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  • HANDS OFF MY BACON: batty's primal journal

    allright my peeps, i have decided to join the legions of journalers here on my beloved MDA. why not start on a friday? i've been following a [mostly] primal lifestyle now for about 2 months. mostly, i'd love to get feedback and support here.

    maybe at some point i'll go more at length on where i've come from. i do have a post on my abs in the success stories section if you'd like a bit of information

    this morning i ended yesterday's 18 hr IF. i IF on thursdays because i know i'm guaranteed to be out of the house and active [bowling league. heh heh]. i've been doing this IF for about 3 weeks now, and this is the first week where i wasn't really bothered by the IF. in fact, i wasn't even hungry at all. progress!

    the food thus far:

    B: 3 egg omelette covered in 1/2 avocado, 3 pieces uncured bacon


    wad of shrimp
    the other 1/2 of avocado
    2 hard boiled eggs
    everything covered in mayo with a bit of wasabi and olive oil mixed in.

    and...i do eat approx. 1 serving of green & black 85% chocolate every day. this has actually helped me *not* binge, because i have a treat to look forward to every day, instead of depriving myself and then caving on the weekend, like what usually happens, and eating 2-3x the amount of bad stuff. it's also been good for the disposition, that's for sure so far, this has not hindered any progress for me. if i stall, i'll reassess this. but for now it stays.

    i dont really track my food much anymore, because of my OCD nature i have a tendency to get all focused on the macros and numbers and makes everything not fun. however, i did track what i've eaten today thus far:
    its the top entry.

    dinner...this is going to be the challenge. the fam is headed to a charity a bowling alley. no time to prep anything at home, so we'll see what happens. if i have to wait till i get home to eat, so be it.

    sense a pattern here? bowling last night. bowling tonight. and then my son, who is 4, has his own league tomorrow morning. no, i usually do not have this much bowling in my life

    i am also one of those endurance athletes, in the form of long distance cycling. although, its spring in ohio, so the weather has been less than stellar, so this activity has been limited. i did do 50 miles on sunday.

    my other activities include any of the following, not on a set pattern, throughout the week:

    - lifting. squats 5x5 @190 as of now, a chinup challenge program, and then the 100 pushup program
    - a few of the tabata sets i've come up with
    - going the heck outside to do stuff! last weekend i hauled 400 lbs of dirt all by myself. the boyfriend is going to make me assist in roof repair as soon as it warms up, too. hua hua hua.

    that's pretty much it for now. i want to get some body stats and track those as well, but i'll have to do that when i get home!
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    HANDS OFF MY BACON :: my primal journal

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    Love the title of your journal!
    "One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well." -- Virginia Woolf


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      Wow, your lunch looks awesome there!


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        I agree with MmmFat, you have the second greatest journal title so far.

        OCD is a good reason not to track nutrients. I'm just too lazy, it takes the fun out of it, you're right. (I did do it like twice, and once I convinced myself that I wasn't consuming 10,000kcal a day I was fine.)


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          Wow you lunch looks good, especially the eggs. It sucks I am allergic to them. Can't wait to read more of your journal. I am trying to get over my OCD and not track everything. Keep up the great work!
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            haha. thanks guys. bacon = life! i really do enjoy food and try to do a lot of creative things with it. can't say its all original, but its *so* easy to get into a rut. gotta keep things interesting.

            so! last night at bowling - we ended up going to another place because the fundraiser was PACKED. grabbed a lane and went to look at the snack bar menu, because we were really hungry. i admit i grabbed a handful of walnuts, a small amount of raisins, and a bit of dark chocolate to stave off the hunger in case there was nothing i could eat there. HOWEVER! as i was scanning the menu, a beam of light emanated from the heavens, angels sang, and my salvation illuminated itself straight into my eyepans. for lo, right there in between the fried carbs and the breaded deep fried nastiness, it said:


            at a bowling alley! i could not believe it. so we got a double order, and i also ordered a double hamburger, no bun, which was more than likely mostly soy, but hey, it was something. so that was good.

            today was a whirlwind - spent all day doing a lot of spring cleaning. i had the intention of lifting today, but i have postponed that until tomorrow.

            B: i IFed it this morning. wasn't feeling too hungry.
            L: walnut/almond/flax meal pancakes, i think i had about 3 of them, 2 egg omelette with sun dried tomatoes, oregano, and a bit of cheddar, and a chorizo sausage that was the absolute bomb. this all was eaten about 2pm.

            i did have a bit of dark chocolate, but not my usual full serving. didn't feel like it today!

            and here it is, almost 10:30 pm and we got some MEATZA cooling off in the oven as i type this. oh, nom. toppings include some leftover zucchini that we had, onion, and more sundried tomato, oh and feta and mozzarella. this is honestly more dairy than i usually consume. i'll go for days without consuming any. we will also have a SAS [that would be Small Ass Salad] as i have not had one in days, as we havent had a lot of time to hit the grocery store and supplies are limited.

