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  • Fat To FANTASTIC!!!!

    Hello Everyone!!!

    Ok just to give you the starting details. Once upon a time I weighed in at 265+ lbs. (I quit weighing after that) I started on Atkin's in January and by June I had hit 165+. I did well for about a year and had to have my final ovary removed (hello surgical menopause) and found out I had multi-nodular goiter. Life got crazy after that and will all my other stressors (family and BF) life got in the way. I have been fighting my weight and losing the battle.

    Atkins was not working for me this second time around and I was actually trying to cheat using the shakes as my main source of food intake. I realized I had to clean things up. I had been diagnosed with some food sensativities and needed to listen to them and my body.

    Food sensitivities: Eggs, Dairy, Wheat, Cheeses (talk about an excellent candidate for PB)

    I had purchased the Primal Blueprint Books last summer and wanted to follow but my heart was not fully invested yet. I realized after getting back here and doing some reading that this is really where I need to be. I made the plunge bought the recipe plan and have most if not all of the books and am moving forward with this.

    Additionally I won a FitBit from work and am acting as the wellness person for my office and thought I need to take advantage of everything that is coming my way.

    Stats so far:


    241 (water weight, but cool)



    Biggest problem right now is my job. I literally sit on my rear end all day. (Ok I can fix my computer so I can stand). Current solution is to stand periodically, walk on my break and lunch (desperately trying to get my 10,000 steps per day).

    I will post more as I go, I plan to include a food diary which I am doing as well on my app on my phone. MyfitnessPal. I'm geekymom32 if you want to find me there!


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    Hi Shannon,

    I just noticed your post and wanted to say congrats on the loss this week. That is awesome!

    I had a similar journey, as Atkins-style low carb worked great for me - I lost 75 lbs ten years ago, then have done the gain 20, lose 20, gain, lose, etc. Never back to my starting weight of 229 (thank goodness). But my focus now is to reach my goal and STAY there!

    For awhile I was having too many Atkins shakes, bars, cookies, etc. Thinking I was doing myself a favor, but was actually sabotaging myself. I am so glad I stumbled onto the paleo/primal lifestyle. It is making a difference.

    I am actually checking out the Eat More Fat forum and have been feeling great doing that. What a difference.

    We are also in the process of getting standing work stations. I have wanted one for quite awhile, as I sit a lot for my job, too. I take breaks and walk a lot, when I can.

    Anyway, welcome and congrats to you. I look forward to following your journey. You are off to a great start!



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      Today's Weight 236!!!!!!! Not much sleep last night as my other half decided snoring was the thing to do and was not to be dissuaded. I am slacking on the exercise today as a result, I fear if I tried to go out for a walk I would trip and break my neck!


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        This morning I hit 233, YEAH !!!! 13 lbs down. So Happy!!!!!