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    Just realised that my primal journal really shouldn't be in the success stories section. Not yet anyway. So I'll start again.

    Worked out with my sandbag a couple of days ago.

    5 x 5 squats
    5 x to failure chin ups
    5 x 5 overhead press.

    I couldn't overhead the sandbag at all (it's about 50kg),partly due to the shape and not having anything to grip onto, so substituted single arm presses with a 20kg kettlebell. My back muscles are protesting quite loudly at this change of pace, but it was an good workout to do.

    The next day I ran some sprints, running as far as I could in ten seconds, walking back to the start and running the same distance until it took me 12 seconds to do it. Wasn't a very long way . Still, its a start. I did one last run without any shoes on (running on muddy grass has it's advantages), and I'm convinced it was faster than the others. I'm going to look into this a bit more the next time I do sprints. Jogged back home barefoot too, and I noticed the next day that my calf muscles were a lot tighter than usual. Has anyone else had this side effect from barefoot running?

    The other major change is trying to walk as much as possible. It certainly helps me sleep better.

    Food wise I've managed to keep the carbs down, although I did have a cheap n nasty burger meal yesterday (no bread, just burgers and decent cheese). As I was initially going to eat pizza, and I'm quite proud of that. Over the last week I've had the occasional moment when I've 'zoned out' for a few seconds, which I think is due to the change in calorie intake. It'll be interesting to see how that changes over the next week.

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    Dinner yesterday was a sausage omelette. So far today I've eaten a steak, a salad, a protein shake and a portion of ribs. Not sure if the calorie level is too high, but I don't feel bloated, and the carb level is low. Slow cooked the ribs for 4 hours at 110oC. Amazing.

    Did a circuit of bodyweight exercises with a couple of weight exercises thrown in. Rather than give myself a set number of reps each time, I used a random number generator set between 15 and 30. Far more interesting.

    One thing I am finding is that it's been quite tricky to focus on actually getting any work done today. I'm finding myself easily distracted. Has anyone else had this probelm when they switched to PB?