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First 30 days - how am I doing?

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  • First 30 days - how am I doing?

    Hi all,

    So - I started the primal blueprint lifestyle around 30 days ago, and to sum it up:

    Whats worked:
    • More leveled / consistent energy
    • No horrible feeling after drinking (unavoidable weekend social events!)
    • Not hungry as often
    • Most days - eating less than usual
    • Finally feel 'in control' of my eating / lifestyle
    • I never used to drink red wine - i enjoy it now

    What's been difficult:
    • Breakfast time - I'm eating sooo many eggs, need better option (I eat on way to work)
    • The days I am hungry and don't have anything quick to eat - my work's food is terrible
    • Eating out is difficult - but get's easier. I find myself eating lots I never would have before

    Below is my eating journal - you can see the weekends where I had social events (wedding etc).....I'd welcome your thoughts. In the first week I lost 1kg - I've not weighed myself since then but weight loss is one of my goals but longer term health is the 1st priority.


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    Great changes so far
    Welcome to MDA.

    Are you worried about eggs due to being bored of them, or the CW that too many eggs are bad for you?

    Other breakfasts could just be left over dinner? Re-heated or even eaten cold. If I have leftovers I just eat them cold, since we don't use a microwave.


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      Also could you spend a day once a week making a bunch of meals to freeze?

      Well Fed is a great cook book with primal/paleo recipes and she even explains how she does a weekly cook up to make life easier. Well worth the purchase.


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        A bit of both really. I just feel that eating so many eggs can't be good, but also it gets a bit boring.

        I do use previous days dinner sometimes - it's a bit odd being on the train at 7:30am though eating chicken haha

        I do prepare a lot of my meals in advance.....dinners / lunches are the easy part so far.

        Ill have a look into that book, thank you


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          You are doing great so far.