            OH! also! i am kind of obsessed with pushups. i think mostly because my upper body has been pretty weaksauce my entire life and i'm intent on fixing that. so, i'll just be going about my regular business and the urge to do some kind of pushup will arise, and i'll bust out some. pikes, regular, decline, tricep...i actually managed to do a couple handstand pushups a couple of weeks ago against the wall. tangent! anyway, felt the urge this afternoon while cleaning, and so i hit the floor. i did 50. 50!! that's my new personal best.
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            HANDS OFF MY BACON :: my primal journal


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              part 1

              eh, crap, i didn't know there was an image limit. so i'm posting this in installments:

              good morning. the rest of the house is asleep, and i am enjoying my morning coffee, so i thought i'd share some pictures.

              this was taken in, oh, 2002. this is what i thought my body's equilibrium was - i didn't think i could get any smaller. i am a size 14 here and about 175 [for the record, i'm 5'6"]. my diet consisted of beef jerky, string cheese, salt and vinegar potato chips, at least a liter of mountain dew a day, and little debbies.

              then that marriage/kids thing happened, and i spent a year or so looking like this after my son was born:

              taken in 2006, i'm about 200 lbs and a size 16. still eating like crap....even through breastfeeding. i'm surprised my kid didn't come out looking like jabba the hutt.

              i had kind of a bad marriage, and tried to find something positive to do. i was feeling kinda down about my appearance, so i set out to lose some weight. i did it in all the wrong ways, of course. i started out doing a lot of pilates, then rekindled my love of long distance cycling. my diet still sucked. for a few months there i think i ate nothing but peanuts, protein bars, and blue monsters. lunch was always spinach and tomato. being an ex club kid, i also drank a lot.

              i did manage to lose over 50 lbs. this was the smallest i ever got - 142 lbs in 2007. i barely ate, and when i did it was mostly carbs, although i did start to cut out a lot of the prepackaged foods at this point.

              then something in my body just snapped - don't know what it was, really, and i jumped back up to about 150-155 - wouldn't go any higher, but then it wouldn't get any lower, either. the summer of 2008 was full of really, really long rides and me so afraid of gaining weight that i wouldn't eat much. gee, wonder why my progress stalled. i'd eat as little as possible and when my body had enough, i'd binge, sometimes downing an entire bag of chocolate chips in a sitting. and i was still flabby.

              at the end of 2008, i discovered P90X and livestrong. i started tracking my food intake, and i think i tried just about every 'diet' on the planet. almost always low fat and low calorie, though. and still with the excessive cardio. i do read a lot of blogs, and with my obsessive nature, i kept finding blog after blog, and learned more. i realized i needed to have a more natural approach to my diet. i did increase my protein intake, eliminated even more processed foods, and pretty much made everything from scratch, even for my kid.

              this became my new 'equilibrium'. floating between 150-165 and while incredibly athletic at this point....still had the flab clinging on and it would not go away. although i have to say my gun show looked pretty badass

              after last year's biking season ended, my weight creeped back up and i couldn't get under 160. that's when i discovered the new rules of lifting and started incorporating strength training into my life. after the carb and sugar binge fest of last christmas, i got really, really tired of feeling and looking like poo. i kept discovering more blogs that helped me develop an even more 'natural' lifestyle. i got back into tracking my food intake, and did the high protein approach...but low fat. i have to say i did make some progress there, but not a lot. then, mark's blog came up as a suggested blog on my reader. obviously my brain was still dripping with CW, so initially i was incredibly skeptical. then i kept finding more blogs and it really started to make sense to me. so i took it on.

              HANDS OFF MY BACON :: my primal journal


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                omg, this is such a horrendous picture. this was taken in mid march, the last good body shot that i have. i'll have to take another one at some point. really, right now, my focus is on my abs as its the place with the least fat right now as it stands, all my fat stores are in the butt and thighs. i no longer track my food intake and good lord is that a load off my mind. right now i'm at 150 lbs and 16%BF. i'd really like to see if i can get under 150 again, but honestly, if i can achieve the level of definition i want and gain, like, another 10 lbs or so to attain that, i am perfectly ok with that.

                and i'll leave the current state of my abs. here, too.

                so, thats where i am today. i do enjoy eating primal. i really have no desire to eat grains - actually the thought of them now kinda makes me want to puke.

                happy sunday, y'all.

                HANDS OFF MY BACON :: my primal journal


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                  You are SMOKIN', batty. Those latest photos are not horrendous, lol! I also love the hair colours over the years - I had a compulsion to change up my hair colour every few months until I became a student (and subsequently too broke to dye lol).

