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  • Another Try!

    So, I just completed a Whole30, and lost a significant amount of weight. That was five days ago and since then, I have eaten whatever I want under the assumption that I would start again with a new program on April 1st. Probably not the best idea, I know... I need to detox from gluten, reset my fat burner, and get my fatigue straightened out. But anyway, I am not giving up yet! About 55-60 pounds away from a tentative "weight goal" and many more adventures until I feel at home in my body and able to conquer the challenges set before me.

    I guess we'll see how this goes - I decided not to do another Whole30 because I wanted bacon and a little of bit of dairy. (It doesn't upset my digestion at all) And the Primal lifestyle is completely sustainable! So here begins my transition into long term health!