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    Day 7.5

    I'm calling this a half paleo day because I'm off for a 20 mile walk any minute and am allowing myself a few carbs today without worrying. This basically means because I'll have burnt about 1500 calories my best friend's coming over later for a curry and movie still, it's just rice, no bread. I've signed up for a half marathon in October to get myself back into running after the Moonwalk is done and dusted, so I will need to start experimenting with nutrition for training. It'll be interesting, I don't want it to be a case of allowing myself pasta etc just because I've had a run y'know? For the sake of the Moonwalk being just a couple of weeks away I'm sticking to what I know for now, but am definitely looking forward to adapting my Paelo body to training in the future.


    Breakfast - 3 egg omelette with onion and red & yellow peppers, coffee
    Walk snacks - sandwich with marmite and cheddar, half an energy gel, minstrels chocolate
    'Lunch' - mum's chopped liver mmm followed by a bag of Kettle Chips :-s
    Dinner - glass of red wine, chicken & lamb biryani, okra, aubergine, some naan bread....

    Who am I kidding a half paleo day. This was a non paleo day. But did I mention I walked 20 miles in the sunshine!!!

    Back to primal goodness tomorrow, the far too full stomach post-curry makes me never want to 'cheat' again.
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      Day 8

      It's the beginning of a new week, the sun is shining, today is food shop day, and I have my mum's proper Jewish chicken soup for lunch/dinner, can't wait!

      I've just had a read over my entries, and I'm not entirely happy with how much chocolate I end up sneaking in at the end of the day, so this week's focus is going to be on cutting back there. Instead, I'm going to get some bananas and freeze them so I can have 'banana ice cream' if necessary, and try to up my meat/fish intake at lunchtime to regulate my appetite for the sweet treats. Feta & avocado salad was delicious last week, but I need to be better prepared so I can have a proper chicken salad. I had a day off yesterday and my stomach doesn't feel great today, so I can't wait to do some cooking and take a bit more control of my eating habits. I'm going to take probiotics for a few days to sort my stomach out too.

      I have one lunch out this week, so 4 lunches will be big-ass tupperware salads as per usual. I'm going to roast some chicken pieces and buy some mixed seeds to add a bit of fat in.
      I'm out for dinner Thurs & Fri, so for Mon-Weds dinners at home I'm going to make a batch of bolognese this afternoon and will eat it with kale/cauliflower on those nights; I also have some broccoli in the fridge to finish up.

      I've done my final big training walk, with 3 weeks to go before the Moonwalk, so this week (if I get out of work at a reasonable time) I would like to do the 5 mile walk from work to home twice, and probably 13 miles on Saturday.
      I want to make sure I do my 5 minutes of squats, press ups and planks every morning - it makes me feel like I've done a little bit of something at least, if I can't get out in the fresh air at lunchtime or whatever.
      I'm not sure I've lost weight, but I do feel a bit lighter in general, mainly around my stomach and face, and it's the mental clarity and calm that I'm most enjoying.

      Breakfast - finished up mum's chopped liver (oh I do miss Jewish food now I've moved out!), boiled egg, coffee
      Lunch - finished up pot of natural yoghurt, bowl of chicken soup
      Snack - baked apple (no sugar, just coconut butter and cinnamon) with coconut milk yoghurt
      Dinner - chicken soup, handful of almonds, and a frozen banana to come a bit later

      A good 45min walking and resistance band workout
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        Day 9

        Can't be bothered with work today, need to be lying on a beach somewhere. But here we go.

        45 secs squats, 20 press ups (10 full ones), 45 sec plank and 30 sec side planks (a bit achey today from my arm workout yesterday)

        Breakfast - boiled egg, apple & blueberries with natural yoghurt, almonds & ground flaxseed, coffee
        Snack - banana and hazelnut butter
        Lunch - salad with roast chicken thighs
        Snack - satsuma, cup of white tea (not with milk!)
        Dinner - bolognese with kale and broccoli, 'nakd' cocoa mint bar (dates, cashews, raisins, cocoa), a few squares of 85% dark chocolate

        5 mile walk from work to home at 4mph
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          Day 10

          Ah the sun keeps shining here in London - could spring finally be with us?!

          Felt bloated this morning, most probably the dates & raisins in the bar I ate last night, which is annoying. Hopefully walking today will sort it out.

          I also remembered my focus this week is on not sneaking so much chocolate, even if it is 85%, so that's not working very well. I don't want to keep eating fruit when I have sweet tooth cravings because that doesn't get me away from the sugar addiction either. What to do, what to do.... Is it a case of just eating more during the day, especially protein/fat? What if I'm not hungry during the day compared to in the evening? I don't want to swap to a grazing all day style of eating... Advice appreciated!

