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  • Primal Journal - Deborah105

    I've flirted with Primal/Paleo eating for years.

    What I know to be true when I eat Primal:
    • I have less pain in bad knee and other joints
    • I have better control of binging
    • I have smoother moods
    • I think clearer

    I've been on a complete tear for the past six months or so and I'm wanting to be done with that.

    I have done so much research on the whys and hows all of this happens to me and the reason is given to me time and time again from many different sources: I have to eat whole foods. I have to leave sugar behind. I have to leave junk behind. Bottom line.

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    Past Week Accountability - HFLC Experiment

    I kept a paper journal on my desk to jot down how I felt during the day on this diet.

    My conclusions? This has stopped my binging in its tracks. For that I am grateful. I felt like I was in a washing machine stuck in the spin cycle. My DH is a really bad eater and there is lots of bingey stuff in the house. I had absolutely no problem leaving it all alone. Yes, I am AMAZED I had no desire for any of it. Not even his potato chips.

    I did forage in the fridge all week. Ate a LOT of cheese. I do know this is habit and, at this moment, I'm not working so I'm home all day. Yes, I have things I need to do so it's about focus and actually DOING these things. I was much better at this on Day 10 than I was at Day 1.

    I had help figuring my macros (thank you lovely ladies). They are:

    Goal Macros
    33 - carbs
    66 - protein
    132 - fat
    1584 - calories

    What I ate this past week:

    20 - carbs
    83 - protein
    161 - fat
    2032 - calories

    39 - carbs
    92 - protein
    129 - fat
    1689 - calories

    24 - carbs
    118 - protein
    216 - fat
    2559 - calories

    37 - carbs
    75 - protein
    173 - fat
    2006 - calories

    31 - carbs
    76 - protein
    96 - fat
    1269 - calories

    22 - carbs
    95 - protein
    72 - fat
    1121 - calories

    I did drop 3-4 pounds of water-bloat in the first day or so, but nothing since. I'm usually a daily eliminator (TMI - apologies!) and have become an every other day girl. I blame the cheese.
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      Yesterday was a wonderful day. We celebrated at a local Brazilian Steakhouse last night. One daughter just found out she's pregnant and my other daughter just bought her first house. And life is just so good in general. We brought along a couple of friends that may or may not have been a good idea. Ha! It's all good.

      Totals for Day:
      7 - carbs {what the heck??}
      67 - protein
      148 - fat
      1572 - calories

      WO - cleaned house and putzed around for hours. I count that as lots of moving at a slow pace. It was sleeting and snowing when we went downtown so we valeted parked instead of walking. Pussies we are.

      Oh - nearly forgot - lost one pound. Yay! Small victories keep me happy. So 198 today.
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        My 20 Percent

        I'm looking at the graphic of Mark walking on a tightrope at the top of the page. Wowza. That guy keeps that million-pack working out as he described in a recent post "A Week with Mark"? He's around my age I think. Holy Hannah dude.

        I have a bit of a roll around my middle.

        3.16.13 Eats
        B - coffee with cream and stevia, my morning love
        L - chicken salad with a few slivered almonds and a few purple grapes
        D - Zucchini bread
        S - Buttered popcorn

        0063 - carbs 0| 16%
        0057 - protein | 14%
        0124 - fat 0000| 69%
        1607 - calories

        I love popcorn. Buttery and popped in coconut oil. I'm not doing the math, but my compliance has been so good! I'm eating popcorn once in a while.

        Hung out in the morning with Daughter #1. Errands in the afternoon.

        Hubs and I watched a couple of movies. The second one lost my interest pretty quickly so I was goofing on my laptop keeping him company.

        Good day!

        Not totally related to my Paleo compliance, but my sleep has been steadily improving for several weeks now. Nothing could make me happier. I FUCKING LOVE waking up and realizing I've slept seven or more hours. LOVE!
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          St. Patrick's Day

          I am happy to be piling more good days up than bad days. Even though the scale is not moving much, I am feeling great. Clothes don't fit, but I feel great.

          3.17.13 Eats
          B - coffee with HWC, eggs, bacon, sprouted wheat toast, a Sunday indulgence.
          L - zuke bread I made with coconut flour and lots of eggs. I think I hit on the perfect combo. Delicious.
          D - we went out. I had corned beef and cabbage. Nummy!

          0053 - carbs 0| 15%
          0086 - protein | 27%
          0186 - fat 0000| 66%
          1452 - calories
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            Oh Oh

            Bam. That's how fast it can happen. Bam.

            Sailing along today. Suddenly I'm eating a smallish bag of gluten free crackers. Dipping them in cream cheese.

            Was it the teaspoon of granulated sugar I put in my ice tea yesterday? The quarter cup of mashed potatoes? What??


            Not that this was that terrible. I did stop myself before too much damage was done, but crap - you know?

            I'm done for the day. I will make it through the later part of this evening with no more. Yes.

