great to be out and about, I was smiling all the way.

                      2 dog walks.


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                        Blood sugar: 77mg/dl
                        Carbs 40g

                        Finally the weird bloating since I ate the coconut porridge a few days ago has gone, I don't think that I'll try that recipe again!

                        Breakfast: Beef and liver sausage, fermented cabbage, egg yolk, olive oil and cider vinegar.
                        Lunch: Chicken leg, broccoli stir fried with garlic and pine nuts. Kiwi fruit.
                        Dinner: Potted sardines, Almond (faux bread) toast, winter greens, olive oil. Hard cheese. Spanish clementine.

                        Drinks: Green tea, coffee, detox tea, white tea/chamomile mix.
                        Alcohol: 0

                        Exercise: 6 mile hike with the dog.


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                          I have decided not to continue the journal.
                          I've been managing my Paleo/Primal diet for 2 years, so I don't need the peer pressure to keep me on the straight and narrow.

                          Also who wants to read something so dry anyway. Yes, I admit I'm a lousy blogger...

                          I will still be on the forums.