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  • Read a couple of journals this morning and feel like I've got to start Paleo again properly, I let too much slide. I know I'm pretty good and happy with myself on gluten and caffeine, but it is the sugar that I'm not happy with. I'm trying to be in the mindset of 'don't deny yourself because that makes you want it more' but I think that also lets me have it too frequently. When I did the non-40 days of no chocolate, counting the days really helped and by the end I was so much more meh about eating it, so I'm going to see what's in my diary and have a countdown toward that, see how I do. I'm still going to drink alcohol but it's the little snacks that I want to learn not to rely on, maybe eat a bit more fruit if I have to.

    So, it's 24 days until my friend's wedding, and she's having it on the beach with fish & chips and afternoon tea so I want to enjoy myself there. 24 days should be doable

    Day 1

    B - 2 eggs, banana, green tea
    S - rice cake, lemon & ginger tea, 10 almonds
    L - delicious lunch at a little Israeli place round the corner from the office, took my team for some bonding ha - hummus, pickled carrot salad, olives, grilled aubergine, crudites, lamb, rice, some veg... quince iced tea too (does that ruin day 1 of no added sugar? :-s i think it's okay, it's not cake...)
    S - lemon & ginger tea
    D - smoked mackerel salad with lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, carrot, olives, olive oil & lime juice, slice of cheddar
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    • Happy Friday!

      I had a nice present this morning, TOTM lol. AT least no cramps or PMS this time! (sorry any guys reading this)

      Day 2 no added/refined/naughty sugar

      B - two eggs, banana, latte (Friday treat)
      S - rice cake
      L - tuna & avocado salad, some blueberries

      D & rest of the evening - a lot of booze (pisco, vodka, red wine, tequila....!), steak, a couple of onion rings & a few chips, some creamed spinach, and a small slice of toast when I got home
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      • Oh dear god I am HUNGOVER. Feel really quite awful today, no sleep, all my own fault. While you're young eh...

        Day 3 of no sugar, let's see how I get on

        B - two poached eggs, spinach, English muffin, two sausages, big latte - def too much cream and milk etc my stomach is not happy with me today
        S - a whole bag of Tyrells crisps with spicy hummus...
        D - chicken 'korma' with spinach, broccoli and brown rice
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        • Sunday! Feeling a lot fresher today ha.

          Day 4 restricted sugar....

          B - two eggs, green tea

          3 mile run - my first proper run since my half marathon in October! Ridiculous. But it was fine think I might be quite stiff tomorrow, did some foam rolling too which was a killer.

          L - GF bread with cheddar, carrots with spicy hummus, lettuce

          S - a few crisps and salted cashews

          D - leftover chicken curry with spinach and broccoli
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          • Monday. Day 5 of no sugar etc. Feeling really tired, had a LOT of dreams last night which suggests not the deepest sleep. Starting yoga after work though so will sleep well tonight no doubt!

            B - melon & yoghurt, black coffee
            S - two eggs
            L - turkey salad - forgot to leave my avocados out of the fridge so they were rock hard feel like my salad was missing something today!
            S - banana, 10 almonds, green tea
            S - miso soup
            D - grilled chicken with diff Turkish-esque salads

            Not sure about the yoga teacher, it felt a bit too much like a gym class, he didn't go round helping people...but I'll keep going, exercise is exercise...
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            • Hello!

              The weather is London is GRIM again, such a shame, the sun made everyone happy. And my cold is still lingering, bleugh.

              Feeling very hungry again today, weird. Seeing my mum tonight, it's her bday and we're going to the theatre, so we're having quick Japanese for dinner first, so going to try and avoid starchy carbs as much as poss, with just a bit of rice for dinner probably.

              Day 6 no sugar...

              B - two eggs, green tea
              S - two clementines, green tea
              S - banana - feeling really hungry argh!
              L - turkey salad - my avocados still weren't ripe this morning, very upset about this, think i'll wait till they're over ripe and make a smoothie this weekend
              S - green tea, 10 almonds
              D - miso soup, edamame, spicy tuna sushi, salmon rice paper roll, prawn tempura (naughty), spicy beef skewer, seaweed salad, sashimi... Think that was all of it!

              Oh no! I got home and my dad was sitting there with a birthday cake for my mum! They looked so sad when I said I was doing a no sugar challenge... So I had a slice. It's a celebration after all, and it was very good cake. And that is that.
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              • Morning from London, just what I was thinking when I got up and looked out of the window to the garden, very rainy today, what a difference from sunny yesterday
                Working from home this week, was hoping I will go on a lovely long walk at lunch time like yesterday, but with this weather, need to find me some other exercise to do, live in North London, and they also newly added this new open air gym in the local park, you must've seen them, haven't tried them locally cuz every time I go for a walk, I forget and end up wearing my jeans instead of gym /yog trousers.

                Eat protein first thing, I mean meat, not eggs, eggs don't satisfy me if I have them for breakfast, I can have them later in the day. Or mix the eggs with the meat, like egg benedict, or scarmbled egges with salmon.

                Well have a lovely day inspite of the weather


                • Oh yes my parents have one of those in the nature reserve near them, it's a bit weird and old fashioned tho. Reckon it's better to stop at a bench and do some press ups halfway through a run!

