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  • Primal Challenge Journal Fotakou

    After the death of one of my beloved dogs from unknown reasons and binging for 3 days I decided to start all over again.

    I was greatly inspired by one of the posts I read at BarbeyGirl's blog where she says(I dont exactly remember what she said) that she loves the way she looks and does not want to let non primal foods change her body.

    Thus I decided to start all over again,why wait for Monday?Weekends are the hardest days for me to eat primal since I go out with friends,and now with the girlfriend its even tougher....But I welcome the challenge!

    I already did my workout,a HIIT routine,adjusted for my needs from Infinite Intensity,had a cold shower to help with recovery and I am ready to go to the supermarket and buy some groceries!

    I really wanna restrain myself and eat primal for 30 days although I know that the longest I keep eating primal,the better I will feel!

    No processed grains like bread,pasta,pantries,waffles,crepes etc
    No sweets other than 85% chocolate
    Workout as much as I can,although the program I am following is not that much primal friendly since it has many workouts during the week
    I am gonna allow some carbs like sweet potatoes,oatmeal and quinoa.BUT they will be used for carb repletion and I really think that properly prepared grains(soaked for 2 or more days) will not be that much harmful!Plus I have some recipes that I wanna try

    I am probably 85 kilos at the moment although normally I am 83.I would really like to get down to 80 but I am not gonna sweat it as long as I feel my pants being loose

    So lets get started!

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    Day 1

    20 seconds of
    Jumping Jacks
    Split Jumps
    Jumping Jacks
    Mountain Climbers
    Rest 1 minute

    Repeat 5 times

    3 poached eggs in coconut oil and some butter,1 oz of feta cheese,cucumber,bell pepper and 2 handful of nuts

    Well first day and it went really good!The post workout meal was the only meal of the day since I wasnt hungry...My girlfriend bought a profiterole but I told her about the challenge and she didnt insist on sharing it!Its really good when although someone does not follow your nutrition plan or something else,she stills respects your choices!

    Energy was really good throughout the day!At 2 am I started crashing but OK,it was only natural since it was past my usual bedtime!

    Day two is gonna include density training and perhaps its gonna be a Warrior Diet day with a big salad,steaks with cooked broccoli and some nuts!Yay!!



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      Day 2

      Density day

      2 kettlebell snatches
      6 Burpees
      Repeat the sequence as many times as possible in 10 minutes
      Did it 9 times

      Sledgehammer Swings
      Swing the sledgehammer as many times as possible in 10 minutes
      Did 539 swings

      Shadow boxing with 1 lb dumbbells for 5 minutes

      Green apple,3 poached eggs with coconut oil,handful of hazelnuts

      Dinner/Post workout meal
      Salad with lettuce,bell pepper,cucumber,onion and flaxseed oil,oregano,corriander and some feta cheese
      2 chicken breasts with broccoli and olive oil
      Handful of almonds,tablespoon tahini and some hazelnut meal

      Woke up somewhat tired today and my neck was really stiff!I though that I might try a WD day but I went on and had breakfast.Oh well,I am still adapting!

      I tried doing some pull ups but my body was saying NOOOOOOO.I did 3 pull ups and I had to take a break :S It seems that the crap eating had a really negative impact on me!Oh well,since I am giving primal eating a serious try now,I hope that I will be able to train as I used to in no time

      The workout was really nice!The first part was surely the hardest(Gosh is there anyone that hasnt experienced a love/hate thing with burpees?)although I think that I will use more kilos on the snatch next time!While shadow boxing,I remembered some punch combinations from Infinite Intensity and practiced them!It was really really cool!In the last minute I was thinking that each punch was being delivered to someone telling me that my eating habits suck :P After the workout a cold bath and I feel really refreshed!

      Food was tasty,although the broccoli wasnt that good!I will try again tomorrow perhaps!I seem to be eating a lot of nuts damn it,but here in Greece I dont have that many options...tomorrow I am thinking of sardines post workout and maybe IF until dinner again!Or I might eat at the university

      Tomorrow I have interval running!8x200 meters and some more roadwork,plus core!Lets hope that I will have enough time in the morning...

