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  • The Noble Space Cheetah's Chronicles of Radness

    I won't repeat everything I posted in the Meet & Greet forum. I'll just do a quick recap:

    33 years old, female, married
    Ailments include anxiety disorder, PCOS, infertility, obesity, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance
    (That all sounds like FUN!)
    Trying to conceive #1, having some trouble
    Highest weight: 292 lbs.
    After 10 months of Zero Carb: 222 lbs.
    After a year of being a dumb jerk, current weight: 250ish lbs.

    I'm not going to write down what I eat every single day because that is boring and depressing. I know how to do this. I've done it before; I just didn't know what it was called. And if I can do ZC I can do this.

    The issue for me is not so much the will power to eat properly but the budget. And making myself do the exercise. I've gotten so lazy...

    Hubs and I are about to hit the grocery store. We shop at Wal-Mart b/c we are a bit poor at the moment, but we're going to stop by the Corner Market (the hippie grocery store) to see what kind of meat they have.

    Hubs is convinced "meat is meat." This was our conversation earlier:

    He: Meat is meat.
    Me: Okay. Would you eat a pig with two broken legs and amoebic dysentery?
    He: Yes. Meat is meat.
    Me: Okay. I'll make sure they put that on your tombstone.

    He is so retrosexual and into this idea of eating the "vittles" that his Confederate ancestors ate or whatever. To him this translates into not paying the slightest bit of attention to what he eats. That is the "manly" way. He jogs (and has the knees to prove it) and still cycles some (he used to be a cycling maniac, and has the calves and thighs to prove it) but he will eat literally anything. And loves sweets. He doesn't overeat at meals - he typically eats less than I do - but he will get up 30 minutes later for ice cream or candy.

    What do you do with a man who says, "Carbs make me mighty"?

    He has told me he will do this with me, and I'm glad b/c while it won't be the make or break for me, I do know that I was 100% ZC while I lived alone, and got derailed when I moved in with a roommate. Not having tempting junk food lying around is so helpful.

    So anyway. Today is Day #1. I walked a bit, I got 30 minutes of sunshine, I even sprinted. And I played. I poked around and climbed and took pictures and laid in the grass and sang a song. All the things we all secretly want to do, and used to do before we were told respectable people put on $200 shoes and run in a circle on concrete.

    Oh - my husband is a minimalist shoe guy. He actually has a pair of Vibram Five Fingers but he now mostly runs in a minimalist shoe with a closed toe box because he has to take his biannual PT tests in those - the Army doesn't allow gorilla shoes. Ha!

    I absolutely hate running and walking in traditional sneakers/trainers. I hate how constricted my foot feels and I hate not being able to flex and land on the ball of my foot.

    I ate:

    1 sliced cucumber with olive oil, vinegar, and salt
    1 can tuna with olive oil
    2 chicken thighs with honey-cream cheese-red pepper sauce
    1 can boiled okra (ugh - going to grocery store to improve on this)
    (Edit to add: Got very hungry last night late for some reason (was up til 3:45, ugh!) and throughout the night ate a handful of blackberries, handful of almonds, 2 squares 90% cacao chocolate, 1/4 cup heavy cream)

    I was not starving by dinner. I can already feel the difference when I don't eat carbs.

    I also made sun tea in my husband's Mamaw's old 3 qt. Ball mason jar pail. I sweetened it with just a few tablespoons of local raw wildflower honey for the whole jar. It doesn't really make it sweeter, just cuts the bitterness.

    I also contacted a local farm about perhaps buying a quarter of grassfed local pastured beef. Our in-laws have a deep freeze and might even consider splitting a quarter or a half with us. It's a bigger outlay of cash upfront but you do save in the long run. And it's incredible beef. I even told the guy about Primal.

    I feel really good today, really optimistic, hopeful, and strong.

    I have a lot going on right now with my career, job searching, my novel, trying to conceive, living in a new city where I don't have any friends, struggling financially, preparing for a deployment. I took the "how stressed are you" test recommended by my doctor - who was concerned I have high cortisol levels. You've probably seen it, been around forever. Each stressor gives you a certain number of points. "High" stress is considered 150+. If you hit 300, it's recommended you talk to a professional about how to manage your stress level. I scored 315.

    So I have a lot going on. But I know this will help me. My health and fertility is my #1 source of angst right now.

    I am convinced if I commit to Primal it will change and probably save my life.

    Here goes nothin'...
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    I saw someone's journal that said, "I swear I was Ayla in a past life." Same here.

    My feet for instance. They're awesome, even though I'm fat. I don't over-pronate. I don't have the footfall of a fat person. My feet are strong and healthy.

