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  • Doing great Suze. I agree the wine is a necessary evil before the waxing...particularly if doing the bikini area as well.

    Have a wonderful holiday.
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    • I'm back from Noumea! With an extra 1.5kgs….. what the f***! So I was 53.5kg with 21.7 body fat when I left and today I weighed 54.9kg with 22.7 body fat. Well actually its no real surprise to me, I ate bread and pastries every day, I drank beer every day, I drank cocktails… yeah everyday!. I also did heaps of walking everywhere so in some ways I can only say thank god for that or else I would have put on 3kgs in a week. Anyway I wouldn’t say I ate "heaps", but definitely more than my normal amount and of course the drinking was like triple/quadruple what I would normally drink!

      So interesting I think. I definitely don’t have any gut issues eating bread. Although I would say I definitely bloated up because of the beer. (the beer was cheap so it made sense to drink it, it was quite nice too on a sunny afternoon). I had wondered if my digestion would play up with all that bread, but no, everything worked just fine thanks very much.

      Had some lovely meals and some very average meals. One of the meals I had was NZ lamb, and it had the loveliest thickest piece of fat around the edge, oh my oh my… talk about tasty. I don’t often cook lamb at home so I really enjoyed it. One thing I noticed is that when they serve bread with a meal they don’t give you butter to go with it - for some reason I found this very interesting! Have your carbs but not your fat with it???

      Noumea is very expensive. Not a lot in the way of vegetables there either, I was quite desperate for a good stir fry when I got home yesterday - which indeed I had… chicken satay stir fry, piles of veges and served on cauliflower rice. Yum. There is nothing like being away from home to truly appreciate what you have! Also, smoking is absolutely everywhere over there. Everyone smokes, in restaraunts, bars, everywhere! Yuk. Mind you, I have to say, they were all thin. You barely saw any real overweight people there, perhaps apart from the local islanders who might be a bit poorer and eat more carby crap??? (or drink too much of the local beer if I am anything to go by!!!)

      The temperatures were in the 20's celcius but the prevailing winds made it a bit chilly at times. I think next year I would prefer to holiday mid winter closer to the equator where it is warmer and I can go swimming. I really only got in 2 days of sunbathing as the rest of the time it was just too overcast or windy to really want to get out in a bikini.

      I've nearly finished reading GCBC. It is so interesting. I thought I would finish it on holiday, but decided I needed to change to a more light-hearted murder mystery thriller type book instead - after all, I was on holiday!

      Just looking at my bikini photos and have decided that no, the before and afters aren’t ready for display just yet. My stomach is soft so my mission for the next holiday is to have my BF reading on my scales (and yes I know that the BF is crap but it is something) down to 20%. And I am going to start doing some hard core "core" work on my abs. I want my middle to look hard not soft and pudgy. Nonetheless, I would just like to say that I still think I looked bloody good for a woman my age and I completely fit in with all those thin French women!


      • Sounds like a lovely holiday. Too bad the weather didn't quite cooperate. I hear you about the getting off track and the beverages, I consumed far too much wine on my week away, now 4 days back and I'm still working on getting back to the super primal week I had just before I left. No worries about the bikini photos, I'm not ready to post that either. It is nice though to feel like you look a hell of a lot better than many (most?) women our age!

        I'm also going through GCBC, have to take it in bits and pieces, as it is a bit heavy. Sometimes doesn't quite fit when you just want some juicy no thinking relaxing reading.

        Welcome back
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        • Thanks GS, nice to be home!. I'm keen to be back to primal 80/20. As opposed to 50/50!

          GCBC is heavy - and I mean heavy (weight), it makes it hard to hold up when you're in bed!


          • I've been pretty good since returning home I think. In fact weight this morning was down to 53.9kg and 21.9BF. so I've lost a kg in a couple of days. water weight I guess. (no beer in the belly more like it!)

            although i have just had soup for lunch with toast.... bought some spelt flour bread today. my partner finds it hard not having bread at all, although he is very very good about not having it, I think the reduction has done us all some good. I'm just not sure about giving up the grains completely as I dont have the digestion issues that a lot of people on here complain about. I guess I find it hard not having bread at all as well.

            Have finished GC BC. a very interesting read. Probably need to read the section on carbs again though.

            have started taking a magnesium supplement - I cant remember why, I think I saw on one of the threads somewhere that this is a likely missing mineral in a lot of peoples diets, also I have a vague idea someone might have mentioned it to help me with my sleep (or lack of it at times). Partner felt a little perplexed at the line up of bottles on the table at breakfast this morning... D3, fish oil, magnesium. I've also got probiotics in the fridge for when I remember to take them. i think that is sufficient.


            • thought I would add a picture of the yummy meal I had in noumea. You can see the lovely layer of fat around the meat, it was seriously... so tasty - I ate it all, no guilt!!!. OMG, delicious. those little green stacks were zuchini stuffed with a finely chopped ratatouille sort of mix topped with a parmesan wafer. very nice. I look bloody awful in this photo, probably because it is so dark behind me, it makes me look like i have really thin hair or something... although I hasten to add my hair is far from my crowning glory at the moment
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              • That is one seriously good looking meal!

                And I confess, I had to look up on google where Noumea is. Gotta travel to that part of the world someday.
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                • i'm still drooling over that meal. If you do travel to noumea, wait until it is a bit warmer, the prevailing winds add too much chill factor at this time of the year.


