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  • DG - so glad you're back. I still have you on my subscribed list I'd like to tell you that I'm svelte and all that, but yeah, not so much. Great update!!!
    -- Ruth


    • Hi Ruth,
      I have just spent the w/e catching up with your journal. What a year you have had. Congratulations on your family, the boys sound like great fun and you have inspired me to do something about changing my own job.


      • So my new fat loss journey starts today. My lowest stats since joining Mark’s forum was 179 lb, 36.1% BF & LBM 97.7lb, back in 2013. Since then I have not really bothered tracking but have eaten clean (no sugar or grain). In 2014 I was 158 lb, 36.8% BF & LBM 99.8lb so was fairly stable. However, last July I broke my wrist in 2 places and since then have been plagued with tendonitis in that wrist so the ‘lift heavy things stopped’ & so did the cycling. Running has been spasmodic even though I had committed to my dog doing 12 runs throughout 2014 to raise funds for his dog club.

        So here I am in 2015, up 1 dress size (which means I cannot get into most of my clothes now, having got rid of most of my larger clothes) & still can’t run 5k without stopping.

        My goals over the next 12 weeks are to get back to my 2013 stats & be able to run 10k without stopping. For extra motivation, there is a local 10k on 12-Apr which I am going to entered.


        • PSMF Cycle 1 - Day 0

          My start weight is 177.8lb (ouch!), BF 41.9%, LBM 103.3lb

          Too shocked at the stats to get my tape measure & camera out – will do that tomorrow.

          The intention is to loosely use Lyles PSMF protocols but without the free meals and all the supplements. Whilst the sups are good thing I can’t afford to sustain them right now so they will have to wait. I shall be taking Magnesium and fish oil though. At the end of the 12 weeks I shall take a week out on a potato hack then start cycle 2 for 6 weeks if cycle 1 works.

          As I’m cat 3 (BF>35%) my protein intake will be 1xLBM lb so 103g. That gives me approx 412cals. However, as I believe some fat is necessary for good general health and EPA and DHA are so important, one of my protein daily sources will be fish which will bump the calories up a bit because of the fat content. I shall also add spinach & watercress to provide calcium, vit C and other nutrients (on off days I shall switch to cauli and sprouts but not too often as the carb content is higher).

          So menus will normally be as follows:

          Meal 1: 4xegg whites, tsp parsley, tsp coriander with 1 tin of either sardines, mackerel or tuna (very low cal days) or a salmon or smoked mackerel fillet

          Snack: kale & spinach bone broth

          Meal 2: chicken or turkey breast, spinach, watercress, dijon mustard & lemon wedge

          Drinks: first thing lemon wedge in hot water, am green tea, pm rooibos tea, bed time camomile tea + 3l water daily

          Whilst this menu is not particularly appealing it is simple and gives me everything I need to give PSMF a good try.

          Exercise will follow an 8 day cycle.
          I shall be following the 10k for pink plan on my phone with the dog every other day (days 1/3/5/7) and a bingo wings weights program on alternate days (days 2/4/6/8). Pm workouts will be either on the treadmill (days 1/3/5) or on the bike (days 2/4/6/7) with a day off on day 8.

          I’m hoping that by recording it all here on a daily basis this time it will work (sorry but my journal is going to be very boring for the next 12 weeks).

          At the same time I want to pack up my part time job and get a full time one and take on another dog so lots of changes to come.


          • Exercise Musings

            I have been looking around the forum today just out of curiosity as I haven’t been on it for so long and can across a journal by KimLean125byMar15.Whilest I don’t believe in a lot of what she is doing, especially on the eating front, I found it interesting that there was so many people (with the best intentions I am sure) trying to put her off her intended plan of ultra cardio and the horror which these people were showing at the thought of doing it twice a day. Then I looked back at my exercise plan (which I have to admit completely failed to get off the ground today, although the eating plan has been ok) and realised I might have to hide my journal from wondering eyes lol – not only am I planning 2 lots of cardio a day and lots of light weights, but I am going to be eating to a big calorie deficit too!

            The reason for doing 2 lots of running every other day is that I want to push myself on this front and reach my own personal goal of being able to run 10k easily when I feel like it. But I also want to run with my dog which means putting up with the odd loo break (he always has me reaching for a bag after approx. 10mins no matter what he does beforehand), stop in his tracks and sniff or attempt to run the other way after the local wildlife, all of which means it is difficult to just keep going at a steady pace so I want to be relaxed about it. Hence the second session on the treadmill which will mean I have no excuses. The bike sessions will be low impact getting me to the point of being able to cycle the 15miles to work and back.

            Failure today was due to a late start getting in the way of getting on the treadmill and it being cold and dark this evening. As I had not done the treadmill in the morning , not much point going out in the evening!!

            To combat this complete lack of will power etc. I’m going to turn it around. I will go out with the dog first thing as soon as it is light, then it will be easier to motivate myself for the treadmill in the evening.

            I was also interested to find comments on KimLean125byMar15 journal re lifting heavy thing starting as soon as possible. I had intended starting with a light arm workout to protect the wrist and build up slowly but to minimise muscle loss I think I will add in the following suggested strength program 3x week after the shorter bike work outs, assuming the wrist holds out (3 sets of 5):

            Workout A: Squats, press, deadlift
            Workout B: Squats, bench press, deadlift

            I will not be trying to lift ultra heavy, more concentrate on getting the form right (e.g. I have never be able to squat keeping my heels on the ground)

            Now to find a good video online to check my form.


            • I find myself glad at times that my journal does not have a lot of traffic for the reason you mention (ahem, not that my workouts are so hot right at the second).
              -- Ruth