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  • Must Lose Weight! they say, one must get back on the horse.

    I am done with diets. But let me start at the beginning...not with my birtb but with my teenage years. I was always a little bigger than some girls, but not necessarily because I was fat. I justgot never felt tiny or petite. In high school I vacillated between 125 and 140I pounds, never truly happy with my weight. I am5' 5". When I hit college my weight got up to 160 or so. After college I discovered fast food and ballooned to about 200 lbs. I figured out how to quit my fast food addiction and yet I still managed to reach my top weight of 236 lbs. Then, weight watchers got me down to185. I had kept that weight off for 2 years. But then I met and married my husband and the weight returned and before I knew it I was back to 236.

    I had a miscarriage. Then I had gall bladder surgery. Then I started experiencing daily episodes of severe diarrhea. I was no longer safe to live my life. Kayaking was no longer a treat or hiking for that matter. A year went by as I tried to pinpoint the problem. It turned out that I had the genetic marker for celiac disease although my biopsy was normal. I quit wheat cold turkey. Within a month the diarrhea ended. I lost about 5 pounds. A few months later I got pregnant. I barely gained weight until the end. After birth I lost an additional 15 pounds. Over the following year I would many sugary things. I gained back thise 15 pounds. Then I saw the show about food addiction and realized it was time to do away with sugar so I. did. I also officially gave up dairy which I had been struggling to give up. I lost 10 pounds pretty quickly.

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    Crohn's, doing SCD


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      Good luck with your journey
      Sorry you have had so many challenges.
      This lifestyle can be harder at times, but its so so worth it