      Good night guys!


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        Day 3

        8x200m rest 30 sec
        5x50m walk back to the beginning for rest

        GTG pull ups and chin ups

        Post workout:Green apple,can of sardines and some feta

        Lunch:2 pieces of white fish(cant find the name in English :S),plate of lettuce

        Dinner:Salad with carrot,cucumbers,cherry tomatoes,bell pepper,onion with olive/flaxseed oil and some feta
        5 scrambled eggs with coconut oil,butter,tomato,oregano,coriander and (guess what) some feta :P
        Handful of hazelnuts

        My BM was not tha great this morning and I attribute it to either me drinking water before bed last night,the not so well cooked broccoli or me for waking up relatively early(07:00)Anyway it did not prevent me from sprinting!

        Sprints were really hard again,but as long I feel tired but not near death,it means that I am progressing!The workout had also a core routine but I skipped it since by the time I go home I feel really tired to start doing wheel rollouts,turkish getups etc!

        Eating felt somewhat forced today...I think I did not digest yesterdays food that well...The thing is that I did not what to eat lightly today so I went on and ate a lot of the fish that was being served but I am sure that it was pure protein....And as a result I had a really big energy crash at around 19:00 where I literally fell asleep for 2 seconds while sitting in a chair and my body was shocked back into awakening.....Funny moments!

        Tomorrow since I have 10 hours of lectures at the university I will try and see whether I will eat at the university or I will IF for around 18 hours and do a stregth workout while fasting!I have 2 steaks waiting me tomorrow and I would love to pick them with the hands and eat them!Maybe some IF would be a nice idea,depending on how I feel tomorrow!


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          Day 4

          Pull ups 5
          Rest 1 minute
          Pushups 13
          Rest 1 minute
          Repeat 4 times

          Dumbbell push press 4x4
          17/17/18/18 kg
          Rest 90 sec

          Dumbbell clean 4x4
          Rest 90 sec

          Dumbbells step ups 6 per side
          Rest 1 minute
          Dumbbells romanian deadlifts 8
          Rest 1 minute
          Repeat 4 times
          2 x 17/17/17/18 kg

          Farmers walk with 2x22kg
          60/45/30 sec
          Rest 1 minute

          Lunch:Apple,plate of beef,some cucumbers and beets

          Snack:apple,80% chocolate

          Dinner/post workout:Cucumbers,bell pepper,carrot with olive oil and a lot of Himalyan salt,2 steaks with basil and nutmeg,1.5 handful of nuts

          Well today I felt a lot better than yesterday!My BM was improved from yesterday so everything is OK!

          Eating wise,I think I indulged a bit too much today especially with lunch and the chocolate.Well the meat had a really nice taste,something weird for university food,and the chocolate was an offer at the local supermarket(100g of chocolate for 80 cents!)I didnt feel tired or anything,I just think that I overdid it a little!

          The workout was really challenging...My left hand has a callus and it was really painful grabbing the db's today...I used some paper and at the final Farmer Walks set a glove but it still hurts like hell!I might have to find something to do with it!Also something that worried me,during the cleans I felt REALLY light headed and I sat down for the rest duration...I continued feeling light headed until the end of the exercise and I was like WTF?I think that it might has to do with salt consumption,since I am not getting a lot.Or it might be something completely unrelated,if anyone has any suggestion please let me know!Finally it seems that the workouts and the diet are paying off,and my body is beginning to get hard and lean!I still have some way to go but oh boy!

          Tomorrow I have GPP and core training(not sure if I do it) and after reading a little around the forum,I think that I will try a fat/protein combination tomorrow,no carbs at all!I might get 1 or 2 from eggs,but its not gonna kill me!I will also go out at night,so it might turn into a nice opportunity for an IF!Lets see......Finally I think that I might take some pictures these week and even might weight myself,just for having a reference point!

          Good night folks!


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            Hey fotakou-san

            You seem to be doing great! But I don't think you should skip the carbs completely, especially if you can get your hands on tasty fruits and vegetables (Which I imagine isn't hard in Greece :P).
            The hardest thing for me, and I keep my carbs under 50, is the concept of gaining weight. I can lose body fat percentage but the scale will say I'm heavier than usual... It's so hard for me to understand that that's a good thing! Basically, I advise you to stay away from the scale for a while, seemed to help me a lot.