    Several years ago I met a yoga instructor at a party. She looked at my feet (I was wearing sandals) and asked if I did yoga. I said, "I did it once a week for a few months, that's it." She told me I had "yoga feet."

    I am only 5'6" but I have big feet. I wear about a size 9 to 9.5, and sometimes 10 in certain shoes. My toes are wide, splayed, and flexible. They grip the ground. I can pick up quarters with my toes. In fact I can reach over to the coffee table and pick up my iPhone with them.

    My arch is perfect. As long as I'm barefoot - and since I work from home I usually am - I never have foot pain. In fact, unless I've worn really wrong shoes I've never had much foot pain, which is weird for a large person.

    My mom and dad both have great feet, too, but my mom walks for fitness, and she walks hard and fast. She ended up with plantar fasciitis. She's been going through a lot with the pain. She spent $150 she couldn't afford on extra-cushioning shoes, which she has to wear all the time. Hard for my mom who prefers to be barefoot or in flip flops when she can. After the injection it was okay for a while, but she had to quit walking and she's gained weight.

    Yesterday I found an article by a podiatrist supporting barefooting for plantar fasciitis. I explained to her that her foot needs to learn how to work properly again, and immobilizing it in a cushioned shoe is not going to do that. We'll see if she's willing to go against the CW.

    In any case, I was born to be primal. Even when I went ZC, there was no difficult adjustment period. Maybe because I'd done LC before. In any case, I didn't get the "carb flu," or even lose energy. I felt good and lost weight immediately.

    Is it a blood type thing? They say the O blood type is the O.G. (original gangsta) blood type and if you have it (like I do) you need to live more like our ancestors for health. Maybe there's something to that, I don't know.

    In any case, when I eat this way I feel better, I'm not hungry all the time, and I lose weight.

    I also used to love walking. When I was a teenager, right before the explosion of the Internet and cable news and years before cell phones, I would walk just... because. What else was there to do? For hours at a time. I didn't put on special clothes and shoes and force myself to hit a certain pace and pump my arms and walk a certain route on concrete. I just walked out the door and... walked. I looked at things. I explored. I thought. I wandered.

    Then I met my BFF (she still is) who was OCD about food and exercise. She was smaller than me, but she was constantly worried about her weight. She wanted me to walk the Hike & Bike trail with her. It was 4 miles long. We walked it at least a couple times a week. It was fun because we talked and laughed the whole time but it was also the beginning of walking for "exercise." And pretty soon it wasn't that fun anymore. She wanted to walk in the heat of the day even if it was 100 degrees outside - for more "fat burning" - and she wanted to go fast and stay on task, not wander around in the wooded areas. It wasn't my style. But I did it. I lost some weight but I also lost my enjoyment of walking.

    Because of my job I have to be online a lot, but in any case I am online entirely too much. And I'm attached to my phone entirely too much. I was a latecomer to cell phones, and a latecomer to iPhones. But now I'm hooked.

    I'm transitioning into really enjoying walking again. For a little while it may mean I don't walk as long or far, but I want to ease into it and start feeling good about it.

    Eaten so far today:

    1 cup traditional plain whole milk Oikos Greek yogurt
    1 tsp raw local wildflower honey
    1 handful blackberries
    1 handful raw almonds

    1 glass iced tea


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      Making chili! I posted the recipe in the forum as Space Cheetah's Lazy Chili for Winners. I can't wait to eat it. It'll be done in an hour.

      I went and walked barefoot. The concrete kind of abraded the balls of my feet after a while. But it still felt wonderful. I probably looked weird. I carried my shoes.

      I liked walking in the slightly wet grass and annoying the birds. I liked balancing on the little brick walls that line the footbridge. I liked sitting on them and looking at the water and trees. It was beautiful out, warm with a breeze, birds singing, all that jazz.

      I tried on my husband's VFFs! I think they're Treksports, not sure. I love them. They feel great. They are about a size too big for me (told you I have big feet) but this weekend I'm gonna go to the one place in town that sells them and try some on. Then I'll probably order online because the prices are better.

      I'm easing back into enjoying being outside again, to enjoying walking. The next step is to start walking to go places. But I'd like to wear minimalist shoes to do it in. I get terrible shin splints in my Sauconys. I may borrow my husband's VFFs. They're a little big but they may be ok.

      I'm kind of unsure how to, like, accessorize the VFFs. What do I wear?! I'm used to wearing cowboy boots virtually every day. Or flats. I'm not well versed in dressing like a hippie.

      I think I'm also getting better at not being stressed. I am learning how to control my own thinking. To tell myself, "Don't worry about it." My body is just so tired and worn out from anxiety. I have to realize that it's a choice. I do have control. I can just say no to the worry, brush it aside, and enjoy my life.

      I'm gonna have a snack and wait for my chili.