          In the meantime:

          1 min squats, 20 press ups (inc 10 full), 1 min plank, 45 secs side planks
          20 min walk from dr's appointment to work - nothing to worry about health-wise
          5 mile walk from work to home @ 4mph

          Breakfast - satsuma, boiled egg, blueberries & half an apple with yoghurt, almonds & ground flaxseed, latte
          Snack - cup of tea, a few almonds
          Lunch - salad with roast chicken thighs
          Snack - plum, 'pecan pie' bar (dates, pecans, almonds)
          Dinner - bolognese, kale & broccoli; small glass of red wine, square of 85% chocolate and frozen banana
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            Day 11

            Definitely thought I looked slimmer in the mirror this morning! Bring it on, Primal life, bring it on. And the weather is still beautiful which means I just want to get outside the whole time definitely going to have a walk at lunchtime, I'm out tonight so a bit worried about what I'm going to eat for dinner....

            1 min squats, 25 press ups (15 full ones), 1 min plank, 30 sec side planks
            Little bit of a walk to sit in the park for lunch
            15 min walk home from bus stop - does that cancel out the bread?!

            Breakfast - boiled egg; blueberries, half apple, plum with yoghurt and ground flaxseed; coffee
            Snack - a few almonds
            Lunch - salad with leftover bolognese, cup of tea, satsuma
            Snack - banana and hazelnut butter
            Dinner - Turkish restaurant and uh-oh I had bread chicken and salad and bread dammit! White wine too. And now 2 vodka tonics at a gig.

            I won't regret it I won't regret it I won't regret it....
            The way I see it - when I was eating the bread I could tell I didn't particularly want it or need it, I was just picking for the sake of doing something (a bit of an awkward date needless to say); at least I can recognise that and I doubt it'll happen again in such a spontaneous way.

            Also - men look away now - it seems like the TOTM has come early (4 days early!!!) so perhaps that has something to do with it. Not happy with that situation at all, not sure what's going on there... Explains the bloating and slightly out of tune BMs the last two days though - apologies, far too much info!!
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              Day 11 again. Going out again tonight. Not so worried about the drinking but I need to make sure I eat something proper before going. Let's see!

              EDIT: looks like I'm being put on a pitch at work, which includes a 24 hour challenge from 3pm today :| no going out for me... but unfortunately that probably means pizza for dinner. Will do what I can.

              Breakfast - boiled egg, blueberries & half an apple with yoghurt, ground flaxseed and almonds, coffee, green tea (I have a banging headache, perhaps caffeine will cure it...)
              Rest of the day/eve - awful eating, far too much chocolate and pizza.

              Intense afternoon but still a lot of fun, got to be back at work early tomorrow morning to carry on so hope I get a good sleep tonight... I WILL get back to paleo life tomorrow, there's no reason a brainstorming session has to end with fizzy drinks and carbs that give me stomach cramps. Back to 10 days' success...
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                Day 11 again....not passed.
                I'll be back tomorrow. I will this isn't going to be one of those fall off the wagon for a month episodes. I want to keep the weight off, it's so clear to me now that I'd lost some!


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                  Day 11!

                  I shall be drinking tonight but I shall be eating like a cave girl.

                  Breakfast - 2 boiled eggs, strawberries, half an apple & satsuma with yoghurt & ground flaxseed, coffee
                  Snack - banana
                  Lunch - spicy chicken soup, satsuma
                  Snack - cup of tea, square of dark choc
                  Dinner - salmon, courgette, pepper & mushroom stir fry that I accidentally made far too salty so could barely eat meaning I had a square of dark choc after to try and help me forget it! Feel sick from that salty taste....
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                    Day 12

                    Horribly hungover, can't get myself out of bed. But I really need to do a 10 mile training walk and I'm starving so I'm going to have to get up at some point. I feel far worse than usual considering I stuck to vodka at my friend's and drank water pretty much the whole time we were in the club. I honestly think it's from not having something starchy before I went out hmm.


                    Breakfast - 2 scrambled eggs on toast (it had to happen before something awful happened!), coffee
                    Snack/Lunch - half an apple, 2 squares of dark choc, plum, almonds, yoghurt, peppermint tea
                    Dinner - baked sweet potato with tuna, red onion, green pepper and black olive mix

                    9 mile walk, and lots of cleaning around the flat
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                      Good morning!

                      Beautiful day in London, perfect for my walk after work

                      Day 13 (lucky for some...?!)

                      1 min squats, 15 full press ups 10 on knees press ups, 1 min plank, 30 secs side planks
                      20 min walk to meet my friend for coffee @ lunchtime
                      45 min power walk after work (sweating on the train in my skinny jeans and trainers, sexy...!)