                  • well since my return I havent exactly been on my best behaviour but not too bad either
                    Yesterdays food
                    B Cheese and mushroom omelette with bacon
                    L Kumara and coconut soup with toast (this was spelt flour bread from the whole foods shop so I decided it was at least not full of empty nothingness)
                    S Nearly forgot to add the 3 pieces of toblerone after lunch
                    D Chilli con carne that partner made - on cauliflower rice. Quite nice, I'm not normally a chilli fan, as I dont like beans but it was pretty darn good. Didnt have any vegetables with it though (apart from the cauli) so that was a bit naughty, I was just feeling a bit lazy.
                    A few wines of course.

                    Weight today was 53.8 kg and 21.9 bf on the home scales. so I've got a bit of work to do. I am going to start doing some serious ab exercising.

                    Had a wonderful nights sleep last night, lights out 10.20 (am reading "the girl who played with fire" at the moment so hard to put down) and slept deeply until just after 5am, and then slept again till the alarm went off at 6.30. Brilliant! Makes up for the crappy night sleep the night before thats for sure.


                    • An excellent day on the food front.

                      B Scrambled egg and bacon
                      L Big salad with chicken and bacon
                      D Eye fillet steak with red wine jus, roasted kumara and carrot (and a tiny bit of potato) and brocoli with parmesan. Yum. Couple of wines.

                      Slept soundly from about 9.45 to 3am. then couldnt get back to sleep so read for a bit. I think I might have rolled over onto my shoulder and it woke me up.... annoying. Off to the doc about that on thursday.


                      • a not so excellent day
                        B Protein shake with coconut cream - good
                        L Yummy salad with chicken, spinach, sprouts - good
                        S Ginger crunch - bad
                        D Bad, pretty much all bad... book club and you may remember from last month that this is a pot luck eatingfest. So I had beef nachos, chicken enchiladas, some salad, satay chicken and something else that totally escapes me now. So not the best, but I didnt eat truckloads like last time so thats good

                        Official weigh in this morning at work, 55kg, thats up 0.3kg from last weigh in 2 weeks ago before holiday, so happy with that.

                        Dr this morning to get referral to specialist for rotator cuff, I am sooooooo over it.

                        another crappy sleep, solid 5 hrs then wide awake. I just dont get it. Perhaps I'm turning in to margaret thatcher, I believe she used to only sleep for 5 hrs a night.


                        • hmmm ok sort of day
                          B Omelette and bacon
                          L Wagamama's for lunch again, didnt want to have a salad so had the Koumi Chicken on rice. I didnt really eat enough rice to worry about though
                          S Some lollies after lunch, but needed to use a lot of brain action in the afternoon so I think I'll give myself a free pass on that one.
                          D Canneloni (gluten free) stuffed with spinach and cottage cheese, topped off with a rich tomato sauce and parmesan. Kind of weird having a vegetarian meal, feel like I havent done that in ages!!! Followed up with an almond friand (boyfriend had been experimenting in the kitchen (made with almond flour, rice flour and apparently the girl at the health food shop told him he needed guar gum to help it hold together seeing as it was gluten free) Anyway, they had a very nice texture, he'd put plum in some and chocolate in some others ( I dont like plums) He reckons it is still a work in progress. Couple of glasses of wine

                          Slept pretty deeply from 11 to 5am. Dont feel shattered today.

                          Got specialist appt for my shoulder on the 19th, so far away, but thats life I'm afraid. Just cant sleep on my side any more (I suppose sleeping on my back means I'll get less wrinkles - positive spin!) And taking my clothes off at night is just so painful, I just cant figure out a way to get them off without pain - probably I should wear more shirts with buttons rather than sweaters but its winter, I need sweaters.


                          • friday was a bad day (as usual), started well but after lunch it turned into a mare as I was haviing a stressful day in the office so ate sweets. Then after work I drank far too much wine. so really it was just the sugar and wine that was bad, my food was pretty good otherwise.

                            B bacon and fried egg, OJ
                            S 2 small almond friands
                            L skipped it as I often do on a weekend
                            S went to a function and had 3 small minced chilli chicken balls and one tiny beef sandwich
                            S pre dinner snacks, camenbert and hummus, rice crackers
                            D pork fillet with a rich mushroom and red wine sauce, brocoli and carrot/celery/leek mix

                            11.30 had me on the toilet with severe cramping and diahrrea. not pleasant as I had the hot and colds, dizziness and thought I was going to pass out. not sure if it could have been food poisoning from the function or if it was the magnesium supplement. Very miserable experience. seem fine today, knocked a probiotic into my stomach first thing.

                            also yesterday I managed to rip my calf muscle again.... just running across the road in the rain and ping, it was gone. It is excruciating to walk on - altough a bit easier this morning. I thought it was all fixed from the last time this happened so I'm going to have to talk to the physio about strengthening as I cant have this keep happening.


                            • Good day yesterday:
                              B Bacon and eggs
                              L chicken with avocado, glass of OJ, Coffee with cream
                              D Thai - chicken satay and pork spring rolls, chicken and beef with ginger and vege, no rice. 3 glasses of bubbles.

                              Didnt sleep very well last night, tossed and turned a lot. Then of course, forgot to set alarm and overslept.
                              Dogs got a long slow walk yesterday, my calf muscle just felt so tight or floppy (not sure which)


                              • reasonable day
                                B Scrambled eggs with cream
                                S small piece of chocolate cake that colleague brought in... with coffee with cream
                                L Tomato capsicum and roasted garlic soup... no bread. This is good because I really felt like having a burger and chips but I had soup instead and didnt have the bread. Win.
                                D Chicken satay stir fry. 2 wines.

                                did a few ab exercises last night while watching the tv. Not enough to really count though so need to up the ante.

                                Weighed myself on home scales this morning, not a lot happening, still 53.9 kg and 21.9 bf. Still at least its not going up.