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The New Year's Resolution Grokers' Journal



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  • The New Year's Resolution Grokers' Journal

    I know everyone in the journal section seems to do their own journal and post their progress but in my mind that loses out on the social aspect of going Grok that Mark seems to talk about so often and is even what his new book is focusing on so I want to try something different.

    Let's do a thread as a group who are going primal and who have decided to use the new year as their launching point. If you are interested just introduce yourself and give a little back story and what you hope to achieve.

    I'll start off.

    My name is Ryan. I'm 26, 5' 11" and 246 lbs. Yea I'm a big guy and have always been that way. I have tried to Grok out in the past and haven't been able to stick with it.

    Well with the start of the new year, I have decided to Grok out again. Instead of jumping in a gym membership or going on a fancy new diet, I want to make a life change for the better and hopefully lose some weight in the process.

    If you are "Going Primal" to start off the new year... join me in my adventure and together we can Live Primally and include the social aspect of it as well. Veterans can feel free to post any encouragement to the Baby Grok's as well.

    Sooo is anyone interested?

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    Well I guess no one else wants to start the primal life as their New Year's resolution but I'll keep going anyway.
    Yesterday was the first real day and since I am following the 21 day total transformation thing I did step 1 and cleaned out my pantry. I have never gotten rid of so much stuff before and I'll admit it was really hard to say goodbye to all the christmas cookies, caramel popcorn, and candy. Luckily I still have jerky, almonds, bacon, and lotssss of pork rinds that I can enjoy once in a while.

    Yesterday, I had 3 eggs and a black cup of coffee with coconut oil and cinnamon mixed in for breakfast. I loveeeee the Keurig I got for Christmas so for now I'm back on coffee instead of green tea.
    For lunch I had meatballs. I know they aren't exactly primal but I haven't gone shopping yet since that is day 2's task. I figured it wasn't carbs or bread so it was a good start.
    Last night, my friends and I went to taco bell so I ordered 3 soft tacos and just ate the insides which is just beef, cheese and lettuce. Not as satisfying as the full thing but still good none the less.

    Today, I woke up late for work. I was trying the whole wake up with no alarm thing. I went to be earlier last night than I usually do and today I slept straight through the alarm I had set and woke up an hour late. I didn't eat breakfast so I just had the coffee this morning and I wasn't hungry until about 10 which is very unusual for me. I'm normally hungry as soon as I get to work at 7.

    Well that's today so far. I've been very slow today and have felt drained. Is that low carb flu or is it too soon for that?


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      I liked your idea of the group. Good idea

      Ok carb flu aka carb detox, have you got a tracker so you can see what your carbs are? If you have been used to a high carb count, the flu can be quite harsh, though if you don't drop below 50g, you should not enter ketosis. Ketosis adaption starts at 3 days in, but normally you'll feel weaker/giddy/out of sorts for up to 3 weeks.

      Eat plenty of fats, lots of greens, some berry fruit and enough protein and you'll do fine.


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        Ok Ryan..I'll take you up on your idea.

        I'm back on track since the 1st after a couple of months of slacking. One thing I would recommend for you is to sign up for or Paleotrack. You can keep tabs on what you're consuming and even if it isn't 100%, you're concious of whay is going into your system


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          Thanks Judy. Oh I'm definitely below 50g of carbs for the day. I want to enter ketosis. I weigh 246lbs on a 5' 11" frame. No clue what my BF% is though. I'm going strict into green veggies and meat eating for a while. What is enough protein? Does anyone know? I think i remember someone saying 1g for every 1lb of muscle you had but I don't remember.

          haha Scott you and me both. I tried primal before and then went on travel for work for 2 months and that made it nearly impossible to stick to it. I will have to check out those 2 sites. I saw one that Mark mentioned which was It's 9.99 a month though and the whole point of primal is to not follow a set diet so I think that kind of defeats the purpose. It might allow me to try new meals though I guess.

          For anyone that wants to join... i made a group.


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            Hey Ryan,
            I started in the summer of 2012 but fell back into my old ways and just recently restarted the primal life. Like you I am also a big guy and have been for most of my life. I'll join the group.

            “There are only two options regarding commitment, You’re either in or your out. There’s no such thing as life in between.” – Anonymous

            "Das Beste oder nichts" - Gottlieb Wilhelm Daimler


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              For dinner last night I had chicken legs and broccoli.

              I also went shopping and bought a ton of meat. Lettuce was on sale for 99 cents a head... red, romaine and iceburg! Broccoli was on sale for 99 cents for 2 heads of that so I bought a TON. Looks like I'll be eating a BAS for every meal this weekend haha. Maybe some pork loin lettuce wraps as well.

