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    Hi Everybody -

    I decided to start a journal here to share some of my experiences converting to the PB. I'm in my 40s and I have always been thin. In the last few years I started to put on a few pounds, but I didn't think too much about it - it happens to everybody in their 40's after all, right? Last November I finally had to buy 38" pants and XL shirts when few years ago I was wearing 30" Levis! I finally decided that I needed to watch what I eat a little. I started to read some health related blogs and found my self on I felt like I had an epiphany and spent the whole weekend reading articles and Mark's book. I immediately started following his advice, cutting out all wheat, potatoes, etc from my diet and walking every day. Now I park my car 10 minutes away from where I teach classes so I get in 20 minutes of waking every day, plus I remove the stress of driving through the most congested part of town.

    I've been (mostly) Primal for the last two months. I feel great and I've been losing the pounds I need to. My wife has been sort of on board with the idea - mostly because she's tried every fad diet out there and hasn't been able to stick to it, also because I'm the cook in the house so she eats what I prepare. I've lost 12 pounds in the last 2 months but her weight has hardly budged. Last weekend I pointed out the carb content of all her 'little treats': sweetened yogurt, milk, and some kind of yogurt-like soy based things. I showed her that her treats plus coffee with milk were adding up to half of what the recommended maximum carb intake should be if you want to lose weight. Then, I went to prepare lunch and I meticulously weighed every carb containing ingredient that went into my chicken cacciatore recipe. It turns out that a big serving of my chicken cacciatore has about the same carb content as a little sugary yogurt. I think that was enough to convince her because after lunch we cleaned out the pantry of the flour, pasta and other stuff we shouldn't be eating. Now she brings walnuts to work for a snack instead of sugary yogurts. Hopefully I've got her on the right track now and if she drops a few pounds she will definitely be a new convert.

    Now I am enjoying a lot of things I found tedious before like working in the garden. My wife is an avid gardener and it has alway fallen upon me to do the grunt work, which I previously avoided. Now I'm happy I didn't get around buying a wheelbarrow and I'm happy to carry big, heavy buckets of compost around. I have also become adept at wielding a maul to chop firewood - I'm sure Grok would be impressed! I live in Spain and I'm looking forward to spending a few weeks this summer hiking in the mountains in Asturias, northern Spain and enjoying the local cuisine. It's not too difficult to eat primally here!

    Well, thats all for now,