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    Originally posted by Althaur View Post
    I miss Cali. San Francisco is great! I was stationed there for 4 years. The is a restaurant called The Stinking Rose. Everything but two items on the menu has garlic. They have a garlic filet chilli which is amazing.
    Ohhhhhhh (tremors of food-joy...) THERE. IS. NO. SUCH. THING. AS. TOO. MUCH. GARLIC.

    I am on their website now... and the next time hubby is in SF for a business trip, I will send him there! Thank You!!

    Actually, hubby indulges me everywhere he goes. The poor man grew up with a very unimaginative cook mom and he has been getting a culinary education being married to me ever since, 'cause I ask him to go and experience stuff and then he brings back some extra for me. When he has to go to Baton Rouge, I always send him out for crawfish etouffee and boudin and all that, which he brings back to OH. TX brings pecan pie, SC brings Carolina bbq, NJ brings Silver Queen corn and beefsteak tomatoes, in NYC it is Peter Luger's steak sauce and cheesecake... (yeah, some of it is not Primal, but I wait until the good stuff comes back and then it is so infrequent that it easily qualifies under 80/20)

    Seventh trip? Whew. Hope the Universe hears you after you are done with this one!
    I have a mantra that I have spouted for years... "If I eat right, I feel right. If I feel right, I exercise right. If I exercise right, I think right. If I think right, I eat right..." Phil-SC


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      Ack! Missed yesterday. I'll try to remember my eats.

      11 JAN
      Breakfast - normal shake
      Lunch - 2 hamburger patties, cauliflower and sweet potato with butter.
      Snack - 1 cup of kiwi yogurt.
      Dinner - normal shake

      12 Jan
      Breakfast - normal shake.
      Lunch - 2 chicken thigh and legs, chicken breast, half of a roasted potato and mixed vegetables.
      Snack - 1 cup kiwi yogurt
      Dinner - steak fajita meat (chow hall's version, bleh) with enchilada sauce, small side of refried beans and a salad with blue cheese dressing.

      I didn't work out yesterday or today as my legs are still screaming from my last gym day. Busy day tomorrow, but I'm hoping to get to the gym if I don't run out of time.
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        Yesterday was busy. I didn't get a chance to work out since I got back to the wire to late. Wasn't a great food day either. Oh well. It happens. Back on the wagon.

        Breakfast - shake
        Lunch - Roast beef, mashed potatoes, shredded turkey, tomato salad. AND, pralines and cream ice cream.
        Dinner - ham and roast beef slices with swiss cheese and onions. AND, another small helping of P&C ice cream. Sigh.
        Snacks - half cup of cherry yogurt, pecans.

        All in all, it wasn't a horrible day. I won't stress too much since it's been a while since I fell of the wagon like that. Today started with eggs, cheese omelet and bacon for breakfast. Probably have a shake for lunch since I'll be hitting the gym at lunch time. Chest, shoulders and triceps day.
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          Yesterday was okay. Things went well until a coworker got a box with the best cookies in the world in it. I had one. It is a sugar cookie with a buttercream frosting. I swear that must be what Angel poop tastes like, so good but not good for you.

          Breakfast - 2 fried eggs, egg and cheese omelet and bacon.
          Snack - one cup of kiwi yogurt
          Lunch - shake
          Dinner, 2 chicken breasts, salad and gyro meat and a couple of squares of Lindt 70% chocolate.

          Weighted dips - 6 sets
          Cable flies - 3 sets
          Over head press - 6 sets
          lateral raises - 2 sets
          Over head cable extensions - 2 sets
          Pressdown - 2 sets
          Abs - 5 sets
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            Whew! Falling behind. I've been busy, and mission comes first. Let's start with eats.

            Breakfast - shake
            Lunch - 2 hamburger patties with swiss cheese, salad with blue cheese.
            Snack - 2 peeps. Damn coworker!
            Dinner - 3 slices of pizza for a going away party for one of our guys.

            Breakfast - shake
            Lunch - chicken and steak fajita (meat only) with cheese, small helping of refried beans and asparagus.
            Dinner - 3 chicken breasts, vinegar coleslaw, one cup of berry yogurt.

            My workouts were pretty good. Been focusing more on lifting right now over cardio.

            Tuesday - 5x500 meter intervals on the rower.