            I always see pictures of Greece and it looks so gorgeous and inviting. I'm planning to visit someday. How's the weather?

            keep up the good work
            "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
            -Raymond Peat, PhD


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              Hah Meaty you know Japanese? :P

              Thanks dear!My body comp is already getting better every day!Well the exercise program is pretty intense and my diet if finally in check!Yeah,it also seems that skipping fruits is a bit hard(veggies ok,they need some time to prepare :P)Mmm you have problem with the scale?Dont worry about it dear,some of the first things that come in mind is that either you are packing some muscle(next time I want to see a pic with bicep flexing :P) or you increase bone density!So dont worry about the diet!And imagine what will happen when you start exercising!(also be sure to check your Journal,I posted a nice idea on working out and be sure that I will help you out if you decide to try it!)

              Greece is a really beautiful place,the weather is really good,at this time of the year at least!I think that the best places to visit are our islands but not during tourist season because the prices are extravagant!You will also get to see some of the beauty of Greece that has preserved itself over the years,unlike big cities like Athens or Thessaloniki!If you ever decide to come,I am here to give directions,advices,suggestion,accept donations(:P) and tell you what is primal!

              I will keep going girl!Hope you continue improving as well

              Day 5

              25 seconds of
              Jumping Jacks
              Split Jumps
              Jumping Jacks
              Squats/Pushups(alternate every round)
              Rest 1 minute

              Repeat 4 times

              Post workout/Lunch:Banana,apple,6 eggs poached in coconut oil and butter,2 handful of nuts

              Snack:2 apples,handful of walnuts

              Oh my God the workout again was hard as hell!The Squats/Pushups at the end were far from being don quickly,I was going really slow!At the final set my core had trouble staying stabilized at the push up position :P At the end of the workout I left a small roar!And once more I was too tired to do a core workout......I think that I will start slowly adding some plank,leg raises and other stuff and not the intense exercises that Ross recommends.....

              Well I ate carbs today but still I was within the limits of PB.The extra 2 fruits were not needed,but I wanted to spoil myself a little bit ^^ I had a big lunch,a small snack and nothing for dinner since I went out with my gf!I had some tea and she some cacao beverage!Nice day all in all,did not feel bloated at all!Today I will have breakfast with eggs and sausage and for dinner perhaps liver with butter!Mmmm me likes!I will also go and get a pre paid credit card and order three books:
              Primal Blueprint
              Living low Carb
              Convict Conditioning

              2 nutrition books and 1 for working out!Yeah,I havent gotten Marks book yet,but now is the time!I am really wondering what the other two books say,but since Living low carb was written by Bowden and is being suggested by Poliquin,that is enough for me!

              See you guys!


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                Day 6(and deadly!)

                REST DAY!!!!

                Dailies(are you sure you want to read.....)
                Breakfast:Banana,3 eggs poached in coconut oil,sausage,handful of hazelnuts

                Lunch:3 bananas,2 apples,1 handful of nuts,some goat cheese

                Dinner:Big piece of beef liver,2 handfuls of nuts

                Well what can I say,today I ate a lot of fruits,but now I am not gonna buy any for the weekend!Although I might buy some 85% chocolate and have it,just in case my sweet tooth gets me!I do not feel awful,I am also in no condition to workout but it seems that even though overeating primal foods you feel OK!Thats nice to keep in mind!I also did not workout today,it was a deserved rest day!

                Now I would like to tell some things about why I indulged in fruits today.I went to get a new pre paid card but they told me that I can use my current one with no problems,so I put 100 euro into it.I went home,ordered 2 of the books and when I had to look at the CVV of the card in order to make an account,I couldnt find it!I was like "wtf happened?" I started searching but I still havent found it!I called the bank and asked them If they can tell me the CVV and they said no since only the card owner knows it.They asked me if I would like to erase the account and make a new one,but then I had a dilemma......What if I need to wait for the books to ship in order to erase it??And if someone stole it?I still have 70 euro into my card.I got a little depressed and I turned to fruits,although I was not hungry and I kept on eating some things like cheese and nuts...The good thing is that not even once did I think of looking for sweets,pastries,bread or anything like that.So thumbs up for me I guess

                I have been thinking for a while now,that it might be a good idea to have some hard boiled eggs around,ready to consume in case I want a quick snack...I will start boiling right now!

