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feel free to comment on Primal Journal - Marlene

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  • feel free to comment on Primal Journal - Marlene

    Hi there.

    I'm interested in going Primal, but am nervous about sticking with it. As in, temptations while visiting, getting around to doing proper shopping, and cooking more proper meals. My goal is to lose fat and weight, gain muscle and strength, and become healthier from the inside out, maybe even making my skin clearer. I'd like for my summer clothes to look good on me by summer 2013.

    Current weight: 140.2.
    Current belly: 32 inches
    Muscle and strength: wrists are sore, possibly from computer work but also maybe from doing pushups after not having done them for a while.
    Photo: still to come.

    Any support or feedback or new Primal friends would be greatly appreciated. I tried this last fall but lost momentum. Haven't found a place to get grass-fed beef yet, other than a place that charges ten times what I'd pay in the supermarket.
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    just take one day at a time, and be kind and gentle with yourself. It is all about the journey, from lifestyle changes to self exploration and discovery. Welcome aboard


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      Thanks for welcoming me, Betty! I can relate to some of your story, having been in OA in the past. : )
      Wish I knew something about the night terrors.