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Bikini ready by summer

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    My favorite way if eating Brussel Sprouts. Pan fried in coconut oil. Topped with gruyer/Parmesan. Grassfed of course.


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      Kimchee scramble


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        Meals are looking good!


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          Salmon in lemon butter and Kim chee


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            Mexican frittata yum.


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              Today is going to be cheat day for sure. I have a wedding reception then a St. Patty's Day Party.


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                Okay I haven't posted in a while. Today was an all day eating day. Birthday brunch, which I stuck with salmon omelette. But I did eat half the potatoes. Then dinner out. I ordered the chicken salad even though I wasn't hungry. So i thought I did pretty good. But then I had a piece of birthday cake. Not because I wanted it, but because I don't want food to be an issue and I don't want to say no and make a big deal. So i ate a very small piece. I don't actually like cake anymore. So i think the small piece won't hurt me too much.

                On another note, I learned that blending bulletproof coffee in a blender is so much better then mixing it with a fork. I've been drinking BP coffee for a year now and I just discovered this. Blended BP coffee is amazing. And it really does keep me satisfied all day. I decided to try it with MCT oil, not just coconut and butter. My MCT oil arrived today. I'm looking forward to trying it tomorrow.


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                  It's been 30 days since I started. So where am I now?

                  Here's my starting point:

                  5'4 - this probably won't change
                  Size - 10 pants, 8 dress (US)

                  30 day results
                  Size - 10 pants, 8 dress
                  Calf size - 15.11

                  So not much change at all. I haven't been super good though so it's kind of expected. I've been good in that I've been eating more primal/good foods, just haven't stopped completely eating the non primal/ not good foods.

                  The next 30 days will be better. I've incorporated bulletproof coffee a couple days ago and that has really helped.
                  I use 2tbsp of butter and 2tbsp of MCT oil and that has just shrunk my appetite. That's my daily 400 calorie of fat breakfast.

                  I've also been measuring my calf because I have HUGE calves for such a short person. Boots are such a pain to buy. I'm just curious if my calf will get any smaller or if I'm just stuck with huge calves.


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                    Look what's cooking- kimchee and eggs.



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                      All this kimchi talk is making me want some!! May have to call up my mom and get her to make me some :P lol
                      I do have some of the radish kind in the fridge. Mmmm may have to go crunch on a piece now.
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