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  • It also has a thick layer of cream that you can scoop out and put on top of berries or just eat by the spoon


    • Sun 31/3
      Measured to day. No change except 1/2" off my thighs (should have been last week but I refuse to measure on an 'up' week). Depressingly, because my stomach is going south my 'through the belly button' measurement has got larger.

      Tried the UD timing yesterday & it worked pretty well. My new problem is taking supps 3x day. I had to eat extra fat last night to take them. Still it was pure fat so never mind. Will use CO a la SLD in future

      PS: I managed to have cream & coco powder in the house & only have 1 HCWC. Definite improvement. The strict timing window is a very good means of stopping the snacking (and I was quite late to bed last night too)

      UPDATE: I have now split my sups into 2x day to eat with my meals. On a DD I will have the first lot with a CO shot @ 6am (NB: Note to self - need to move hot lemon to early eve as the CO will stop the cleanse). Once I have done my n=1 (mod 2) for 4 weeks I will drop the DD meal to 500 cals to counteract it (unless of course I am magically losing more than my wished for 1.5lb a week, in which case I can leave well alone - if only!)

      PS: the only only problem I have with this is a vit C in the eve (I like to spread everything out) with the mag. I'm sure I read somewhere that mag prevents the absorption of vit C. Something to check later.
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      • As I sit here counting the minutes to 12:00 when I can eat (no I am not hungry, I just want to eat) it has dawned on me that most of my eating is due to a) something to do or b) procrastination.

        If I must procrastinate might as well do something useful so I'm off to check out Mark's 15 min Workouts. I also have a number of 10min exercise DVD's. Time to brush the dust off them I think

        Pull Up Progression - YouTube

        Pistol squat progressions - YouTube

        ConvictConditioning's channel - YouTube
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        • More exercise links/books:

          Fitness 666

          Overcoming Gravity by Steven Low

          Raising The Bar and the upcoming Pushing The Limits by Al Kavadlo

          You Are Your Own Gym (YAYOG) and Body By You by Mark Lauren (he also has a Bodyweight Training dvd and a You Are Your Own Gym 3 dvd set) There is a YAYOG iPjhone app.

          Convict Conditioning 1 and 2 by Paul Wade (also has available dvd's for each of the "big six" exercises listed in the first book)

          Max Capacity Training - 12 Week Bodyweight Workout Plan
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          • Now here's an interesting thing. Had my meal as planned but still hungry 10mins later still hungry so decided to heat up my chicken broth planned for tonight & eat that with butter. Heated it up, weighed out the butter. Then suddenly, was full. Either 10 mins is not long enough for satiety to switch on or giving myself 'permission' to eat more switched it on.The body & mind are funny things....


            • Originally posted by Ddraig Goch View Post
              As I sit here counting the minutes to 12:00 when I can eat (no I am not hungry, I just want to eat) it has dawned on me that most of my eating is due to a) something to do or b) procrastination.
              Originally posted by Ddraig Goch View Post
              Now here's an interesting thing. Had my meal as planned but still hungry 10mins later still hungry so decided to heat up my chicken broth planned for tonight & eat that with butter. Heated it up, weighed out the butter. Then suddenly, was full. Either 10 mins is not long enough for satiety to switch on or giving myself 'permission' to eat more switched it on.The body & mind are funny things....
              I have found both to be true. On my DDs, especially, I think I'm hungry and the next thing I know (15-20 min later) I am FULL.
              -- Ruth


              • Have been thinking about doing a whole 30 on dairy. Once the warm weather gets here (if ever) the need for HCWC will disappear so then would be a good time. I have also got a couple of months worth of raw cheddar to get through & will need to sort out my meal plans in a few months when the freezer empties so I reckon June. April is for IF, May is for low cal IF so yep, June it is.

                The unsalted butter deal runs out next week. I was going to fill the fridge but over ran on petrol at the garage (that's what you get for watching the fuel gauge, thinking it's the money gauge lol) & I have some extra bills to pay this week so money is tighter than normal. In prep for my dairy W30 I'm going to try CO in the broth tonight. I had forgotten that the MCT in CO makes it an 'energy' fat rather than a 'storage' fat so, although I like getting my fat source from different sources, maybe I would be better off switching to CO completely than butter. I CANNOT be bothered to turn butter into ghee.


                • Do you have a crockpot? Ghee is beyond EASY. I thought I couldn't do it, either, but it was so very easy!
                  -- Ruth


                  • This is the best BMR Calculator I have found. No ides if its any more accurtae but I just love it.

                    John's BMR Calculator

                    will add it to the EMF thread (sadly that thread seems to have died a death. ADF seems to have sprung to life in its wake. It does make you think that maybe people think EMF doesn't work (I'm holding council til I can start testing properly). I wonder how long ADF carries on & what will come next.


                    • Have been reading sweet geeks ketosis story. Another one that seems to have fallen by the wayside. Shame. It seems NK is not for everyone.

