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  • Primal Journal: Kongluirong

    I have been on the Primal journey since the end of 2009. By now I am comfortable with the eating for the most part. I will occasionally eat rice and beans at my house, and rice, beans, and corn chips at other places. I have cut way down on sugar and tend to stick to one dark chocolate bar a week. What I am working on now is the workout part.
    At the beginning of the year I tried to mix it up so that it was not a set schedule and I would have more than a week to rest between sprints. That did not work. So now I have a set schedule for things:
    Monday Ballet for an hour
    Tuesday Weight
    Wednesday Peninsula Artists in Motion Rehearsal 1.5-2 hours
    Thursday Weight
    Friday Sprint
    Weekend Rest
    I work as a school photographer and substitute teacher so I am always up and about. I do like to go on walks with DH. I have also started doing yoga everyday. As for the exercises I am doing, they are based off of the Primal Blueprint Fitness eBook. So here is where I am at as of today:
    Hand/Feet Planks 51 seconds
    Forearm/Feet Side Planks 34 for the left side, 35 for the right side
    Reverse pullups 3
    Assisted Squats 25
    Incline Pushups 20
    I travel for my photography position, so I will alter things accordingly when I am away from home. Really the only thing I can foresee having trouble with is pullups, unless I bring my pullup bar with me. But it adds to what I have to pack and I like to travel light. So that is it for tonight, I will update tomorrow on my sprinting.

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    Today I was a little sore from the weight training, so I only did 6-50 meterish (I guessed using two signs as my length) at medium to 75%. I have never really been a runner, usually just dancing and martial arts, so I am starting off easy. It is also still cold here in Alaska.
    Owning up to integrity, I have not moved as much as I would like during this winter. This is only my second winter in Alaska and I have struggled with the lack of sunlight and not being able to move outside a lot due to it be -40 out. Obviously I am taking vitamin D supplements for the lack of sunlight, along with a happy light. I think a lot of it has to do with me living in a basement. We are concentrating our money on paying off loans, so we have not allotted a lot to getting of winter gear, not to mention we do not have the room in our apartment for it. We might start snowshoeing and I would not mind cross-country skiing, but that will come when we have more breathing room in our budget.

    I would love to hear what other people in cold places are doing during the winter.


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      Yesterday was ballet. I really was feeling low on energy, but went anyways. I did not practice yoga on Sunday, but I practiced it yesterday and today. Today was also weight. After rereading the ebook again, I realized that I was not quite doing it how Mark suggests it as I was only doing one cycle. But I am not feeling up to my usual energy. I tried making a birthday cake of the gluten free stuff. Yeah. Not doing that again. It affects my energy too much. It is going to be steak with broccoli, both drenched with butter. And a piece of dark chocolate to follow. Mmmmm. Anyways, since I am not feeling my best right now, I decided to do just one cycle for today. I was thinking of trying a second cycle, but I listened to my body which said "Screw that, do not even think of continuing." After all of these years of dancing, I have learned to listen to my body. Here are the numbers:
      Incline Pushups: 35 - I am going to wait two more sessions before I go on. 25 is the step up number, but since I have only done one cycle, I am making sure.
      Reverse Pullups: 3
      Assisted squats: 26
      Hand/Feet Plank: 53 seconds
      Forearm/Feet Side Plank: R-36/L-36 sec
      I think I would improve more noticeably if I did the two cycles. My performance could have also been affected because my husband and I were rearranging our living room/office. Time for food.


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        Today is my weight training day, and I did it at work. As a photographer I have a lot of equipment to move and set up, and there were these to cases of equipment that fit right on top of each other. Two-three weeks ago, I could not lift them together. Today I could(I did it twice, one out of the car, one in)! So putting up and taking down today and tomorrow are my weight training. I also did some impromptu sprinting along a beach today. I was still only at about 75% or so, but it was still below freezing. It felt good and I am proud of what I have accomplished so far. I did the sprinting today because tomorrow will be busy for me, I am really not going to have any time to do any formal exercises. I have a school to photograph and then I have to finish packing for my flight home, where I will have a meeting on my 3 hour layover and then get home in time for bed.

        I think in the past I would have stopped right here. But I will continue with what I have set up and adapt as needed. I do not feel bad about not doing a formal workout today because I am heavy lifting tomorrow as well. I may go sprinting on Saturday a little more if the weather permits and depending on how I feel. But if I do not, that is fine.


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          Yesterday I ended up moving furniture to make room for the photo equipment. I concentrated on being conscious in the movement and using proper form so I did not hurt myself. I was a little sore today, but in a good way. I think that this has been a really good start to getting into the shape that I want to be.

          I am also going to tweak some of my food, mainly dairy. I usually do not drink milk as it gives me sinus infections, but am usually fine with other dairy. I think I want to try an actual elimination diet to see what is effecting me and how. I know my mom has some issues with dairy, I want to see if I do too. I have been slacking on the sugar aspect and using a little too much honey in some of my treats (almond butter, cinnamon, vanilla, honey), so I am going to concentrate on using more of the stevia extract for sweetness.

          I also want to do more moving around slowly. I just find it difficult with the snow still up to my knees in places and we are having a cold snap (and I need new snow boots). These are really just excuses.
          Today I rested because I had such a long day at work and we had to move the furniture, plus I had to travel. I could have at least gone out for a walk. I did do an hour of yoga today, versus the 20 minutes I usually do, just to get a lot of the kinks out. It is going to take a while for me to really get to where I want to be, I just have to take baby steps and celebrate what I accomplish.


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            I almost forgot to do my weight training yesterday, so I did it right before bed and did not have time to post it. My arms are a little sore because I actually did the two cycles. Here are the results:
            Reverse Pullups - 3/3
            Assisted Squats - 30/30
            Incline Pushups - 30/30
            Hand/Feet Planks - 56/57
            Right Side Forearm/Feet Planks - 41/38
            Left Side Forearm/Feet Planks - 40/38

            I can tell that my core is getting stronger because it is easier for me to balance releve and sous-sus (basically on the balls of my feet) in ballet. I have consistently been doing Yoga every morning, except for Friday when I did not want to get up early just so that I could do that. I think that I am making steady progress.


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              Yesterday was a difficult day for me so by the end of it, I did not want to do my workout. But I did, with some motivation from Marks post yesterday. I pushed myself and it felt really good. Afterwards I was still energized, so I went for a short walk to cool down. That felt amazing too, and I was inspired to choreograph a dance. Here are my results:
              Reverse Pullups - 3/3
              Assisted Squats - 37/38
              Incline Pushups - 30/30
              Hand/Feet Planks - 59/60
              Right Forearm/Feet Planks - 41/43
              Left Forearm/Feet Planks - 42/42
              Because of Marks post yesterday, I am going to celebrate even one more pushup, squat, pullup or second. I look forward to his follow up post next week.
              I am excited to see how my sprinting goes.