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    I have been thinking about this for a while so I figured it is time to do it.

    I am so average that when this works for me, it will work for anyone.

    I am 54 yrs old.
    I am a professional, with a desk job. Almost an empty nester.
    Semi-active, athletic (used to be very, would like to get back there)
    belong to a gym (rarely go)
    decided a year ago to pursue an advanced degree.

    oh, almost forgot, I am taking Crestor. I really want to stop...

    I will start posting weight and what I eat tomorrow.

    This is going to be fun......
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    First day
    Realizing the creamer in my coffee will have to go. Lots of bad carbs there.
    Otherwise not too bad.

    Weight will come in the morning.

    Calories 1492
    Carbs 100
    Fat 68
    Protein 127


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      Good goals to recapture your athleticism, and your health.

      All the best with adopting primal eating.
      Annie Ups the Ante


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        First full day.

        Day 1

        Weight - 220

        Calories - 1416
        Carbs - 98
        Fat - 91
        Protein - 121

        I use Myfitnesspal to track everything in and out.


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          End of Day 2 (morning of 3rd)


          Calories - 1,322
          Carbs - 96
          Fat - 60
          Protein - 104

          Staying away from the bad carbs is tough. I habitually do not plan meals so
          I don't eat organized which drives my wife crazy.

          I have ordered Marks recipe book so as soon as it comes in maybe I'll do better in that regard.

          With the weather getting nicer, here in Alabama, I have started grilling which helps alot.

          since I am on the computer a lot with my schooling, snacking is as issue.
          Maybe with progress I will get an attitude change on that regard.

          Reading PB yesterday I got to the exercise portion.
          Those planks are hard as crap......
          My knees hated the squats - hopefully a loss of weight will help that.
          Pushups were a little tough, but I did, what I thought was ok.
          Gotta find a pullup bar.....

          (weight this am was 218)


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            End of Day 3
            Gorgeous day in Alabama. Did about 30 min of walking outside going to a meeting....

            I did pretty well eating
            bacon eggs, and ham for breakfast
            steak and veggies for lunch
            and a big salad for dinner.
            nuts and berries for a snack rounds it out.

            Ate a few more calories than I had planned. Trying to keep it under 1500 every day.

            Calories - 1,665
            Carbs - 95
            Fat - 84
            Protein - 187


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              end of Day 4

              Just finished the pushups, squats, and plank.
              still have to figure out something for the pullups.....

              Another successful day eating.
              cut down on the breakfast a little. Remembered Mark saying to eat till you are not hungry.
              NOT till you are full.....
              steak and raw veggies for lunch
              carrots and a low carb protein drink for snack
              vegatable soup w/beef for supper.

              Calories - 1334
              Carbs - 47
              Fat - 83
              Protein - 148


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                Four days in. How are you feeling?
                Annie Ups the Ante


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                  Good Morning Annie,

                  I'm feeling ok. The main thing is the soreness from the simple workouts (pushups, squats, plank)
                  wow!! I did not know how little working out I have been doing.
                  And here, all this time, I thought sitting at my desk all day was keeping me in shape (sarcasm).

                  I am a little surprised at not being hungry. I am mixing a little IF into it by
                  skipping breakfast ~2x a week. I was doing that regularly back in Oct and Nov
                  and had some good results. But I also was not eating right so I am hoping that
                  will push me to the next level.

                  The weather righ now is not cooporating with getting outside, lots of rain
                  so I will be glad when I can get some sun.


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                    EOD 5

                    did not do as well today. Went with some friends to a favorite mexican spot.
                    good thing I did good all day. Still too many bad carbs there.

                    Calories - 1531
                    Carbs - 143
                    Fat - 62
                    Protein - 124

                    But the good thing today???

                    I recieved Mark's cook book in the mail today. YEA!!!!!
                    I am down 3 pounds for the week and with a good weekend I can get this next week
                    off to a good start.



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                      Created by - Free Calorie Counter


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                        Originally posted by gwestrich View Post
                        oh, almost forgot, I am taking Crestor. I really want to stop...
                        We took a patient off of rosuvastatin in the clinic a few months ago for muscle fatigue. At his follow-up a month later he was subjectively doing much better. N=1, but I imagine there have been similar cases at other clinics.


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                          EOD 6

                          I felt good today. Ate pretty good.
                          Ordered a Salad at one place, no croutons, the dressing STILL pushed it to 14 carbs.... dangit!!!

                          I am trying to make my truvia (for my coffee) my tops in carbs every day, 12g carbs each day.
                          I also discovered exactly how many calories walnuts had in an oz.... wow!!

                          and a piece of dark choc to end the day.

                          totals for the day

                          Calories - 1623
                          Carbs - 63
                          Fat - 112
                          Protein - 101

                          was able to get a couple miles in of a decent walk this evening.....


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                            EOD 7

                            I'm still skipping my breakfast and not having any problem doing it.
                            One reason is at the end of the day I still have a few calories to give up so
                            I am able to eat a little late which must keep me going thru the morning.

                            Had a few veggie's today, but mostly steak and chicken.
                            Some nuts and berries towards the end of the day and a nice salad.


                            Calories - 1523
                            Carbs - 85
                            Fat - 86
                            Protein - 126


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                              EOD 8

                              Well.... Haven't weighed in in a while, so I guess I will tomorrow.

                              After my stroll around the neighborhood tonight I was hungry so I ate
                              some chicken I had grilled yesterday. Hit the spot.
                              Just polished off a Mango so my Carb #'s shot up. Oh well. It was sure good.


                              Calories - 1617
                              Carbs - 98
                              Fat - 34
                              Protein - 89

                              Till tomorrow.....