            Bent over row - 5 sets
            Pullups - 3 sets
            Shrugs - 3 sets
            bent over lateral raises - 2 sets
            standing dumbbell curl - 2 sets
            incline dumbbell curl - 2 sets
            hammer dumbbell curl - 1 set

            My biceps are pretty sore today. Went up in weights and/or reps on every exercise. I want to go for a run today, but it will depend on how much crap is in the air this afternoon. May have to settle for either the treadmill (bleh) or rowing again.

            I nice long run would be great after sitting at my desk typing all day. That's the only thing that sucks about my job. A couple of hours of excitement followed by days of typing and boredom. Maybe I should get Twister for the office. Heh heh.
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              Ah the joy of Kandahar air!!!

              Just got done with a 6 mile run with my 35lbs rucksack. Averaged a 10:36 mile. Think I inhaled about 5 lbs of dirt and sheep shit, but I feel pretty good. I can make mudpies when I cough it all up.

              Breakfast was my shake.
              Had some garlic onion and habanero pistachios for a snack.
              Lunch was 3 hamburger patties with onions and swiss cheese with some thousand island dressing. The dressing is crap, but the hamburger patties are so dry an MRE cracker seems like bread pudding in comparison.
              Dinner will be a couple of New York strip steaks and salad as it is grill night here for us boys!!! Woohoo!

              Now I need a shower, as I smell like your average afghan sheep herder. Bleh!
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                Ahhhhh... Sheep. Now I get the references to unsavory smells. Although - my Oma taught me to sleep on top of well-preserved sheep skins in those really cold village German houses, and if you can get one from a good tanner, the saved body eat is awesome and it only lightly smells of lanolin, which I actually like.

                I remember when I used to be in the marching band, when a school had that loose black cinder stuff covering the track around the football field - I would blow sooty boogers clear into the next day.

                Can't you beat up the cook or something just before hamburger day so you all don't get Sahara-dry beef??? Someone ought to tell that person that the cow done died once - cooking it to death ain't gonna make it any deader.

                Nothing much happening at my place... After the distraction of the Christmas season, now I am noticing how short the days are. Blech. At least we get to spend a week at an indoor waterpark at the beginning of February - Kalahari Resort. You ought to look it up - they have some pretty decent indoor water slides. One is literally a ginormous funnel in which a four-man raft can swirl around, just like the Tidy Bowl man, and drop through the bottom into another pool. My kids love it.
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                I have a mantra that I have spouted for years... "If I eat right, I feel right. If I feel right, I exercise right. If I exercise right, I think right. If I think right, I eat right..." Phil-SC


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                  Yesterday's eats up first.

                  Breakfast - shake
                  Snack - one cup of plain yogurt with a table spoon of honey
                  Lunch - roat beast, half a sweet potato, roasted veggies
                  Dinner - shake since I had a late VTC and didn't want to eat a meal so late.


                  Squats - 6 sets
                  Deadlifts - 3 sets
                  Seated Calf Press - 3 sets
                  Squatting calf raise - 3 sets
                  Ab work

                  Probably should not have driven the manual transmission on leg day. My leg was shaking like crazy trying to hold the clutch in. Thought I was going to pop the clutch while waiting on traffic.

                  Lost my mind at the gym as well. The first gym had ass-hats using the 2 squat racks for skull-crushers, bench presses and ab work. WTF?! Finally gave up waiting and went to another gym. 4 squat racks there. Had to wait again. 3 of the racks were being used by MEN doing the following; Over head press with 65(!) lbs, Bent over rows with 85(!) lbs and shrugs with 135 lbs. Seriously???? You need a fucking rack for those insanely heavy lifts you couldn't pick up off the ground? I wanted to start throwing 5 lbs plates at people just to make their workouts more beneficial.

                  I hate military gyms. I have never dealt with more rude, lazy and clueless idiots in my life than at a military gym.
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                    Moderation switch stopped working today. Going to pay for it tomorrow.

                    Day started out well, had my normal shake for breakfast and a bunch of coffee. Our power was turned off for what would be about 3 hours of work. That meant there was nothing I could do in the office. SO!!!!! Sounds like a perfect excuse for a good workout.

