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  • Bit of a naughty weekend, but that's the way of festival food, and you can't say no to fish & chips at the seaside. Still, a lot of fun was had with the boy, I even went in the sea yesterday quite willingly (rare for me heh) and it was warm - who would've thought it in England!

    I think I'm going to set myself a no-bread challenge, on a rolling week by week basis. So it starts today. Today is also the day I get my IUD fitted, which is quite scary, I think my tummy's already seizing up in preparation ha wonderful. Wish me luck for the afternoon.

    3 mile run
    B - two boiled eggs, black coffee, satsuma
    L - bacon feta & avocado salad
    S - a little bit cheeky but post-doctor's I've allowed myself a few kettle chips & hummus, and a piece of chocolate. The appointment was actually much better than I was anticipating, a bit uncomfortable but not painful and now I just feel a bit crampy; and they say that's the worst of it! Fingers crossed that's it now for 10 years - mad!
    D - chicken shish, rice & salad
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    • That sounds so lovely! I'm obsessed with the ocean. Never get near it these days but I could happily live right by it. Especially today I need to be swimming in the sea and/or sipping an iced coffee lol

      Lovely to read about your blossoming romance. Have you told him about your eating habbits? I know when I was dating I never used to know the right time to bring it up was!


      • I haven't spent a weekend in London for a month now! He drives so there's no excuse not to jump in the car and go somewhere really. In fact he just sent me a text saying he's going to plan something for us for a few weekends' time. Weird giving up my organiser role!

        Yeah it's going really well almost too good to be true...considering we met on an online dating site! I've told him i'm gluten free and I have mentioned 'caveman habits' a few times but not much more than that. He knows I'm really into reading up on nutritional stuff and he actually has Crohn's which flares up now and then so he's fairly careful himself, like he quite smoking 7 months ago and he's been talking about giving up booze quite a lot recently. It's pretty good, he's happy to go for a steak & veg and not bother with bread or anything so he's certainly not making it difficult!


        • Feeling a bit crampy this morning so heading into work late (need these painkillers to kick in!). I forgot how the first day of my period was always quite painful when I was younger. Though the bleeding seems to have stopped and wasn't even very much yesterday anyway. I think this is going to be okay...

          B - two fried eggs & 3 rashers bacon, some blueberries
          S - satsuma, banana, and a biscuit (can't lie to you can I. Needed some sugar was feeling so awful all day )
          L - ham salad with sun dried tomatoes
          D - baked aubergine with pancetta & mozzarella
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          • Ah I am SO much more refreshed this morning! Thank god. Cramps have nearly all gone, and I think I might actually be experiencing TOTM.... stupidly excited by that ha.

            B - two boiled eggs, black coffee
            S - banana, peppermint tea
            L - my director's leaving lunch at a highly dodgy restaurant, I wasn't too certain of the freshness or provenance of their food at all... :-s had some goats cheese, lettuce, couple of olives, couple of pan-fried squid, piece of salmon with far too much pesto on it, green beans and some mozzarella & tomato, couple of glasses of wine. My tummy hurts
            S - so the cramps started again and I have into a bit of dairy milk chocolate. Never mind.
            D - sushi chez the boy's
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            • Ergh not enjoying work at all... so annoying to get promoted and then feel massively unproductive and un-needed for the last two weeks... bugger. still getting cramps too

              B - fruit and yoghurt (melon & pineapple mainly), flat white coffee
              S - satsuma
              L - bacon avocado & feta salad
              S - peppermint tea, two hard boiled eggs
              D - really bad...and I know I'm only eating this because I feel miserable...takeaway chicken & rice in some naughty sauce
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              • Happy Friday! Let's hope it is one...

                bit of a mini workout today - leg raises, press ups, some ab crunches...

                B - two boiled eggs, black coffee, a few strawberries & blueberries
                S - banana, black coffee
                L - tuna salad
                Six mile run yeeeeah
                D - chicken (in breadcrumbs I must admit), with mixed salad & feta
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                • Oof two weeks off... I've been a bit demotivated, not so much diet-wise, just in general, work and stuff. But I realised this morning if I'm going to feel better in myself I need to keep track in writing and not in my head, so I've got to get back on here.

