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    Day 16 - doubt this is going to be paleo proper. Horrifically hungover after such a fabulous evening!

    Breakfast - tea, omelette with onion tomato and spinach
    Lunch - gluten free pasta with tuna sweetcorn and peas and pesto. Some m&ms.... :-s
    Dinner - burger, chilli cheese fries & fried pickles with 3 cocktails... Only two gluten-free friends could go out and gorge on that. So good.

    Like I say, an eating day to forget...!
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      Day 16 proper!

      Off for a 9 mile walk in the sunshine with my squeaky trainers can't wait to get some new ones in two weeks ha!

      Breakfast - coffee, blueberries & pine nuts with yoghurt and ground flaxseed, boiled egg
      Lunch - salad with beetroot, avocado & feta; 1 square 85% chocolate; 1 square caramel & sea salt Lindt chocolate
      Snack - banana
      Dinner - carrot sticks & yoghurt dip, gluten free pasta with spinach & smoked salmon cream sauce
      a few vodka tonics and a few tortilla chips...and a few chocolate fingers erghhh this is the worst attempt at paleo!! Why can't i just do one day, one day?!

      Humph. i'm still counting it though because I had all of 3 biscuit finger things and I walked a lot....
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        Day 17

        Scorching in London
        Off to an exhibition on the South Bank and then who knows. Turns out my friend who's also doing paleo wants to 'see how it goes' relationship-wise, which is exciting and what I've been waiting for for ages, but now I've turned into a ball of angst because he hasn't returned my text and looks like I won't see him for 3 weeks - you can't tell me you like me and not make the effort to see me!! Argh. I need Prince Charming to turn up. So that's what I'll be waiting for post-exhibition.

        Breakfast - 3 egg cheddar omelette with lettuce & coffee
        1 square (the last square) of caramel & sea salt Lindt because I feel sad!!
        Lunch - salad with tuna, beetroot, coleslaw etc; cornetto ice cream a bit of bread and hummus a few jelly tots and cava. I have been miserable today!!
        Dinner - the fab bacon and mushroom cauliflower risotto Mark posted on here a few days ago
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          Day 17 again. God it's really taking ages to get to 30, I'm not sure this can count as a 30 day challenge can it might get to 30 and then do a proper 30 days as well.

          1 min squats, 10 full press ups and numerous tricep press ups, 1 min plank, 40 secs side planks
          5 mile walk from work to home

          Breakfast - 2 boiled eggs, blueberries & banana with yoghurt, almonds and ground flaxseed, coffee
          Lunch - feta & avocado big ass salad
          Snack - pineapple chunks and a Babybel cheese
          Dinner - bacon & mushroom cauliflower risotto, peppermint tea & a square of 90% chocolate
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            Day 18

            Still feeling really low about this guy's lack of communication, having told me he likes me! Fed up of men turning into boys, he's 32 for god's sake, can't he man up?!
            So I'm going to have to take my mind off it as much as poss. Luckily work appears to be getting a little busier this week, and I've got my walk on Saturday to focus on.

            1 min squats, 15 full press ups, triceps press ups, 1 min plank, 45 sec side planks

            Breakfast - boiled egg, blueberries & banana with yoghurt almonds & ground flaxseed, coffee
            Snack - babybel cheese, pineapple chunks, coffee
            Lunch - leftover bacon & mushroom cauliflower risotto (still tastes great!)
            Snack - another babybel :-s and a hot chocolate from Pret...
            Dinner - massssssive salad with bacon & avocado yum! Peppermint tea and a couple of squares of 90% chocolate
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              Day 19

              Still nothing from the boy since my last text 2 days ago. By now I'm really feeling like F*** him, so it'll be a shame for him to get in touch about meeting up, I'll be a right bitch!

