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    Hi. I'm starting my primal journey here. I copy-pasted my message from the meet & greet forum, so you get an Idea who I am and where I come from.

    Finally going primal...

    Hi, I'm new here! I do not consider myself Primal yet, but I am on my way to become Primal. I have been reading on this site before, and I felt drawn to the lifestyle. When I was a little girl, (a little bookwurm, very weak, and I really hated sport and moving) I liked to do (play) things 'that make you strong'.
    I still have that feeling, I think it's in the same category as carrying around my swiss knife, and reading the SAS handbook. I wanted to be prepared for ... Well, whatever could be around the corner. Ironically I always have been a person with a lot of pain and diseases (I have had a bad back since I was 7yo, always had pain in my stomach and intestines so running (school) really hurt so much that I often cried from the pain it caused. I always had the feeling that there was a couple of stones in my belly, that rolled over when I did some sports or tried to run) (in fact I think that i've had fibromyalgia all the time, even as a child I was very stiff and always in pain, I have never been able to touch the floor with my fingers!)

    Fast forward: though I had been a very tiny and lean girl, I started to gain weight after my children were born. And a few years ago, when we had some problems, I gained weight even faster. When my weight was 80 kg, (and me being only 1.66m) I decided to do something about it. That was two years ago. So I did Weight Watchers online, and lost 17 kg. I did it not the usual way, (with light products or eating ricecrackers all the time), I ate nuts and butter and cream and full fat yoghurt. I made sure I didn't go above my daily points, but I always wanted to eat real foods.

    All the time I received MDA newsletter and I read on MDA now and then. I thought it was interesting, but, you know, I couldn't afford to buy all organic meat, or live without bread .... I baked my own wholewheat bread and that was irresistable good!

    September 2012 I did a 'sugar challenge'. Didn't eat sugar for one month. That is: I gave up after three weeks, because I felt sick (feverish, weak, cold).

    Then a few months later, I found out about a book 'Wheat Belly' I read the reviews on Amazon, and how people got rid of their pains by quitting wheat and sugar, so I decided to give it a try (again). This time I quit sugar and wheat, because I hoped that the fibromyalgic pains and stiffness would go away.

    And after two days I realised that quitting sugar and wheat is one step closer towards a primal lifestyle, and once again I read and read and read on MDA, and my plan changed: i will have no sugar and no wheat for one month, and when the results will be fine, I will quit grains, and legumes also. That was almost four weeks ago.

    So far I'm flabbergasted. My chronic backpains are gone. My stiffness is gone. I have lots of energy. This time the 'low carb flu' lasted only three days. I wake up early and exercise for half an hour.(!) Two days ago I worked in the garden and normally that would have been followed by one week of feeling sore and having musclepains. Now... Yesterday I felt so good, I worked in the garden again! And today, 06.50 I was ready for some exercise. I am amazed by myself.

    What surprises me is that quitting both sugar and wheat, is easier than just quitting sugar. I think the wheat makes you crave sugar. Now, I don't crave sugar at all.

    So i definitely will go primal now. Finally.

    The Questions:
    Your location: The Netherlands

    Age (If you want): 38

    How Primal are you: started 3 weeks ago by quitting sugar and wheat

    Do you consume dairy: a little (yoghurt and white cheeese)

    Do you drink coffee or tea: green tea only. And water.

    Motivator for switching to Primal: the successstories that spoke of less pain in joints and muscles

    Favorite exercise: squats

    Favorite Primal food: any food. Vegetables, eggs, nuts, coconut. I just love to eat.

    Best part about being Primal: indeed: no more pain! I forgot to mention that I always have had severe menstruation pains, too. And this time, wow, I didn't even have to lie down ... I just could do everything, walking the dog, doing the chores around the is so much better!

    Worst part about being Primal: the nightmares in which I eat sugar before I know it, and then regret it very much.
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    So. Here I am. I hope one day my back will be strong enough so I can lift heavy things, too! :-). Because right now whenever i lift anything heavier than 1 kg, my back will kill me later. So my husband carries the laundry upstairs and downstairs, and he carries the groceries and also he has to push the shopping cart because that is really heavy for my back.

    Today I started with some exercise. Jumping jacks, big jacks, squats, that kind of stuff. I did it for about 25 minutes. (There's a tv-show called 'move that body' here, and I have the energy to jump out of my bed every morning at 06.50 to exercise along!)

    Smoothie with greek yoghurt, 1 boiled egg, half an orange, green tea, water.


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      Welcome, UB. Primal is a great way of eating for those who love food - everything is delicious.

      I love that you were a bookworm ready for anything with your swiss army knife. My dd is the same and loves playing "spies" etc. she has so much fun.

      It is interesting that you have found it easier to drop both wheat and sugar, congratulations on your great results so far and best wishes as you work on growing stronger.
      Annie Ups the Ante


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        Continuing ...

        So I have been off wheat and sugar since I wrote my last post. And I tried to eat and live more and more primal. I felt great. I workout almost every day, somewhere between 10 and 30 minutes, with Cassey Ho's Blogilates video's online. (Pilates and HIIT combo). I never thought there would be a time I would love to workout!!!! Now I can do ten pushups! Woooohoooo, first time in my life ( and I'm 39 years old).

        I got a lot of compliments, too. People asked me if I was losing weight again. (I lost 17 kilos two years ago, and kept my weight since then) No, but I look better! My mom told me that I move differently now. With more souplesse.

        BUT. Last week we went for a holiday. The change of place and rythm led to some bad food decisions. Oh well. What will happen if I eat just one snickers bar? And on three occasions I had some food that contained wheat.

        Now I know what happens. I returned home with pain ... In my wrist, in my shoulders, in my thumb, in my knee. My back is stiff again, and I can't sit in the same position for longer than a few minutes. The same problems I had before I stopped eating wheat and sugar!

        Now I'm home again for almost a week. Still in pain. It feels like I have inflammations in my joints. I do eat right again, but it's hard to plank or pushup when your wrist feels like there's a knife in it. I hope I will feel better again soon.

        I definitely learned a lesson. Food can do harm.