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    Originally posted by Patti View Post
    And is it maybe a little over the top that I really want to take my scale with me? I love taking my weight every Monday and will have month anniversary while gone. Weight obsessed nut or not? Weigh in with your thoughts!
    Wise cavemates! There was probably no good answer to those questions. I did leave the scale at home and packed the tape measure.

    My college age niece gave me lots of kettlebell tips and we had fun playing with it in the yard. Each day my husband and I are getting out and walking the neighborhood which balances out the time spent sitting quietly with Mom. Today I cooked for the family and made a great roast beef, sweet potato, roasted onions, and green bean dinner. All of the leftovers fit in a small dish. TG made the gravy and my younger niece jumped in to make a pot of mashed potatoes. It was so nice to cook and eat together as a family. I wish we all lived nearer to each other.

    Tomorrow I'll go shopping at one of the nicer stores in the area that carries gourmet foods, Fresh Markets. One of my sisters runs the bakery department and my nephew who works on the floor said that he'd scoped out some good Primal foods he thought I'd like. We'll see what type of trouble I can get in!


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      Week 4

      Age: 51
      Primal/Paleo start date - March 25, 2013

      SW: 224 BMI 37.3
      CW: 214 (-10 lbs) BMI 35.6, didn't weigh this week due to no scale
      GW: 125 BMI 20.8

      Neck 16.25" (-.5")
      Bust 47.25" (-1.0")
      Bicep 14.5" no change
      Waist 42" (-3.0")
      Stomach 46.5" (-3.5")
      Hips 47.25" (-1.0")
      Thigh 27" (-1.0")
      Calf 1.75" new measurement

      Regardless of weight, the inches are still disappearing. Only one friend has commented that she saw a change in my face. Silly, but I can't wait for things to get to the point that someone else notices that my shape is changing. Jeans that fit just right a week and a half ago are now a little loose.

      Last Tuesday's scoop of white rice resulted in a 4# weight gain overnight, severe IBS, joint inflammation and some puffiness in my face. Finally, today, I feel back to normal. I just can't get excited about trying possibly inflammatory foods right now. We'll be eating out enough this week that something less than desirable may slip in there and that will become my unintentional experiment.

      Today's exercise plan: walking for 1/2 hour, weeding in garden for 1 hour, kettlebells for 10 minutes
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        Week 5

        Age: 51
        Primal/Paleo start date - March 25, 2013

        SW: 224 BMI 37.3
        CW: 213 (-11 lbs) BMI 35.4
        GW: 124 BMI 20.6

        Neck 16.25" (-.5")
        Bust 48" (-.25") heading in the wrong direction!
        Bicep 14.25" (-.25")
        Waist 43" (-2.0")
        Stomach 46" (-4.0")
        Hips 47" (-1.25")
        Thigh 27" (-1.0")
        Calf 1.75" n0 loss

        Just coming back from a wonderful vacation and seeing some changes. While I ate delicious primal food on most of the trip, it isn't the same as eating at home and having more control. Weight loss for the last two weeks was one pound, which is still a downward trend. The measurements are a little odd though. I've regained some of the inches in the bust and a little at the waist. The belly, hips and biceps all showed a loss.

        For the first half of the trip we were visiting family. They were far more supportive than I'd expected and my mother, who is in very bad health, is planning on starting PB when she returns at the end of May from a one month trip to stay with one of my siblings. We talked about making wiser food choices in the meantime. One of my nephews works in a Fresh Market store. When I shopped there he walked around with me for a little bit showing me which items they had that he thought would work for PB. I wound up with some avocados, fruits, pistachios, almond butter, refined organic coconut oil, and lots of luscious dark chocolate.

        All but one meal was healthy PB. That meal did me in. All vegetables on the table had a sauce on them, either cheesey or buttery, but there must have been other ingredients. My dessert was a small bowl of gluten-free coconut choc. chip ice cream from Ben & Jerry's that my niece brought home for me from her job there. I'd planned to have just a couple of bites and wound up eating the whole dish. Guess who still has no control when it comes to really good ice cream? I've been able to cheerfully pass up so many other foods that were previously tempting, but this one got to me. Who knows what the weight gain/water retention from that day may have been, but the proof that all was not well was literally in my hands. Within an hour of finishing dinner the knuckles on my hands were red, swollen and painful again - for the first time in over a month. It took three days for the inflammation to go away.

        Then it was on to lovely Chincoteague, Virginia for some time alone with TG. Fresh seafood was abundant. Rockfish, scallops, shrimp and crabs, with melted butter for dipping, all made it onto my plate. Veggies were generally limited to a BAS in the evening and some vegetable beef soup. Snacks were mandarins & pumpkin seeds. Breakfast offered at the motel was a carboholics dream of cereals, juices, and many types of pastry. I had the coffee and made my own breakfast of hard boiled eggs and what I've taken to calling PC (Primal Concoction). Really, it was dessert for breakfast. A tbsp. of dark choc chips and tbsp butter melted together, then a tbsp cream stirred in. Toss in a handful of walnuts, shredded coconut and a diced banana or avocado. Stir and enjoy!

