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    Oh man. I remember days like that when I was first getting in the habit. It'll pass. I think the biggest thing for me to do was remember I can say, "I don't want any of that" when out with friends. My buddies razzed me for a while until I finally told them to stuff it, tubbies. Life happens though. good job on the improvements. Look at it this way. The weekend just gave even more things to improve. Heh heh. Have a great day!
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      Cheers Althaur. Your right it is just down to training yourself to say no to stuff... to steal a quote from one ireland most famous sons, Oscar Wilde, "I can resist everything except temptation"...
      When I spoke to my immigration case officer she said that she would be making a descision on my visa very shortly so yesterday was spent fretfully checking email accounts every few minutes and oscillating between thinking my visa was in the bag to pulling my hair out with worry. Got to work this morning and first thing to land in my inbox is my approval notification- thank God! A year and a half of hoping and praying and it is finally real. Think the boyfriend was breathing a sigh of relief seeing as he doesn’t have to decide between marrying me or deporting me!
      Off to do some celebrating tonight- bottle of champers is definitely on the cards.
      This gives me such a feeling of stability, now I can start to make some definite plans, invest more in my life here like buying some stuff for my apartment that I was holding off on as I wasn’t sure whether I would be staying or going.
      As for my primal eating, I got back on the wagon first thing Monday. The acid indigestion has now subsided- it was kicking up pretty bad earlier today despite not eating any wheat since Sunday. Had a good fatty breakfast this morning, scrambled eggs made with cream and bacon. Some yogurt and grapes for lunch and a bit of lamb with some lentil dahl ( I know lentils aren’t very primal, but as things go I would say they are on better end of the spectrum).
      Anyway plan to keep my celebrating primal tonight apart from a few glasses of champagne.