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    I've been researching and finding information about Paleo/Primal for a few months now, and just finished the Primal Blueprint. On my drive to work today, I realized there's no better time than today to begin and commit to a 30-day challenge of my own! I'd like to try cutting out all gluten and added sugars in the form of processed foods for 30 days. I've been trying this for the past few months but haven't been able to fully commit- I'm wondering/hoping that having a journal on MDA will help me in this challenge!

    Here goes nothing- I'll be checking in every day for the next 30 days! I don't have a ton of weight to lose (maybe 10 pounds?) but am more interested in how different my body FEELS after getting rid of the junk!

    Thanks for reading, if you are Day 1, here we go!

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    Well, there's been some ups and some downs today. The day started off great with a smoothie (almond milk, banana, strawberries, and whey protein powder) but I felt some hunger pains starting mid-morning. I am a teacher, so work at a school where there are constant treats around! I think my most challenging time of day is mid-morning, when I have a break and always want to (out of habit?) snack. One of my students had brought in cookies today and I ended up eating 1

    However, after school I had a great workout, an apple for a snack, and now am getting ready to go get some sashimi for dinner!

    Next up: Try eating a breakfast of bacon and eggs to see if that quells the mid-morning snack attack feelings. Also, try not snacking in between meals.


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      I find that a coffee totally stops mid-morning muchies for me. Black coffee, so no caloric imput at all, but I'm truly satisfied and can cruise for another couple of hours on that alone. Do you drink anything at your mid-morning break?

      Even on my days off, I usually have a coffee about 10:30, just for the appetite satiating effect. Plus I enjoy coffee...

      Good luck with the challenge!


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        Thanks, marthat! That's a good suggestion...I usually don't drink anything during my break. I'm not a huge coffee drinker and try not to consume too much caffeine/if any during the day, but I have heard that coffee is an appetite suppressor, so maybe I'll experiment.

        Checking in- yesterday was a good day. Breakfast with friends...egg whites with feta, spinach, tomatoes, and onions, alongside some good potatoes and fruit. Apple for a snack. Pulled pork for dinner with brussel sprouts and a tomato/cucumber salad. I felt cravings for something sweet after dinner for sure, but was at a concert and managed to forget about them before bed

        Today I'm going to my best friend's wedding shower, so there will be temptations for sure! I'm going to eat lunch there but already had a lighter breakfast and am really going to try my best to avoid baked goods/desserts. Wish me luck!

        PS- Weighed myself yesterday, which I am only going to do once/week. I'm down 2 pounds! Very likely its all water weight, but I'll take it!


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          I don't think the caffeine has anything to do with the appetite effects of the coffee for me. My coffee is organic, half Swiss water decaf beans, roasted to a French roast (very dark roasting further reduces the caffeine content). My friend makes it special for me - it's her business. So minimal caffeine and no chemical bad stuff. I find if I drink more than one cup of commercial coffee, it starts to bother both my stomach and my bladder.


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            Update- red velvet cupcakes, truffles, candy, cookies--all at the shower! I didn't eat one! Whew.


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              Yesterday was tough- I am sick, and just craving carbs! Let's just say I didn't exactly make the best choices. However, today I'm at a teacher training and don't have snacks near me/around me...and have realized I am not that hungry. I can probably easily make it to lunch without snacking every day! I think I'm snacking out of habit. I also want to know and be sure that it's GOOD to feel hungry for lunch...I can wait for that feeling instead of trying to avoid it (which is sometimes hard, b/c as a teacher I have only small windows in which to eat...I don't/can't eat in front of the kids!)


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                Today's challenge: no snacking between meals. Will let you know how it goes, I'd like to make that a pattern.

                I'm so tired, guys. We had Open House last night and I didn't get home until close to 9...I've been sick this week, so my body is just craving rest. Gotta make it through the end of this week until spring break...sipping on hot tea right now!


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                  I've been battling allergies/a cold this week (not sure which one it is!) and its that certain time of the month (TMI? Sorry guys!) so I feel like my food cravings have been out of control! I still haven't been able to fully get rid of the processed foods...I am sticking within my calorie range (tracking on MyPlate) but I really want to get to a place where I'm fully eating primally and fueling myself with delicious, healthy, whole foods. I'm not sure why this processed food/packaged food thing has been so hard for me to kick, but I do know that when I'm at home and even when I'm out with friends on the weekend, I do a much better job. I can control what I buy to keep in the apartment, and do a good job of eating and shopping healthfully. However, my work week has been what I've been struggling with- if there is food in the teacher's lounge or around in the classroom that is there, I have a hard time saying no.

                  Baby steps- I have to tell myself to take things one piece at a time. I have cut all candy out, which is a good thing, as I'm realizing more and more that sugar= bad for your body!

                  Looking forward to a week of spring break next week. I'd welcome any advice for how people made the transition from SAD to primal living!


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                    Better day yesterday- had meetings in the morning which meant no snacking! Proves that I can do it without being starving by lunch. I'm feeling balanced with eating and working out lately, which feels good. I'm spending the weekend in Wisconsin with family, so won't have much control over what food there is to eat- they are all really big on sweets, baked goods, etc. but I'll do the best I can.

                    Spring break next week- I'm excited! Looking forward to a chance to make good breakfasts for myself, rest, and relax. And get some wedding stuff done June 29th is not that far away!