                  Also, I have to finally try a meatza. Those look so darn good.


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                    oh hai! my real name is amanda, too and thank you - that last pic i took at something stupid like 4am, so i am not really looking my best. i do miss dying my hair different colors - what doesn't miss it is my bathroom! it's still pink from my vampire red phase a few months ago.

                    i really, really recommend the meatza. we do it every weekend as a replacement for CW pizza. its just like a big ole hamburger with veggies on it!

                    HANDS OFF MY BACON :: my primal journal


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                      Ooooh, weekly Meatza parties!!

                      Now THAT sounds like fun!.


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                        par-TAY! meatza par-TAY! *shake-a shake*

                        ok, i got some time here while the charcoal is heating up so i'm gonna recount my day.

                        B: 1 slice of leftover meatza. LIKE THERE SHOULD BE LEFTOVERS, AMIRITE?

                        now...this is where things get crappy. we've been spring cleaning all weekend, so there wasn't a lot of food in the house, just odds and ends. i managed to make a smoothie with coconut milk, a scoop of vanilla whey protein, some cocoa powder, and a handful of frozen mixed berries.

                        and this is why i dont do well with drinking my nutrition.

                        heh ok, this is SO WRONG and i cannot believe i'm going to admit this here, but i'm going to be truthful.

                        i THINK these are mostly midwest/east coast. bakery items called gobs. they look like this:

                        for some reason i had a huge urge for them today. obviously, not gonna happen....OR WAS IT? *dunn dunn dunnnnnnn*

                        this is so bad. i made primal gobs. i know, i know, if you have to add 'primal' as a prefix, it ain't. just....take this with a grain of salt and help me find the humor in this.

                        1.5 c. raw almonds
                        1/2 T honey
                        2 eggs
                        1 t. baking powder
                        1 spoonful of cocoa powder
                        splash of vanilla

                        subject the almonds to the food processor to make a flour like substance. combine with the rest of the ingredients. spoon onto a cookie sheet greased with coconut oil into little mounds, like cookies. bake at 350 until the tops aren't springy. this should make 10 cookies.

                        1/2 c. heavy cream
                        1/2 T. honey
                        a splash of vanilla

                        combine this, whip it [whip it good!] until it turns into a frosting like consistency. take one cooled cookie, put one spoonful of this mixture and dab it on, then top with another cookie. so, you get 5 gobs in all.

                        they were actually pretty flavorful and light...and i ate like 3 of them.

                        IT IS HORRIBLE I KNOW. actually, right now i'm feeling the effects of them, i've been craving just some freaking MEAT and VEGETABLES all day, i am cranky, and i feel all bloaty

                        so, thats what dinner is. got some steak i'm gonna grill, steamed asparagus, and a dandelion and sprout salad.

                        i lifted today. i did 5x5 squats at 200 FREAKING LBS. yet another record! i am proud of myself. because our squat rack and our chin up bar are in the same contraption and i wasn't feeling like disassembling the barbell, i did 5x5 rows @30 lbs. kinda slacked on the 100 pushup program, instead i did 2 sets of 35-ish pushups.

                        on a personal note, i am dreading going into work tomorrow, because work is my poisonous thing that i am trying to change. it's really taken its toll on me over the past few months. i am trying to take steps to GTFO, but it's been an exercise in patience. i kinda broke down today because of it :/

                        not that i wanted to end this on a i will say that i turn 37 in 2 days! i feel, like, 12. i dont have a problem with this

                        HANDS OFF MY BACON :: my primal journal


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                          200 LBS! *passes out from sheer imagination of the action*
                          I think I'd split in two :]

                          Man, I saw your blog and you have gorgeous abs!!!
                          "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
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                            meaty [uh, hope i can call you that!], i almost did! and thank you! trying to work on that pesky lower.

                            ok, now that i've actually eaten dinner, we had:

                            grilled steak. can't remember what cut.
                            a wad of steamed asparagus
                            spring mix with dandelion greens, 2 chopped strawberries, a bit of walnuts, and balsamic vinegar. now that strawberries are in season, i am obsessed with this kind of salad.

                            i felt SO MUCH BETTER after eating this. my mood improved, and seriously, i felt my abs tighten up again. i noticed this used to happen to me when i was a carb based life form as well - i'd eat some protein, and my abs would tighten up. if i downed some carb-intensive food like rice, potato, or bread, i literally could feel the fat on my stomach start to jiggle a little more. i don't know, it's weird.

                            HANDS OFF MY BACON :: my primal journal


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                              Everyone else seems to call me that >:]

                              Yeah, the mind plays tricks on you. Same way as I can feel thin until I stand on the scale then 5 minutes later I suddenly feel like I've gained 80 pounds... Mirrors lie.
                              "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
                              -Raymond Peat, PhD