                Tomorrow I have 4 tabata workouts,although I dont know if I complete them all!Also got still one big piece of liver which I am gonna eat with avocado and some other veggies!Also my capo buddies have some presentation at night so I will probably fast during nighttime,unless I drink a beer!Also 1/6th of the challenge is over!Lets go!


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                  EXACTLY! Thank God for dark chocolate and fruits!
                  You should try the dark coconut chocolate by Green&Black.
                  - You have no idea what I've been through to find this site :P I had to look at so many pictures of gorgeous, dark chocolate in order to find this one, it was torture!

                  You should post pictures too of your progress and the beautiful scenery in Greece :]
                  And your gf of course
                  "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
                  -Raymond Peat, PhD


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                    Mmm yes we have them here as well!Although you can found them in many stores,at my first date with my gf the shop was selling these sweeties Is that a sign or what?Glad to see that you are an avid fan of chocolate as well,me and my gf use choco nicknames when texting My most recent discovery was this beauty
                    It combines chocolate and flowers,the perfect present for girls

                    Do you have facebook?I have made a folder about a chocolate experiment where I use butter,cocoa and a small chocolate to make an almost 99% chocolate!It turned out really bitter but I intend to do it again and I am gonna use cinnamon and coconut oil instead of butter!

                    Photos huh?I am gonna post some pics of my body when day 7 or 10 are over!As for my gf,well I will try to find someones :P Now that I take a look at my fb pics here is one from last year,while doing a performance on an afro dance and I look pretty primal



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                      Day 7


                      Tabata workout of
                      Shadow boxing with 1lb dbs
                      Shadow boxing with 1lb dbs
                      Pushups(I changed it here and instead of 8x20 sec on/10 sec off I did 8x15 sec on/10 sec off)

                      Pull up/Chin up one rep each,get to the top and start lowering yourself really slowly.I did 3 sets of 15/10/10 sec lowering with 1-3 minutes rest

                      One arm pushups while holding chair 2x3

                      Post workout/Breakfast:Piece of beef liver,2 small tomatoes,some butter

                      Dinner:3 eggs poached in coconut oil,sausage cooked with butter,half avocado,small tomato,some goat cheese

                      Well the tabata workout was a killer I tell ya!The hardest part were the pushups where I just couldnt do 2 rounds and I just held myself in the pushup position!My legs are somewhat sore from the squats which is logical since its been long time since I did bodyweight squats!I only hope that they will have recovered for tomorrows interval running!The afternoon workout was an attempt to start doing exercises that I need more training,and the chin ups idea was a tip from Charles Poliquin.I quote it here

                      "Tip 92: The best way to improve chin-ups is doing....chin-ups. Not doing them on some assistance device. Doing them eccentrically for progressively increased time under tension will improve them very fast (up to 30 seconds) lowering."

                      Delicious foods today.I couldnt remember if beef liver has any fat,so I decided to add some butter to it!It was great!Also the dinner was nice too,although I ate a bit too much...The cheese was an overkill but it was the last piece and I couldnt say no!Today I almost needed a straw to get the butter/coconut oil from the plate!I am in fat heaven getting leaner every day

                      Lectures today went also great,I answered some stuff and finally we had a decent programming lecture!I did not feel sleepy or anything but I just dont have the courage to open a book now and study...And on the weekend I have many projects to do,have to go out with my gf(I will call her by her name now,Nephele),have to see my friends and of course workout!

                      Tomorrow I have intervals and will surely do some core work too!I decided it!Leg raises and plank are not a bad combo and if I whine about it,shame on me!Also lets not forget that the weekend is one of the hardest part when dieting or changing dietary habits(I am doing the latter) so I will have to try extra hard these days!I also think that I might get some photos so I can have a before and after idea


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                        OMG, that chocolate rose O_O

                        You look super primal! Here's my fb
                        "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
                        -Raymond Peat, PhD


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                          Thanks dear!