                      During it I came across this paper which must be one of the most comprehensive studies made (Ok its short, few subjects & they all seemed to cheat somewhat, even to the point of having to be locked up! but the idea was sane & the results very interesting). Basically you will lose weight if you restrict calories (now there's a surprise) & eating high fat cals helps you lose weight more. But the BIG surprise was that people who maintained on 2000 cals then lost weight on 2600 cals provided it was made up of 10% P 90% F. For me that would be Pg 55 Cg 3 Fg 232 Cals 2320. Maybe this will be July's n=1.

                      It seems Jimmy Moore had to go to Pg 50 to get into NK. As he is very tall apparently, that would suggest my original n=1 of 46g might be more the way to go for me. Oh so much to test when I get to start testing. But for now I am sticking with 55g. Without knowing for sure what my ketone level is, this is sustainable.
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                      • Originally posted by RMS123 View Post
                        Do you have a crockpot? Ghee is beyond EASY. I thought I couldn't do it, either, but it was so very easy!
                        Yes I am probably just lazy so much easier just to eat the lovely butter. Anyway I think if I am going to do a whole 30 with no dairy I should probably not eat butter (The mind says butter is dairy so if you are going to eat butter it wont hurt to have some cream etc). Out of interest though, would you mind sharing your method? It might prompt me to turn the crockpot on

                        PS: I had the broth with the CO. It was SOOOOOOO filling. Much more so than using butter & a great way to get the CO in. Although I ate the rest of my meal becasue I want to stick to the 4hr eating window, I didn't really want it.


                        • Confession Time

                          I fell in the cream tonight. Whilst preparing it for the freezer I drank some of it then I had a couple of HCWC because I had succumbed & broke my intended fast (at least I stopped before eating the cheese once I remembered it had protein in it). I am going to have to freeze it whilst preparing diner next time. I so hope I can make it work and have HCWC as appropriate because I really enjoy it this time of year & we all need a little luxury in life. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.


                          • 12 week n=1 experiment (Mod 1)

                            Protein 55g (optimal diet low end), Carb 5g, Fat 75+%, Cals Weekly Average 1200 incl 35g Coconut Oil. No dairy. No modifications for 8 weeks

                            Start Weight: 170lb BMI: 27.67 BF: 40.6% Water: 42.2% LBM: 56.0% LBM: 102.2lb

                            Week 5 of n=1

                            Mon 25-Mar Cals: 1111 Pg: 55g Ratio: 20-3-77 Sleep: 5hr/0.5hr/1hr. Needed to get up on time - this always gives me broken sleep
                            Tue 26-Mar Cals: 1243 Pg: 54g Ratio: 18-3-79 Sleep: 6.5hrs woke twice briefly v. cold last night
                            Wed 27-Mar Cals: 1255 Pg: 60g Ratio: 20-5-75 Sleep: 5.5hr +1hr
                            Thu 28-Mar Cals: 1531 Pg: 56g Ratio: 15-3-82 Sleep: 7hr straight
                            Fri 29-Mar Cals: 1076 Pg: 52g Ratio: 20-1-79 Sleep: 7.5hr straight
                            Sat 30-Mar Cals: 1235 Pg: 50g Ratio: 16-3-81 Sleep: approx 5 hrs - really cold last night
                            Sun 31-Mar Cals: 1523 Pg: 58g Ratio: 16-2-83 Sleep: 7hr straight Notes: keeping Pg at 55g but dropping cals back down to 1150

                            Weekly Average: Cals: 1282 Protein 55g Ratio: Av % (18-3-80) Total Loss since start of n=-1: -4lb

                            Weight: 170lb Loss: -2 BMI: 27.28 BF (BIA): 39.4% Water: 43.2% LBM: 57.1% LBM:103lb


                            The weight came off at the start of the week during the first few days of TOM, just like last month. This mirrored last month so I had intended to stick with it for the rest of the month & see what happened (I also intended to stay away from the forum & look where that got me lol). However, for the last 3 days I have got stuck on exactly the same weight. Measurements have stayed the same for the last 5 weeks.

                            I am not interested in doing an n=1 for the sake of collecting data. I am doing it to lose weight. I have come to the conclusion that the ONLY way to lose weight is to severely restrict calories. So I can either go on a long term calorie restricted diet or some form of IF. IF tops CR both in health terms & in not feeling miserable & ‘on a diet’.

                            The IF options seem to be either PSMF or ADF. ADF appeals as I am still a little concerned re metabolic rate which comes with PSMF (although I AM coming round to the fact that that can be fixed once the weight is lost) & the fact that I think I need to keep PSMF up my sleeve for when I get close to goal (I also need to more research on it & get Lyle McDonalds book which is stupidly over priced for an eBook). Also PSMF is more CR than IF & I think my body needs a period of adjustment before going too low.

                            What about EMF?

                            I do not believe eating EMF is the way forward. I am grateful it set me on this path of self discovery & it got me into NK but forcing fat down for the sake of forcing fat down is silly when I am more interested in learning to listen to my body’s needs in the long term. (NB: There is a lingering doubt here in that I know studies have shown dieters who maintain on 2000 cals have lost steadily on 2600 cal eating 90% fat but I just can’t bring myself to do that at this stage)

                            What about NK?