                    I did an 8 mile ruckmarch with my 35 lbs rucksack. I kept my speed about a 14:30 mile. I decided to do more once I got back to my compound. So, I stopped long enough to change into short, tshirt and throw on my battle-rattle and my rucksack again. 70lbs total without my weapons and helmet. Then I headed out for a 2.25 mile run. Uh, my legs are toast! Apparently my moderation switch shorted out some where about mile 4 on the ruckmarch. LOL Oh well.

                    Cleaned up, changed and headed out for lunch. Had 2 hamburger patties with swiss cheese and a salad.

                    Not a bad day.
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                      Been busy banging away on the keyboard today. Sigh. My workout for the day was walking to the latrine and rolling to the coffee pot. My legs aren't too bad considering what I did to them the last 2 days.

                      Dinner last night was "prime rib", or at least that's what the chow hall called it, half a roasted potato and beets.

                      Breakfast was my normal shake.
                      Lunch was 2 salisbury steaks, 4 fried eggs and two bites of coleslaw and a cup of kiwi yogurt.
                      Snacks today, beef jerky and some mixed nuts and raisins.

                      And, perfect timing. I was down to the last of my vitamins today and my resupply arrived with my Primal Fuel and vitamins.
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                        Whew! Yesterday wasn't my best day. Had some cravings, so I decided to give in just to take care of them. Problem solved and all good today. We'll start with my workout since that went as planned.

                        Weighted dips - 6 sets
                        Flies - 3 sets
                        Over head press - 5 sets
                        Lateral raises - 2 sets
                        Over head cable extensions - 2 sets
                        Pressdowns - 2 sets

                        Breakfast - shake
                        Lunch - 3 hamburger patties with swiss cheese and onions
                        Snack - Galaxy ice cream bar with almonds and a small Galaxy silk milk chocolate bar.
                        Dinner - Sliced pastrami and swiss cheese

                        Not a great day, but not my worst.

                        Had my shake for breakfast this morning, but instead of milk, I used coffee and coconut milk with my Primal Fuel and protein powder. Pretty damn good. Like Rocket Fuel. LOL
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                          Hello Althaur!

                          You will be singularly unimpressed, but I did actually do something exercise-y yday - I humped a wooden fireplace mantel-and-surround up the stairs (main floor to the upstairs) all by my lonesome, without taking any wall out in the process. Got heavy breathing, sweat, and thumpy heart from that one, especially since I actually thought I might not make it up that last stair. But I pretended I was an awesome Grokette in the making and did it anyway.

                          I saw on another thread that you have a high-schooler kid - any others? I have four, from newly 16 down to almost-10, all girls. Hope your day goes well!
                          I have a mantra that I have spouted for years... "If I eat right, I feel right. If I feel right, I exercise right. If I exercise right, I think right. If I think right, I eat right..." Phil-SC


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                            Hi Crab! Good job! Nothing wrong with your exercise coming from plain old work. There are days I look forward to getting outside the wire and doing work as opposed to sitting at a computer. Of course, I prefer to avoid any excitement while I'm outside the wire.

                            Just one boy here. I'm so glad I don't have a daughter. I would be scared to death!

                            My day was pretty good. Had good food for lunch and dinner. Not a regular occurence here. Had 3 chicken breasts and cucumber salad for lunch. Dinner was 3 chicken breasts, a hamburger patty, half of a sweet potato and a tomatoe salad. And a little yogurt. HAd some more chocolate today, but I'm not too worried. Also, my wife sent me a jar of Almond butter. It was perfect after my workout. Did a 5.5 mile run with my 35 lbs rucksack, then had about 2 tablespoons afterward.

                            Also enjoyed a nice little cigar outside tonight with a buddy. Perfect night. The only thing missing was a rum and diet coke.
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                              Breakfast was a shake. Lunch was 3 chicken thigh/legs and some vinegar cole slaw.

                              Did back and biceps at the gym today. Normal workout.

                              This is dinner tonight.
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                                Yesterday sucked. Woke up at 0100 after about 3 hours of sleep. I was physically beat, so I didn't work out at all. Had a shake for breakfast. Almond butter for snack. I had a late lunch of left over steak and salad and skipped dinner. I was in bed asleep by 2000.

                                I got a good night of rest, so hopefully today is better. Had a shake for breakfast. Plan on hitting the gym today.
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