                  And you're right, I was thinking I need to eat some proper meat in the morning. But I've never done that before, the eggs used to be enough... Plus I don't really have the money to be buying chicken breasts for my brekkie AND my dinner! Hmm


                  • Day 7 no sugar - does it count to count any more when I had cake last night?! Still good to keep it up I reckon

                    Ok so I did eat MEAT this morning, bacon to be precise, because I was at my parents and there's always so much food in the fridge. Let's see how long it lasts. Plus Mum said to take the rest of the packet because they won't eat it, so I'll have some for brekkie the next couple of days

                    B - two fried eggs, 4 streaky bacon rashers, green tea
                    S - cappuccino
                    S - mint tea
                    L - salad - lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, beetroot, cauliflower (raw), ham, olive oil & balsamic
                    S - mint tea and... oh god another person's birthday and i just couldn't resist a slice of chocolate cake. i'm the worst cavewoman ever. plus my stomach isn't particularly happy today, which i put down to the cake last night... i'm an idiot
                    S - clementine. god my tummy hurts. THIS is why i shouldn't eat cake.
                    D - mummy's meatballs, yum - very early and in the office because i have life drawing tonight. i have a headache from all the sugar today, so so stupid
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                    • Hey Liv, yes was going to suggest something like a full English for breakfast, minus the beans. Or you can do a burger patty from mince... I found this frozen large Scottish burger 100% beef and Nil Carbs at Costco, so it makes it easy to have one or two in the morning... I know others used to make a patty from tuna, but I never did, beside tuna is not that cheap anymore!!

                      I never buy chicken breasts, too expensive, last week I was at Costco and though maybe I should get some, would you believe it a huge pack of fresh drumsticks (about 20 drumsticks) was 4.50 while same size of fresh chicken breasts were 15 so no brainer I just took the drumsticks, that would be enough for at least a few weeks with other meat varieties during the wee., if you don't like the skin on the drumsticks or thighs, just don't eat it. I know everyone here says its the best part, but it depends on my mood, sometimes I eat it sometimes I don't. Beside, having the bone is an extra benefit as I can also make broth out of it if I feel like chicken soup.

                      Don't worry about the slip with the cake, stick to 80/20 rule, I know once one gets to used to sugar it will become awful, when I did peat and allowed myself jelly beans, it was awful, at the start I said it will be once a week treat, but ended up being a daily treat and I ended up craving it so much every day... so to quit the sugar it I just had to stuff myself with meat for the first week, then my body got used to no sugars.

                      At the moment am on nuts and meat diet lol, we'll see how that goes!!


                      • Well it is nearly midday and I'm feeling absolutely fine! Could be the cappuccino though, that was STRONG and I've been mainly off caffeine apart from Friday latte treats, so have been working incredibly fast and productively, which always makes me forget about my stomach ha. I can feel that my stomach might start growling soon, but I'm looking at the clementines & bananas on my desk thinking, I couldn't bear to eat those right now. This is great

                        Ah Costco, haven't been there in yeeeeears. Not sure my mum has her membership any more, and since I live in the city now, sans car, it's unlikely I'd get out to a retail park any time soon hmm. The 3 for 10 deal in Sainsbury's in usually alright, could get 3 packs of drumsticks, I like the idea of having 1 or 2 as a snack for sure.

                        Oh god yes tuna is so damn expensive, I long for the days when I didn't like it (we're talking when I was 14 though heh), I feel like I've got a good deal if you can get 4 cans for 4.50 in Sainsbury's!


                        • Finally, some sunshine in London!

                          B - green tea, avocado, two eggs
                          S - clementine, white tea
                          S - 10 almonds
                          L - grilled mackerel salad (spinach leaves, cucumber, tomato, carrot, beetroot, avocado, olive oil, balsamic), a bit of goats cheese and quince jelly
                          S - green tea, clementine
                          S - I did so well until 5pm and then shoved a load of m&ms in my gob! What is WRONG with me???
                          D - didn't get home till really late, had a shepherd's pie thing and finished some crisps that were open in the cupboard. Feel like things are going downhill and I have no control of where my hands go and what I put in my mouth! (In a food sense, no dirty minds here) I just want to lose this belly for gods sake and I can't keep my hands off the chocolate and crap!
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                          • yeh, only about 3 years ago one can get 4 cans of tuna for 1 ... the only cheap(ish) protein left is eggs... that's why am thinking no way I will be able to sustain mainly protein diet long term, I wont be able to afford it.

                            Living in the city is painful when it comes to food shopping, I noted everything is a bit more expensive there, my project at the moment is outside the city, but when I worked there, I used to be so annoyed at the price difference... but hey you can walk home after a night out or take a cab, which I can't.


                            • Turning Primal in the UK

                              Happy Friday! Oh man I'm going to some secret warehouse rave tonight, I'm not gonna know what's hit me tomorrow... at my mum's bday! Very excited.

                              B - had proper brekkie at home this morn because I needed to cook the bacon - 5 streaky rashers, avocado on 2 slices of GF bread, lemon juice, pepper...
                              S - black coffee
                              S - 1.5 clementines, hot water with lemon, 2 rice cakes
                              L - massive tummy filler to prepare me for the evening - grilled chicken kebabs with rice, chips and salad
                              S - another bday in the office! I did had a bit of chocolate cake and a cup of tea - going to burn it off tonight though...
                              D - 3 eggs scrambled with tuna on 2 slices of GF bread, with spinach leaves and tomatoes
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                              • Not a bad weekend of eating so far, considering I got home at 7.30am on Saturday...ha.

                                Had some chocolate on fri night as well as alcohol

                                Sat - had bacon & avocado on GF bread, then a latte, elderflower cordial drink thing and some crisps, a slice of pizza and green tea, then for dinner with family we had ham hock & smoked eel terrine with celeriac remoulade, rotisserie chicken with spinach and roast potatoes, glass of red wine, yum!

                                Today - currently having a grilled mackerel salad (spinach leaves, carrot, beetroot, cucumber, olive oil, lemon juice, a bit of balsamic glaze). Going to have a cycle around the Olympic Park and do a food shop, think I'm going to cook a ratatouille esque thing for supper but with chilli, lime juice & coriander, bit of an experiment...