                      Breakfast - boiled egg, half an apple & plum with yoghurt & ground flaxseed, coffee
                      Snack - almonds, satsuma, green tea
                      Lunch - salad with baked salmon, chai latte
                      Snack - some carrot and cucumber sticks, scraped off quiche topping and scraped off tuna from sandwich (leftover food from a meeting - don't know why I'm so hungry today that I had to do that - at least I didn't eat the bread!!!)
                      Dinner - salmon veg & kelp noodle stir fry, glass of red wine (not going to lie, there was a splash of sweet chilli sauce in the meal...), half an apple, square of dark choc, mint tea
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                        Day 14

                        Weight loss feels like it's been reversed. Hoping the bloating is a sign of TOTM than me being unable to change my body dammit especially since I've been pretty consistent with exercise in the morning and my walking. Hmm.

                        1 min squats, 20 press ups, 1 min plank, 40 secs side planks
                        15-20min walk at lunchtime
                        A good 40 mins running around like a maniac in the fresh air @ netball

                        Breakfast - boiled egg; half apple, plum, banana, yoghurt, almonds & ground flaxseed; coffee
                        Snack - almonds
                        Lunch - salad with baked salmon
                        Snack - cup of tea, banana with hazelnut butter
                        Snack - two sushi wrap things from Wasabi (chicken/tuna with rice wrapped in nori) --> weight loss reversal might be because I'm ALWAYS hungry. However I think it's because it's that TOTM in this instance and I should give my body what it's asking for y'know? Rice isn't the worst thing I could have eaten, plus I'm about to play netball.
                        Dinner - spicy chicken soup, 2 squares 85% choc, peppermint tea
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                          Day 15 and oh the sun is shining still!

                          You can't imagine the happiness of Londoners when we get a few days' of sunshine in a row!

                          Feeling good today, that run around last night was so good, can't wait to get into my half marathon training in a few weeks now. I have a boat party with work tonight which'll be funny. Drunken and funny. Sounds like they're getting pizza into the office for quick snacks before we go, and I've requested gluten-free so fingers crossed I'll get something a bit starchy to somewhat prevent the hangover but that won't completely drive me off course.

                          1 min squats, 15 full press ups & 10 on knees, 1 min plank, 40 secs side planks
                          Lovely 20 min walk in the sunshine and amongst the flowers of Regents Park.

                          Breakfast - boiled egg, plum & half an apple with yoghurt & ground flaxseed, coffee
                          Snack - banana, 1 strawberry (heh have to include it all right!?)
                          Lunch - prawn & spinach salad, green tea
                          "Dinner" - gluten- free pizza (and a couple of normal slices too) - tastes like crap! And I'm still hungry. Fat use eating that rubbish is. Now get me a vodka tonic!
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                            Oh dear. I was just looking into why I've been so gassy every afternoon the last few days, and I think it might be to do with these FODMAP things... I've been eating apples and plums instead of berries every morning and these are apparently high FODMAP foods. Woops. Need to do some reading up asap!

                            EDIT - Jesus. This probably explains why I've never got on well with legumes, porridge or chewing gum... Perhaps my issue is not a gluten intolerance at all, perhaps it's all to do with FODMAPs! Which would eliminate gluten anyway (only a good thing), but make it clearer why I get gassy, acid reflux etc etc. Wow.
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                              So day 15 ended with crisps and chocolate on the nightbus home. So day 15 will have to be tomorrow instead - today is a write off too; mum's had an issue with her foot so I've had to leave work and look after her, with a raging hangover and a sandwich :-s don't judge me... I know it's alcohol that makes me eat crap every time!

                              Despite hating myself for eating rubbish today I should still note it down:
                              Porridge with apple and banana, coffee
                              BLT baguette
                              Olives, chicken with tomato sauce and mozzarella, small rosemary potatoes, roast veg
                              Feast ice cream
                              Coca cola
                              Veg and kelp noodles stir fry
                              Peppermint tea, square of 85% dark chocolate

                              I did walk the 5 miles home from work though!!
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                                Actual day 15.

                                Happy Friday everyone! It's actually quite hot in London today, to the extent of not needing a jacket whaaaat?! Cannot wait for the long bank holiday weekend to start

                                1 min squats, 15 full press ups, numerous triceps press ups, 1 min plank, 40 secs side planks

                                Breakfast - 2 boiled eggs, blueberries & banana with yoghurt, ground flaxseed & almonds, coffee
                                Lunch - salmon tartare/seaweed/kelp noodles etc salad, some chicken & tuna scraped off sandwiches, a couple of squares of chocolate, cup of tea
                                Dinner - a fabulous pretty paleo evening (except for the alcohol) that included oysters, smoked salmon, crab, halibut and lots of veg - wonderful!
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