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  • Morning everyone

    Argh my ex sent some of my stuff to the office and it was waiting for me when I got in just now. With a really nice note, about how we should give it some time before chatting again, I meant and mean so much to him and it's too tough to start talking straight away.... arghhhhh now I miss him this isn't faaaair!!!!


    Was taken out for brekkie this morning at a lovely Kiwi cafe in Central London, they do great coffee so I couldn't resist... Plus, I'm going to BARCELONA after work! Long weekend in the sun, that is what I need. Tapas, wine, culture, dancing, friends, laughter, maybe a bit of flirting with some Spanish hombres....

    B - two cappuccinos, corn fritters with bacon, poached egg, spinach, tomatoes, avocado salsa and creme fraiche - can you say YUM?!
    S - Ambrosia mini custard pot (they're my client, I had to taste), 4 crisps and 1 almond (very accountable!), mint tea
    L - rice with daal, potato, cauliflower, yoghurt etc
    D - jacket potato with tuna and salad, a few mini brownie/flapjack things, vodka & tonic....and I'm off for the weekend!
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    • Ooh sounds fun, have a great time in Barcelona! Best cure for sadness, a fun little holiday. (Amazing brekkie, too!)
      Well and happy - Journalling a primal life in London


      • Hello!

        Back from Barcelona where I had a lovely weekend in gloooorious sunshine

        Did so much walking my legs are hurting, and I'm feeling pretty knackered, city breaks aren't the most refreshing of holidays. We also ate and drank a lot, which wasn't great for my stomach, but it's always the way when I'm with friends.

        Need to do some kind of detox this week...

        B - green tea, 2 eggs
        S - green tea, banana, 2 rice cakes
        L - chicken escalope with mixed salad (roasted veg, coleslaw, sundried toms, lettuce, beetroot, red cabbage...)
        S - 2x dark chocolate covered almonds, mint tea
        S - 3x dark chocolate covered almonds
        D - olives, a bit of cracker with tapenade, fried courgettes, GF pasta with lamb, courgettes & aubergines
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        • So I ate too much chocolate and some bread-like stuff yesterday. I also feel like I have a cold coming today. Just generally bleugh, which isn't great when I have my flat warming on Saturday night! Lots of lemon & ginger tea today I think, and going to go home for an early night rather than playing netball, even if a run around would make me feel better. Moan!

          B - two eggs, pineapple, green tea, lemon & ginger tea
          S - gah i just had a couple of pieces of dairy milk. i just feel so crap and i want to be cheered up
          S - 10 almonds
          L - big ham & avocado salad, lemon & ginger tea
          S - lemon & ginger tea, a few dairy milk buttons. my head is so stuffed up, i need to go to bed erghhhh
          D - Thai green curry - chicken, red pepper, green beans, broccoli, brown rice, and Loyd Grossman cooking sauce (he's my client so I have to try it, think it's just about GF!)
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          • Woke up a few times in the night. My room feels very warm and dry, which is making my throat sore I think. Not sure how to rectify that apart from opening the window, my old flat was damp so we had a dehumidifer and I'm not used to dealing with the other way round!

            Still feeling cold-y, sore throat and a bit congested. Sigh. Plus I have a weird rash on the back of my thighs. So I'm pumped full of anti-histamine and pain killers, hoping that something will help!

            B - pineapple, two eggs, green tea
            S - satsuma, loads of lemon & ginger tea, white tea, 10 almonds
            L - ham & avocado salad
            S - mint tea, lemon & ginger tea, a few salt & vinegar pringles
            D - Mango Collins cocktail, some chorizo and a few nachos, Brazilian chicken & squash curry thing with some rice and corn tortilla
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            • Argh will this cold either come or go?! Sore throat and a bit congested, but it's not moving in either direction. Going to steam tonight, just need to not have this on Saturday...

              B - melon & pineapple with yoghurt, two boiled eggs, white tea (as in the type of tea, not with milk)
              S - Vitamin C tablet thing in water!
              S - rice cake, green tea - do you ever find when you have a big breakfast that you actually get hungrier?!
              L - leftover thai green curry (chicken, red pepper, green beans, broccoli)
              S - two rice cakes, banana
              D - chicken soup (so good to have a Jewish mum, sometimes!), a few cherry toms, a Nakd ginger bread bar (dates, almonds, pecans, spices), mint tea
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              • Believe it or not the opposite of the dehumidifier exists ... the humidifier! I remember having one as a child to help with a chesty cough. Houseplants might help too? Some are also good at purifying the air.

