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    Today I will be fasting through breakfast and will likely have an Arugula salad with Balsamic vinegar for lunch with perhaps a handful of almonds. This is my second week of Primal Blueprint living and I love it. I will ride my road bike for about an hour and 45 min with no on-the-bike fueling. I will keep the intensity below 75%. Energy levels have been ok but definitley not what they were for endurance fueling with 100 g of carbs every hour on the bike and that's an ok trade-off for me.

    Thanks Mark!

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    Rode my bike today after a an IF of 17 hours. Definitley had less power on the bike but came back and had a salad for lunch with some almonds and dried apple. Felt great. Just got done eating dinner: half a skinless chicken breast and carrots all done in the same pan. I actually feel completely satiated. I burned 1070 calories on the bike and barely took that in today but can honestly say I am feeling fine. I have not had any grains, wheat, breads baked goods, sugar or processed foods in more than two weeks now and I really think that it is helping moderate my appetite. Plus, I truly enjoy my meals of good foods so much more now.


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      Where's the fat? This sounds like a starvation diet so far...
      Crohn's, doing SCD