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  • Heroin Reccovery Diary

    let me know if you guys want me to share the story of my addictionfrom the begining.

    Hi, I just order this book and my names Justin and I'm addicted to heroin. About two months ago I almost had 18 months clean and I relapsed, this relapse almost took me back out for a long time. it only last a month, but I still had to go through withdrawals, lucky they weren't as bad as the first time i did this, but they still consist of aches and pain, exhaustion and sleeplessness. My new clean date is 1/16/13. So you can do then math on how on how much clean time I have well, my body repairs it's self and see my changes..

    Day 14: Last night I didn't sleep to well, it took me about 3hrs to fall asleep and I didn't get any deep either. it was kinda choppy. I think I got around 5 hours of sleep total.

    Day 15:
    When again last night was not a great night for sleep, it seems like I just can't get comfortable or something.then My mind starts running crazy and I can stopping thing about things. I been meditating lately to help clear my mind, but it I can only stay focus for about 30sec at a time lol. Just about anything that will throw my meditation off. anyways I got a gym membership yesterday and hopefully exercise will help me get back into a regular sleeping pattern.

    Has anyone tried hot body raps?? My sister was trying to say that what I should try cause it's supposed to detoxify your body. She did it and she it gave her more energy for 3bout 3weeks

    day 16:
    Yesterday i when to the gym and I set a cardio goal. My goal is to start my workout with a 3min run at 5mph. Then every day add 10 sec to it. I never been a big fan of running, but in high school when I switched my P.E. class from weight trainning to fitness and conditioning and had to do a lot of running. I never felt better in my life. So my goal is cardio not so much muscle cause I'm already big and strong. well last night was a little easier to sleep, but it still took hours to fall asleeb. I just thankful that I'm sleeping cause when I first got out of detox it was every only other day. The first time I got clean it took around 20 days to get 3hrs of sleep a night. So things could be worst.

    day 21
    Sleeping every night and getting full nights sleep so things are looking good and been hitting the gym and still sticking to my running goal. I just got my primal blue print book, so now I change the way I lift weights, after my run I do a circuit and hit every muscle group. I keep the weight at weight that I can ealy do 20 reps twice. so I can keep a low cardio going the whole time and not get exausted.

    day 22
    I don't know if it's the exercise, hotrap, or the brazillian bold coffee I had but my enery wass booming today. So that was cool got alot done so I feel pretty accomplished..
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