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    Hi Richard...I have been trying to be Paleo friendly and apparantly I am not doing well enough as by evidenced by my scale today...
    I am UP 6 pounds.
    Hmmmm........too much eating and too much fat I suspect.
    Will have to re-think this.
    Although the aches and pains are less and I am sleeping better...I do not want weight gain.
    In serious thinking mode right now...


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      Cynthia can I give you a piece of advice....Dont pray at the alter of 'the scales.' I will give you an example why:
      I had a client come to me that i had been working with for a little while. She had weighed herself that morning and was upset to notice she was 1.2KG's (about 2.6lbs) heavier .... Not alot I hear you say, but as she was someone who like you who wanted to see the scale going down, she was understandly frustrated and confused. I had to remind her that prior to telling me about her weight gain she had expressed her happiness that she was able to fit into a suit she hadnt worn in years. She was looking fantastic (plenty of comments being sent her way from various people) and her performance on the tennis/badminton courts had shot up.

      She had in fact lost weight and gained some muscle. Her waist was down a couple of inches since she last checked. She was thrilled but had done as so many do and put too much stalk into the scales.

      If you want meisurements can I suggets a tape meisure?! This will account for muscle gain and still show fat loss very clearly. Also (and most importantly) how do you feel within yourself. If you are feeling better, happier, more energy etc etc then its definately working. I know results are always wanted yesterday (I can attest to that myself - skinny kid who took years to get bigger), but you came here for a life journey, an adventure into health and well being. Stick to the path and enjoy the journey.


      (PS laying out your food intake each day in food diaries etc will show you what your eating, and will show us if feedback is desired).
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      It isn't the mountains ahead that wear you out....Its the grain of sand in your shoe.


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        I know that I'm new too, but I love what Richard said! I've had success in weight loss in the past via cross fit type exercise and my weight changed very little while I went down 2 clothing sizes. Stick it out a bit if you feel better and if this program feels right to you! I am in health care and once worked with a doctor who trained with Dr. Andrew Weil. He really preached this type of diet and I know that the science behind it is sound. It won't leave you hungry like the others. If you can adopt it as a lifestyle, then it is likely to eliminate pesky cravings so it becomes easier to do. This in turn prevents yo-yo dieting and fluctuations in weight that are so harmful and cause disease.
        Sorry if I've gone overboard; I just really want to see you (and me) succeed and think that it's worth giving it at least one month to let your body and mind work things out. In the end, you have to do what is right for you and you will know what it is!