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    Today is the first day I really sat down and started this journey.

    I had been attempting to reconcile with my boyfriend that I just broke up with and I made a decision last night to give myself one year to be alone and work on me and focus on me. That means facing the fact that I feel horrible and tired all the time and I'm so tired of feeling like that.

    I bought the book the Breakup Bible and I will work through it and my journal here and really have a deep need to meet the girl that I've covered up underneath all of this weight.

    I started eating cleaner a few weeks ago, but had some tiny slips and was truly surprised at how really bad they made me feel physically. It was just like having a hangover. That was a nice wakeup call and has really given me the will not to crave crap. I'm grateful for that. That's a hell of a good start.

    I'm about to hit the grocery store to stock up on chicken, meat and more fruits and veggies. I hate fricking cooking so I'm going to try to keep this as simple as possible (any suggestions on how to accomplish that would be FABULOUS!)

    Kimberly Niquel

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    Welcome Kimberly. I hope primal goes really well for you!
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      Hi Kimberley. I believe that feeding yourself well is one way of being kind to yourself, especially when other things in life may not be going so well. As far as primal cooking goes, you are taking the first step in buying quality ingredients. Then it's just a matter of "assembling" them in different combinations and voila, mealtime.

      Dinners can simply be a layer of veges, then a layer of meat, season, cover and cook slowly till done.

      Leftovers make a great breakfast.

      Lunch can be a salad - just pile together greens and various yummy toppings such as feta, avocado, olives, tomatoes, carrot, egg. Shake together olive oil and lemon juice for a dressing to pour over it and you're done.

      You should have some snacks ready to go so that you don't have to think about preparing them when you get the urge. eg boiled and peeled egg, sliced ham and grated cheese, carrot slices and nut butter, cucumber slices and cream cheese, roasted almonds, dark chocolate.

      You don't need to get carried away with new recipes and all, but hey, you might find that you enjoy preparing good food so much that you want to branch out even more.

      Best wishes with your primal journey.
      Annie Ups the Ante


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        Thank you so much for the welcome, encouragement and information! I truly appreciate you guys taking the time to do that.

        This morning I so wanted to sleep in a little bit, but it's technically my Monday and the start of my 7 day on work week. I look forward to it because it means MOVE MOVE MOVE all day long! Which is a great thing! I forced myself to get up out of bed to make my smoothie and start getting ready for my day. I love sleep though

        Meal 1 @ 7:30am - 1 cup water, 1 banana, 1 cup frozen blueberries, 1 cup frozen strawberries, 1 serving protein powder

        Meal 2 @ 10:00am - Scrambled eggs/spinach, 2 clementines, 1 cup raspberries & blackberries, 2 pieces of turkey sausage w/Black Tea & Spiced Chai on ice.

        Meal 3 @ 1:00pm - apple w/natural peanut butter

        Meal 4 @ 4:30pm - Baked chicken, baked yam, veggie farfalle

        Meal 5 @ 9:45pm - Babybel cheese & pineapple

        My friend and I had a talk about working things out with your ex. She gave me some good insight and I feel that she is right when she said "You are in love with the idea of him, not the actual reality of him." That is very true. Very very true.

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          Thursday, Feb 28 2013... pms? carb depression? wth?

          I'm guessing that I'm really really good at denying the truths my body is telling me. I suspect that to be true because for years I've been really good at being tired of feeling fat and old and unbendy. I'm really really good at feeling sorry for myself and comforting that with food. I am not dumb. I know that eating good and moving my body make me feel better. They make me feel REALLY good, but ignore that.

          I know that my ex is not the best choice for a partner in my life. But I ignore that and pine over him. I know that finishing my degree (even at my age) will provide so much more opportunity than what I have right now.

          This mush of feelings and emotions has GOT to be PMS or that carb depression stuff or something, but whatever it is I am OVER it!

          Eating plan is just like yesterday (I know it sounds boring, but this a work week for me and food is fuel and keeping it simple is how I will get by this week without beating up kittens).