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recording my newly primal life

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    To try and get more coconut oil in my diet i decided to pour some room temp oil on blueberries and pop them in the freezer for about 5 minutes. The oil hardens on the berries. good stuff.


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      I've lost a pound. I was over my calorie limit a lot this past week, and never exercised, so i guess thats pretty great.

      i need to be more active.


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        I was really hungry when i got off work and i ate a bunch of chinese food.
        if i wasn't feeling so hungry, i would have turned it down. but the combination of craving it and being so hungry and just being dumb, and i ate it. i didn't have rice or noodles, but i need eat general tso chicken, pepper steak, chicken teriyaki. and worst of all, crab ragoons. so i'm full of nasty oils and gluten, after going over a month with no grain and very clean eating.

        i feel heavy and tired and slow. my calories weren't ruined for the day, but i feel disappointed and sluggish. tomorrow i'll start new and fresh. a craving is not worth this feeling.

        calories: 1528
        carbs: 73
        fat: 81 (i might eat some coconut oil in a bit to bring this up.)
        protein: 129

        obviously these aren't near as good as i've been before. yesterday my fat was a bit low, but so were my calories. the day before my totals were:

        calories: 1478
        carbs: 36
        fat: 126
        protein: 61


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          I had some missteps in the last few days. a fast food burger, a couple fries, potato chips, pizza, sweets.
          It was mostly spaced out in 3 days and with some primal healthy food plugged in there. i'm not going to panic or worry. i'm going to eat some eggs for breakfast and remember way i want to eat primal.

          i can eat those things every once and a while. but i should try to stay full of healthy foods.