                          Day 8


                          10x100 meters
                          5x50 meters

                          Leg Raises 20
                          Crunches 10(5sec hold at top)
                          V ups with tucked legs 10
                          Repeat 3 times

                          Post workout:3 eggs poached in coconut oil,around 60 g of prosciutto,2 small tomatoes,yogurt with cocoa and hazelnuts,slice of Gouda

                          Lunch:Avocado,2 handfuls of nuts,slice of Gouda

                          Dinner:Greek salad(cucumber,onion,tomatoes,olive oil,some feta),73% chocolate,sesame stick

                          The interval running was OK and I noticed something that made look really stupid.....For the past 2 running workouts the distance that I was saying it was 50 m was actually 100 m.......So yeah,I was running more than I thought :P Nice core workout,felt my abs burning,so I am gonna stick with it for a while!

                          The food was too much today....the dairy products,the nuts and the chocolate were simply there to further spoil me....Today I am gonna be stricter!!

                          I was 83 kg today,but I am definitely more muscular so I do not care that much!I have explosive strength today and I am gonna get real with food at least for today!

                          I am of to train!



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                            Been really busy these days!But I kept it primal

                            Day 9


                            2 db Split Snatch 5x3
                            12/13/13/14/14 kg each dumbbell
                            Rest 45-60 sec

                            2db Push Press 5x3
                            12/13/13/14/14 kg each dumbbell

                            1 arm push up holding chair 4 reps each hand
                            Punch with 7kg db 5 reps each hand
                            Rest 60 sec
                            Db lunges with 2x12kg 5 reps each leg
                            Lunge Jumps 5 reps each leg
                            Rest 60 sec
                            Repeat 4 times

                            Finisherouble db swing with 12 kg each dumbbell 3x15 reps rest 30 sec

                            Post workout:3 eggs poached in coconut oil,prosciutto,4 handfuls of nuts with tahini,cocoa and cinnamon

                            Dinner:Salad with veggies,fruits,bacon!

                            Day 10


                            100 burpees in 13 minutes

                            Breakfast:5 bananas with tahini,cocoa,cinnamon,2 tins of sardines

                            Lunch:3 eggs poached in coconut oil,sausage,3 handful of nuts with cocoa,cinnamon

                            Dinner:Salad,2 pieces of meat that cant find the name in English,tahini with cocoa

                            Day 11

                            Rest day

                            Lunch:Some shredded meat,cucumbers,2 apples

                            Dinner:Big salad,250 g of salmon,handful of almonds

                            The only comment that I can make is that I am not gonna buy any more bananas,tahini and hazelnuts.....These things are like sweets to me,when I start eating them I cant stop!I kept it primal for the whole time I have been missing so thats a good thing!My books are on their way also,so when I start reading them then maybe my discipline will skyrocket!Dont have much to say,gotta watch Doctor Who!


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                              Day 13

                              Chin ups 5
                              Kb swings 10
                              Plyometric Push ups 10
                              Knee Tucks 10
                              5 times in 15:25 minutes

                              Post workout:2 cucumbers,5 eggs scrambled in coconut oil,handful walnuts

                              Snack:Handful nuts,carrot

                              Dinner:Carrots,tomato,radishes with flaxseed oil.Red cabbage with olive oil.2 pieces of snitchel(thats the meat I was talking about) fried with butter,then at the end I add a onion and put some balsamic vinegar!SPLENDID

                              The original workout wanted as many rounds in 20 minutes and 10 chin ups....Yeah right!I am doing some slow lowering at the hang position while practicing pull/chin ups and it seems they help!Nice workout overall!

                              The eating was good and I really loved the dinner!Getting many veggies,meat,butter,some nuts,avoiding nuts and grains although I might do a small carb up in my rest day,probably in the morning with some oatmeal!If I remember it,I will also take some pictures!

                              Finally today I was 81 kg

                              Tomorrow sprints,fish at the university and whatever comes along!