        One of the best things about this trip is all of the walking we did, 20-60 minutes a day in Mom's neighborhood and longer walks at Chincoteague. We did 3.2 miles one day and 6 miles the next. The best part was I felt fabulous and ready to go for more at the end of each. This is huge for me! In the past I'd have to take a nap after a 2 mile walk. Now to keep it up at home.


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          Chicken Soup

          Yesterday I turned a rotisserie chicken carcass into a very tasty chicken stock. What stock I didn't drink for a mid-afternoon snack was transformed into an easy and delicious soup.

          Chicken Potato Soup

          2 qts. chicken stock, homemade
          1 cup diced cooked chicken
          1 large potato, peeled and diced
          1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved
          1 large celery stalk, chopped
          Seasonings to taste: savory, rosemary, pepper, sea salt
          Add all ingredients except seasonings to kettle. Bring to a boil. Reduce to simmer and cook for 45 minutes. Add seasonings and simmer for an additional 15 minutes.


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            Things have been rolling along beautifully here the past couple of days, but now I'm getting ready for a stressful period. Knitting camp! "Yes," you say, "what could be more stressful than teaching knitting?" Well, ok, the knitting reduces blood pressure, I love to share techniques and ideas so that's all to the good. I even teach a session in knitting while walking, which makes for some fun times.

            It's the food and inactivity that get to me. My expectations for the meals we are served at the environmental ed center are moderate. Two of the meals planned have fine primal choices, for the other four I'll pack my own. The big problem is the snack table. It will be piled high with whatever everyone chooses to contribute. Often there are homemade cookies, bags of candies, chips of many varieties and more candy. The official evening snacks served are wine, cheese, and a veggie tray. I'll probably stray a little and have some cheese. It could be that looking at the pile of "goodies" will just turn me off and this won't even be an issue. But I'm just a little worried that I'll absentmindedly nosh on something crappy. It's kind of difficult to be "on point" all of the time. Hmmm... is that what it's like in the real world??? Yikes... I chose to live such a sheltered life.

            In the meantime I'll be packing a couple of Lindt 85% bars, a jar of good nuts, hard boiled eggs, rare roast beef, bone broth to reheat, and a stick of real butter. Some of the butter may make it into my coffee to drink during the dawn chorus! Wish me luck as I sally forth with my pointy sticks.


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              Well, that was a bit of worry over nothing. While there were plenty of sugary and junk food snacks on hand I was never even tempted. How cool is that? Had a few slices of roast beef, lots of raw veggies, a couple of dark chocolate squares, an apple, and a small handful of nuts as snacks and I was a happy camper. It was wonderful to be able to work from 7am to midnight and still feel energized. I have run a bit of a sleep deficit in the last couple of days and thanks to a lovely afternoon nap I'm already catching up.

              As part of my new primal lifestyle, I'm going to be more active in a group of friends that go on something called "leaderless walks" in the spring and summer. Once a week they meet and search for interesting plants and animals to observe. Everyone is looking for whatever we can see (birds, insects, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, wildflowers, etc.), a nature walk in the finest sense. The goal is strictly to observe, learn, identify, and take pictures rather than gathering. Sometimes it does feel like hunting as we try to track down certain animals. We're usually out for 3 to 5 hours. My schedule doesn't always permit me to participate, but this year I'm not going to let laziness keep me from going. Tomorrow morning I'll get up up at the crack of dawn, join my husband to listen to the dawn chorus of birds, then head out to explore.


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                Week 6

                Female, Age 51
                Primal/Paleo start date - March 25, 2013
                Measurements on Monday am 05/06/13

                SW: 224 BMI 37.3
                CW: 214 (-10 lbs) BMI 35.6
                GW: 124 BMI 20.6

                Neck 16.25" (-.5")
                Bust 47.50" (-.75")
                Bicep 14.25" (-.25")
                Waist 41.50" (-3.50")
                Stomach 46" (-4.0")
                Hips 47" (-1.25")
                Thigh 27" (-1.0")
                Calf 1.75" no loss

                The glacial pace of loss is starting to be a bit discouraging, which is absolutely silly because this is for a lifetime and I know that it will take a long time to become fit. It took years to gain this much and may take years to lose. The only time I was ever fit was in my junior and senior years of college when I ate mostly seafood, fruits, vegetables and rice. During that time I was also biking a few miles daily and lifting at least three times a week. All of that came to a screeching halt when I joined the workforce and my lifestyle drastically changed.

                Now that I'm regaining my health a weird thing is happening. I wake up and feel so energetic and terrific - then I look in the mirror and see the still fat me. I feel as if I'm trapped in an artificial fat suit and can't find the zipper. How bizarre is that? For the most part I'm eating well, walking daily, looking better, and loving life so it's all fine. One day I'll look in vain for the fat suit.