                            I believe whole heartedly in the health benefits of NK but until I can actually test blood ketones it is silly to keep thinking down this route. Yes I will stick to low protein & at least 1 tbsp CO as I believe this is the best chance of me being in NK & the mindset stops me over eating in really stupid amounts. But whether 55g is low enough (I suspect not) is another matter. Once 6 mths of strips are in my pocket, be sure I will come back to it.

                            Way forward

                            Today (Mon) I am at home doing finances which always stress me out. I am going to take a day off from calories counting (I will still track) & eat what I want within my Pg limit.

                            Tomorrow I am going to start n=1 (Mod 2) my very own version of IF:

                            1) No snacking except on CO, EVOO or butter as a last resort & definitely not in the 5hr window before the first meal.
                            2) Carbs will be limited to spinach & eggs (The chicken broth has mushrooms in it but when all used up I will make it with out & see. If it is palatable great, if not I will go back to the mushrooms. LITS)
                            3) Menu will be made up of 2 meals on UD with 4hr eating window, 1 meal on DD (all 600 cals) & up to 2 x CO shots (outside 5hr window before the first meal) as necessary.
                            4) 1 day per week (Sun) will be tracked but not calorie restricted (i.e. may contain higher carbs (<10g net) & up to 60g protein, the rest fat). This is NOT a cheat day or a re-feed day, just a relax day. Mac nuts (max 4oz) or HCWC will be allowed but not both (again LITS).
                            5) Daily protein = 55g i.e. 110g over 2 days i.e. 37g per meal
                            6) The eating window will be either 12:00-16:00 or 13:00-17:00 (not sure which yet dependant on work & hunger). This will give me 24 hr fast between UD & DD and 20hrs between DD & UD
                            7) On the am of DD sups will be taken with CO at least 5 hrs before the first meal
                            8) At least 1tbsp of CO to be included each day
                            9) Once all cheese is used up, include a W30 no dairy (incl butter)

                            I know that the health benefits of long term IF far out weighs any health benefits from losing my last 30lb of BF & at an average 1000 cals/day at some point the weight will have to start coming off, regardless if the scales move up to start with. This is a long term plan. I have 3 weeks to go before my planned start of C25K & then a 12 week training plan so I will give this 15 weeks then review


                            I have deleted all forum (& other) bookmarks & short cuts. I will follow only Demuralist (she is about to start testing BK how exciting!) & my old friend RMS – both of whom are doing their own IF n=1. I wish them both great success in their journeys

                            And that will be the extent of my forum/diet research time for the next 15 weeks. I will track daily for my own personal use & report here in 3 weeks & every 4 weeks after that, as others may be interested in the future.

                            So here’s to the next 15 weeks, a new weight of 153lb, a blood ketone monitor & 180 BK strips.
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                            • Notes on PSMF for the future:

                              1) Must be in NK – need to use BK monitor to check max protein possible whist remaining in steady state NK

                              2) All food must be 100% organic lean meat, seafood, poultry, & spinach, CO

                              3) Adequate quantities of fluid, Sodium Calcium, Vit C, Magnesium Celete, Vit D, EPA, DHA & Potassium are a must

                              4) LHT (using weights) 2x week is a must so Squat, Bench Press, Overhead Press, Barbell Rows & Deadlift techniques must be learnt first.

                              5) It is suggested that NO cadio is done. HOwver, as I intend to do this after compling C25K that would be counter productive to me so I would do at least 1 5k run per week just to keep my hand (or feet) in.

                              5) Pick up a copy of The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook (NB: He allows -12 free meals/wk. Once you get to 25% BF you uneed touip the protein & do a structured carb reefed 1 day/wk (leptin reset). For me this would be counter productive so I would have a relax day once every 2 wks if required.)

                              Useful links:

                              PSMF Diet Program

                              Protein Sparing Modified Fast - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

                              (NB: this uses remaining cals as carbs & permits sweeteners & diet soda (shudder!!) . Switch out for CO)


                              Setting the Deficit - Small, Moderate or Large | BodyRecomposition - The Home of Lyle McDonald



                              For others reading this - this is my take on PSMF & how I would wish to conduct it. YMMV
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                              • Dairy Light Bulb Moment

                                I was in the store today to pick up some cat food & spinach Whilst there I bought some cheese (goats cheese which I need for scones at dog training in a couple of weeks, 2x port salut as that is included in my meal plans & the offer was 3 for 2 on cheese) & some cream, both of which were on multi buy offers.

                                Although I needed to buy the goats cheese at some point the rest of the dairy was bought solely because it was on offer.

                                When I got outside & looked a the bill the dairy came to 90% of the total bill.

                                Given that:

                                a) dairy is an accompaniment i.e. it isn’t actually necessary to keep heart & soul together - meat, eggs, CO, spinach can't live without (literally), dairy nice to have,

                                b) I am trying to save for RMR test, BK strips etc,

                                c) I have no money,

                                d) dairy as a source of nutrition is questionable (think inflammation allergy etc),

                                I realize I have just fallen hook line & sinker for corporate marketing strategy & my own stupid desires (what do I want most? RMR test & BK monitor or a nice comforting HCWC?)


                                But I shall enjoy eating what I've got stock piled LOL
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