                Yes agree that having a big breakfast can make me hungry later! I think that probably partially accounts for my huge appetite at weekends when during the week I'll happily have a small breakfast and lunch or even skip them altogether.
                Well and happy - Journalling a primal life in London


                • Haha I'm totally the opposite, I always want to eat loads during the week at work, but happily eat a couple of smaller things on a Saturday! Think it might be hormonal stuff too, middle of the month apparently does stuff to you as well!


                  • Right, my throat is still super sore so I'm going to have to look up humidifers. More money, yay.

                    Very excited for this afternoon, I'm going for an Indian Head Massage after work been meaning to try it for ages and I've founda lovely sounding clinic in East London that specialises in all sorts of alternative therapies, that is neither a beauty salon faking it nor a hippy yoga studio (though I do love a good hippy at times).

                    B - two eggs, banana, latte (Friday treat!)
                    S - rice cake
                    L - turkey & avocado salad
                    S - I am totally ashamed to see I had a doughnut filled with cream. I don't even like doughnuts, and I really didn't enjoy this one. And now I'm going to feel sick all afternoon. Not again.
                    D - I just discovered camargue rice - wow. With salmon, and an aubergine stew (aubergine, red pepper, garlic, red onion, capers, green olives, tomato & basil sauce) mmmmm good dinner!
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                    • Maybe try ebay or even freecycle for cheaper second hand ones? Or you could just simmer a pan of water on the hob for a quick fix, that's basically how they work anyway. Obviously not while you sleep though.

                      Indian Head Massage sounds lovely! Enjoy! What a relaxing start to the weekend.

                      Enjoy the sunshine!
                      Well and happy - Journalling a primal life in London


                      • Yep going to try a bowl of water on the radiator tonight and see how it goes (not sure why it'll work when the radiator isn't on but shrug might as well), and if it's no better I'll look into buying a cheapo humidifier...

                        Mm head massage was mad! Never had a massage like it, thought I was going to hallucinate, was definitely in a meditative zone for a bit, crazy good


                        • Flat warming tonight!

                          Still a bit cold-y, and have a rash on my thighs that I need to get checked out next week just need to take my mind off it all...

                          Ate ok this morn, banana then a nice big mackerel & boiled egg salad, going to have leftover salmon & aubergine stew in a min... tonight won't be so good tho, chocolate and crisps to accompany the vodka no doubt...!


                          • Took the day off work today, my rash got really bad this week so had to rush off to a walk in clinic yesterday where they gave me some fairly drowsy making drugs. So today has been an attempt to recover, especially after I naughtily had a takeaway curry last night. Time to take some serious action and stop moaning that I feel fat and do something about it!

                            B - two eggs, GF bread with PB&J, green tea
                            L - butternut squash soup, GF bread with cheddar, cucumber
                            S - mint tea, salted cashews
                            D - will be peppers stuffed with beef & chorizo bolognese type of thing, poss some camargue rice too


                            • Back at work, feeling a bit groggy, but the rash is definitely improving, yay!

                              B - coffee with splash of milk, two eggs, pineapple
                              S - chocolate -yep.
                              L - so far, 1 leftover stuffed pepper, too much work for a proper lunch break....
                              S - more chocolate, 2nd stuffed pepper, rice cake
                              D - leftover innards of the stuffed peppers recipe (ie beef & chorizo bolognese thing) with some camargue rice, bit of cheddar too

                              Left work at 8.30, how horrible. Feel fat and like I've eaten too much today, though it appears I haven't actually eaten all that much? Think it's lack of exercise, I don't need much food when I'm not moving from my desk :| should practice IF on days like today!
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                              • More determined to avoid the chocolate today!

                                B - two eggs

                                S - pineapple, green tea

                                L - tuna & avocado salad, flapjack from Pret (ha can't avoid sugar though can I)

                                D - banana, courgette soup, piece of cheddar

                                S - a few bits of chorizo and a cherry tomato

                                Off to my first life drawing class now!
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