              This morning, I woke up sick. Backache, more congested than I've been in a long time and really achey. I still got up and came to work though. I don't think this is related at all but my hands are also a little swollen.

              Everyone at work has been sick so I guess it is something going around. I've always had realllly bad sinus problems which after some research may be due to a dairy or a wheat allergy. I tried giving up the dairy and it didn't change much so maybe giving up the grains will do the trick.
              As for today though, I feel horrible and will be overdosing on the Vitamins. I know you can only absorb so much but at .04 cents a pill I'll take my chances with the Vitamin C today.

              Welcome Primate! We are up to 6 now in that group so hopefully it keeps growing. The more Groks' and Grokettes' we have the better.


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                There are various formulas for protein consumption.
                The most popular is 1g per lb of lean body mass, but to use it you need a measure...your local gym may be able to caliper you.
                There is also the 1.5g per kg of total bodyweight, which suggests that you would do well on 166g.
                Another popular method is to limit your total protein intake to a maximum of 20% of total calories.

                If you like tracking food and want to know more about nutrients I'd suggest Living Cookbook which you can download free for a 30 day trial. It links to the USDA food database.

                My sinuses cleared when I gave up wheat, I hope it works for you too.


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                  Hey Caffeinated.
                  Liking this idea, we can all keep each other in line!
                  To introduce myself I am Aoife, I live in Australia but am from Ireland.
                  I have been a bit primal on and off for the last 9 months- but seriously fell off the wagon prior to christmas. Now its back on like donkey kong! So been back on the wagon for the last 6 days. Today oddly I havent been really hungry since breakfast, so I thought I would go along with it and fast for as long as it feels right, its now half eight in the evening (oz time) and I am still not hungry so I think I will power on through till breakfast and then I can proudly say I have done a 24. Whoop whoop! Hope your getting over your sickness.


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                    Found your journel. Saying hi!


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                      Judymac - Thanks you are just full of good info haha. So far no go on the sinuses but I'm still getting over being sick so hopefully it will keep getting better and just go away. How long did it take for it to disappear completely?

                      Aoife - Cool name. Very different from something we would have over in the states but I like it. I wish I could go 24 without eating! haha my body just doesn't want to fast I guess. Though yesterday I didn't really eat as much as I normally would so maybe I'm making that transition slowly. I just read about all the wildfires in Aussie land over there. Hope you are staying safe!

                      bamabelle - yuppp you found it. Hellllo.

                      As for my day... well i did wake up before my alarm but that was because of my roommates stupid dog barking at the air for 10 minutes at 430AM. Still no clue what she was barking at but I woke up before my alarm for once. Still not feeling that great today though I was able to go to work and haven't had to take any day quil today. Just some decongestants. I'm hoping this is just the allergy working it's way out.

                      For breakfast, I had 3 scrambled eggs with salsa and Chia seeds on top, and a cup of black coffee with a tiny bit of honey.
                      For lunch, I had a big a$$ salad with lettuce, broccoli, mushrooms, and some leftover roast from dinner yesterday.

                      Tonight for dinner I am making pork chops. I'm going to try one of the marinades out of Mark's new sauces and dressings book. I'll probably have a small salad and some broccoli with the pork chops. That means the rest of the week I'll be having pork chops for dinner too. As a single guy, I generally cook a big meal once a week and then just have different sides as the week goes along.


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                        Have you tried a neti pot for the sinuses? I suffer many sinus infections and this little diddy has become my best friend! I get the modified neti pot (much easier to use) the Niel sinus rinse. LOVE it! Feel better!


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                          yea i use the one that shoots the water and massages haha


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                            Hello, just found your journal and like the idea. I'm in!

                            +1 on the neti pot - although I just snort up the water. Since I've been primal, I hardy have to wash my sinuses anymore. Another plus!
                            My Primal Journal:

                            “"Freedom from fear" could be said to sum up the whole philosophy of human rights. - Dag Hammarskjold


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                              how long have you been primal? I'm on week 2 now and my sinuses are still screwed.

                              Actually now that I think about it this is only day 6 of me being primal. Crap I'm not even a week in and I already want to destroy a pack of oreos.

                              For dinner last night I didn't end up making pork chops I just microwaved a spaghetti squash with butter and garlic but man it was delicious. I needed a sweet treat so I took a banana, a little almond milk, added some choco protein powder and some ice, threw it in the magic bullet and it was delicious.
                              For breakfast I just had 3 scrambled eggs with salsa and chia seeds on top. I'm starting to find out that salsa makes a really good topper for eggs.

                              lunch I am going to get a salad and maybe some soup. Would cream of broccoli be primalish?
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