            3.18.13 Eats
            B - coffee w/stevia and HWC
            L - a couple of pieces of my zuke bread with butter
            S - bag of gluten-free crackers and a partial brick of cream cheese.
            Snack - hard salami and havarti

            0102 - carbs 0| 22%
            0036 - protein | 13%
            0106 - fat 0000| 66%
            1918 - calories

            Funny, when I see the percentages I can see I flipped my carbs with protein. Bah!
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              I should be laughing.

              I told hubs to say goodbye to my backside as it will be history soon. He replied, "I'll miss all that real estate."

              His real estate is in the front. Get in that belly and all that.

              Yeah, I think I am laughing!

              ETA - I just noticed I'm a member. Not a Junior Member. A Member. My blabathon has benefits.
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                So Many Good, a Couple Bad

                I will not be derailed for days. Nope. I am not.

                3.19.13 Eats
                B - coffee w/stevia and HWC
                L - hard salami w/harvarti
                S - pork rinds w/sour cream
                D - Hershey bar and bowl of cereal

                0101 - carbs 0| 22%
                0096 - protein | 21%
                0123 - fat 0000| 60%
                1838 - calories

                Nuff said.

                Sidenote: Mild depression for the past two days. I say mild, but it feels a bit harsher. Could be the weather. Could be me. Could be that I need a job. I am working on it and have an interview tomorrow with a company I've been doing contract work for. Get your game on girl.
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                  3.20.13 Eats
                  B - coffee w/stevia and HWC, protein smoothie
                  L - crispbread (Ikea) w/melted cheese and salsa
                  D - burger patty w/egg, cole slaw

                  0066 - carbs 0| 20%
                  0094 - protein | 29%
                  0079 - fat 0000| 55%
                  1838 - calories
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                    What's the Plan Ma'am

                    3.21.13 Eats
                    B - coffee w/stevia and HWC
                    L - sprouted wheat peanut butter and egg sandwich
                    D - buffalo chicken wings and celery w/blue cheese
                    A - 2 Maker's Mark with club soda

                    0035 - carbs 0| 13%
                    0096 - protein | 23%
                    0064 - fat 0000| 64%
                    1101 - calories

                    What is my definition of Primal anyway?? I'm guessing it's not ass-food from the bar, bourbon, and a sandwich made with sprouted wheat and peanut butter.

                    I do like peanut butter. I need to reread why it's bad for me. I have a memory of mold and horns growing out of my head if I eat it. I may be overstating.

                    I will never be 100 percent compliant. That bugs me a bit because I am rather linear in most things. A better way to put that could be ridged. Ha! So bad.

                    So why do I keep trying this? Because I do feel better when I'm not eating shit. That's the fact.

                    I'm trying to follow the "Eat More Fat!" thread and even commented a time or two, but all those tracking methods, and rules, and macro following, and wtf really makes my head spin. It's a great group over there and I'm watching their progress, but I can't count and calculate my way through my day.

                    I need a plan, but I do want some flexibility to roll with what the day brings me. Like buffalo wings and bourbon at a bar with my friend. Hey, I could have eaten a plate of french fries with one of those huge club sandwiches I kept seeing fly by me.

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                      3.22.13 Eats
                      B - coffee w/stevia and HWC
                      L - 1/2 Chipotle/ chicken, veggie's, salsa, sour cream, guac
                      S - 7 twizzlers at the movies
                      D - some ass food at the bar / no alcohol

                      0143 - carbs 0| 39%
                      0054 - protein | 15%
                      0071 - fat 0000| 44%
                      1456 - calories

                      I kinda suck. Bad choices at dinner.

                      Shake it off.

                      Is this about me or me trying to be/look perfect? Shit


                      Now the photo of Mark on the top bar is him sitting cross-legged in a big round chair. Silliest shot I've ever seen!
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                        3.23.13 Eats
                        B - coffee w/stevia and HWC, breakfast out: eggs, sausage, peppers, onions, hollandaise, tiny amount of hash browns
                        D - homemade swedish meatballs

                        0058 - carbs 0| 16%
                        0054 - protein | 15%
                        0070 - fat 0000| 70%
                        1485 - calories

                        Blech -

                        I'm normally a daily pooper (apologies!), but have now not pooped for three days. Yikes and ick. Feel ick too.

                        Seemed like a bitchy thing to do, but I skipped yet another family outing to a pizza place and made swedish meatballs. They were delicious! I feel good about skipping pizza. Yay to me.

                        Had some family over later in the evening. I am loud and annoying. Pushing CoQ10 on my poor couldn't-care-less SIL. She's on statin drugs, but I am the worst debater ever. I know from all of my research that statins are horrible (my poor DH is on them as well - arg), but, of course, couldn't' remember all of my facts when needed. Aaaaah! You'd think I was on statin drugs!

                        I am annoying though. Save yourself girl. Don't preach to others. I'm lucky (?) I don't have cholesterol issues. Is it because I do have at leave 60 percent compliance? I don't know.
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                          I don't think Burger King is primal.

                          F**king S**t

                          Had a long talk this afternoon with a friend of mine that suffers with depression as I do. Laughed about it a bit and that felt good!

                          Tomorrow - I'm lucky there is tomorrow.
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