                  Things to sort out - my skin, my energy levels
                  This week's challenge - no caffeine (other than green tea), no gluten, no dairy

                  I just feel like something's a little off kilter and I need to nip it in the bud. Though it is probably stress-related (had a couple of horrible arguments with the boy that we really need to move on from), I think diet will help to settle things. Weird of me to say things like this but I feel I've lost some self confidence, like I'm questioning and over-analysing things rather than just keeping a positive frame of mind. Hope it's hormones...

                  Running is still going well though

                  3 miles this morn
                  B - two eggs, green tea
                  S - Berocca, banana
                  S - green tea
                  L - tuna salad
                  S - green tea (argh tired), a bit of tuna & roast beef scraped off a sandwich (nice...)
                  D - salmon & broccoli
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                  • 30 press ups, 1 min plank, 40 sec side planks, leg raises

                    B - two boiled eggs, green tea, banana
                    S - green tea, almonds

                    25min lunchtime walk (taking back shopping but still, fresh air!)

                    L - smoked mackerel salad, peppermint tea
                    S - a bit of tuna, a few crisps (it's not gluten...!)

                    Played netball...and got player of the match haha haven't played for two months and could barely keep hold of the ball, who knows what that's all about!

                    D - banana, salmon, broccoli
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                    • 3 mile run

                      B - two boiled eggs, green tea
                      S - 5 strawberries, satsuma, couple of raspberries & grapes, and a cup of DECAF coffee, almonds

                      20 min lunchtime walk

                      L - sardine salad, green tea
                      S - Nakd cocoa bar (dates, raisins, cashews, apple juice....)

                      Really feeling like I'm missing something today food-wise, can't satisfy my appetite at all but can't tell if it's really my appetite or my absolute BOREDOM!

                      D - halloumi, tomatoes, chicken, rice
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                      • 30 press ups, 1 min plank, 40 secs side planks

                        B - two boiled eggs, banana, green tea
                        S - almonds

                        20-30 min lunchtime walk

                        L - seaweed salad, soup w/ salmon, veg & glass noodles

                        20 min walk down to meet my parents

                        D - radish, chicory, pecorino & truffle salad (dairy free this week might not be going so great, but they were just shavings!), Parma ham & figs, langoustines, fennel, string beans. A glass of rosť. Yum! Totally going to have a granita/sorbet before the theatre too....
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                        • Happy Friday!!

                          B - two boiled eggs, banana, green tea
                          S - some blueberries, raspberries, grapes
                          S - argh someone brought in the Swedish version of m&ms from holiday - I ate my weight in them
                          L - ham and salad

                          But then, you know, I did just do a NINE MILE RUN!!! Woohoo nowhere near as hard as last week's 7 miler, could've gone to 10 but don't want to go to far too soon, anyway, yay

                          S - banana, coconut water
                          D - finished up my ham salad before going out... Did have some crisps and chocolate on the way home, but I think I did pretty well this week!
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                          • Hello from another Londoner! (Not born and raised, though.)

                            Your dinner yesterday sounds a collection of seriously yummy things! I need to remember to get myself some figs while they're in season. My BF doesn't like them so I tend to not buy them but I love them and there's an Ottolenghi recipe in the Jerusalem book with figs and roasted sweet potatoes I want to try!

                            Hope you have a fun Friday despite the rain!
                            Well and happy - Journalling a primal life in London


                            • I'm having a day off from thinking about my diet. Which will prob undo all the good work with my running but hey, need to relax right? I've had a fair amount of fresh air and a good walk, but going out again and am going to drink and dine and get back to paleo life tomorrow.

                              Hi pineneedles! Thanks for your message, oh man Ottolenghi is king! How can your boy not like figs, I actually think they're the perfect fruit to stop you munching on sugary snacks, and go soooo well with salty food too mmm


                              • Sunday Sunday...

                                Rather knackered but I've done a 3 mile run to loosen my muscles up a bit from Friday's run

                                Banana, cup of tea
                                Omelette with onion and pepper, lettuce & olive oil, cup of chai
                                Chicken breast with lots of roasted veg, some white wine, and a bit of chocolate...
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