                A couple of days ago I did have a dietary lesson. On the way home from a very long and hot walk on Monday I did a very "non-primal" thing by purchasing a pint of Haggen Daz dark chocolate ice cream. I thought I'd race home (live 30 minutes from town) and have enough servings for a few weeks. That poor pint never made it out of the parking lot. My well equipped car kit yielded a spoon and I was just going to have a couple of bites, or maybe the equivalent of a scoop, or hell, just eat it all because it'll just melt on the way home. Frankly, I was a little shocked at myself, and initially ashamed, although I got over that pretty fast. It's been so much easier than I thought it would be to resist pasta, bread, cake, junk food, chips, crappy frozen desserts, cookies, pizza, etc. Turns out (since this is my second ice cream inhalation experience) that the rich frozen deliciousness of good ice cream is my weakness. Other than having eaten an extra 800 calories, gotten an ice cream headache, and more mucus than usual, I didn't have any other immediate negative effects. Still, it wasn't very bright. That evening I just moved on and just ate a small salad w/grilled chicken for dinner.


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                  What a lovely day!

                  This morning it was very misty out and the morning chorus of birds was like a symphony. My friend, Jane, and I did our usual .7 mile weekday loop walk. It is a little bit of a challenge because the lane descends steeply into valley, gently rises, and flattens out when approaching my house. For now it is enough of a challenge just to get out there 5 days a week. Add to this a long walk on the weekends and a bike ride and I'm sure I hit 10 miles for the week.

                  Today I noticed the complete absence of abdominal pain. No more GERD, IBS or the mysterious pain near my liver every day. Wish I'd known it was gluten causing the pain, as I could have skipped many costly procedures over the years.


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                    What a lovely walk.

                    And what great results from going gluten free. WEll done, Patti.
                    Annie Ups the Ante


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                      Thanks Annie! What are your favorite walks like?

                      I suppose that I'm attributing my new-found super energy, stamina and health to being gluten free when there is probably more to the story such as an elimination of PUFAs. Either way it feels great.

                      Do you find that you carry yourself differently now? I know that I do. I'm standing up straighter, constantly alert, walking with purpose and feel ready to break out in a sprint if needed. Of course, my sprint still resembles a pachyderm lumbering through, but it's the spirit that moves me.


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                        Forget to note that at a doctor's visit last week my bp was 108/68, the best in awhile!


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                          Meals here continue to be delicious. TG thinks that Iíve become a more adventurous cook and loves all of the new recipes Iíve been trying. Today I tossed together Chicken Kale Tomato soup, in other words, whatever leftovers were in the fridge that played nicely together. Dinner was an eye-of-round roast beef, sweet potatoes, buttered cauliflower, and a small serving of pineapple/mango fruit salad.

                          I suspect that tomorrow Iíll find out that Iím not hitting my weight loss goals. If I still havenít lost anything, the most likely suspects are eating too much fruit (3-5 servings a day), perhaps too much heavy cream (pint a week), a teaspoon of raw honey in two cups of decaf coffee a day, trying something new each week (a bit of rice, ice cream, ff yogurt, etc.), or the ounce of nuts a day. If this is the case, my plan this week is to cut fruit back to two servings a day, coffee with cream and honey once a day, nuts three times for the week, and no new items. Weíll see what the morning brings.

                          On the bright side, I feel fabulous, have lots of energy, havenít been ill with a cold/flu/virus since starting Primal even though Iíve been exposed to various illnesses, am walking daily, eating plenty of meat and veggies, blood pressure is a little lower than it had been, still staying within the monthly grocery budget, and hubby is 100% supportive of my primal lifestyle while remaining happy with his more CW/whole grain lifestyle. Also, Iím not sure if itís my imagination, but I think that my rosacea is clearing up. I havenít broken out in about 5 weeks and havenít felt that awful flushing sensation in a few weeks.

                          And hereís an odd one - my wrists seem to be getting stronger even though Iím not doing any exercise to specifically target them. Until recently I used to need both hands to carry the cast iron skillet when it is full of food. Yesterday I found myself handling one in each hand and didnít realize the change until I put them down.


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                            Week 7

                            Female, 51, 5í5Ē
                            Primal/Paleo start date - March 25, 2013
                            Measurements on Monday am May 13, 2013

                            SW: 224 BMI 37.3
                            CW: 214 (-10 lbs) BMI 35.6
                            GW: 124 BMI 20.6

                            Measurement Current/Start/Loss

                            Bust 48.25"/ 47.50" (-.75")
                            Waist 40.50"/45" (-4.50")
                            Stomach 45.75"/50Ē (-4.25")
                            Hips 47"/48.25" (-1.25")
                            Neck 16.0"/16.75 (-.75")
                            Bicep 14.5"/14.5" no loss
                            Thigh 27"/28" (-1.0")
                            Calf 16.75"/16.75" no loss

                            Time for a little shake up!


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                              As my friends and I have gained and lost weight over the years we've shared what no longer fits with each other. It was depressing to realize that I'm the largest in the group and that no one else would fit into the clothing that is now too big for me.
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                                Congratulations on all of your success so far!

                                It is a big bummer to realize that you are bigger than your friends, but it seems like you are so committed and your improved health and energy are such great results.

                                Patti (Erin.Patti)
                                SW: 213 (3/13)
                                CW: 203 (6/11/13)

                                Goal: 185

                                Fat is delicious. You can quote me.