              1 min squats, 15 full press ups, triceps press ups, 1 min plank, 45 sec side planks
              20 min walk in total probably, not enough fresh air

              Breakfast - boiled egg, banana blueberries & raspberries with yoghurt & ground flaxseed, coffee
              Lunch - olives & anchovies, seared tuna steak with green beans and a few mushrooms and fried courgettes; latte
              Snack - banana, peppermint tea
              Dinner - gluten free pasta with bacon feta tomato & pesto; babybel; square of 90% chocolate

              Feeling a bit headache-y and crap this afternoon, really praying I don't come down with something, with the Moonwalk just two days away!!
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                Well done with all the effort you are making.

                X Londener now in Canada.
                SW 243
                CW 189
                TW 175
                "The problem with socialism is you eventually run out of other peoples money"


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                  Thank you! The lack of support from this particular male is notable ha.


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                    Day 20

                    This will be a half (ahem, non) paleo day. I'm going back to my parents' tonight and have requested a massive bowl of my mum's spaghetti bolognese as a carbolicious treat before the walk tomorrow. Which means tomorrow will probably be half paleo too. Just need to get through the 26 miles at 4am and if that means giving my body chocolate then so be it!

                    1 min squats, 15 full press ups, 20 tricep press ups, 1 min plank, 45 sec side planks
                    20-30 mins walking

                    Breakfast - 2 boiled eggs, blueberries raspberries & banana with yoghurt & ground flaxseed, coffee
                    Snack - red grapes (woops the sugar!)
                    Lunch - spicy chicken, veg, rice/kelp noodle soup; quinoa & ginger yoghurt (disgusting)
                    Snack - uh-oh my manager just bought a box of chocolates and I've suddenly got a lot of wrappers around my keyboard.... some hardcore calorie burning is going to happen tomorrow!
                    Dinner - oh yum so good to be cooked for! Chopped liver and pickled cucumber with some matzah, spaghetti bolognese & salad, oh and you know a few strawberries & ice cream
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                      Day 20 (not)

                      Moonwalk day!! Only 12 ish hours to go till we start, going to be buzzing all day and no doubt crash at 10pm ha.

                      1 min squats, 15 full press ups, 20 triceps press ups, 1 min plank, 45 sec side planks

                      Breakfast - 2 fried egg sandwiches with bacon, berries banana & yoghurt, too much coffee
                      Kettle chips & hot chocolate
                      Roast chicken with a jacket potato & broccoli, green tea
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                        Day 20

                        Yesterday achey and tired from the Moonwalk but managed to eat primal! Was a great evening, very proud of having done it a second time and now I can try to run instead!

                        L - salt beef with some leftover vegetable stroganoff my flatmate made, which was so disgusting I need to erase it from my mind or it makes me gag; square of 90% chocolate to take away the taste, coffee
                        Snack - mocha and a banana
                        D - sashimi, seaweed salad, japanese style aubergine, edamame

                        About an hour's walk


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                          Day 21

                          Only 10 days till I will attempt a full 30 consecutive days!

                          20mins-ish fresh air

                          B - boiled egg, blackberries strawberries & banana with yoghurt & ground flaxseed, coffee
                          L - salt beef & avocado salad, gluten-free brownie, green tea
                          S - some tuna scraped off a sandwich, some salt beef
                          D - chicken thighs in a puttanesca sauce (anchovies, olives, garlic, cherry tomatoes), long stem broccoli & spinach, square of 90% chocolate
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                            Day 22

                            45 secs squats, 15 full press ups, 20 triceps press ups, 1 min plank, 30 secs side planks, and about 20 mins walk - feeling totally exhausted still from the walk and not sleeping very well my muscles are really tight too, need to find a yoga class or something because I want to get into running as soon as I can (will hopefully buy new trainers this weekend) and can hardly do that with my hamstrings as they are now!

                            B - boiled egg, blackberries strawberries & banana with yoghurt & ground flaxseed, two coffees (so. tired.)
                            S - Nakd cocoa mint bar (dates, cashews, raisins, cocoa)
                            L - tuna salad, peppermint tea, plum
                            S - a bit of kinder bueno and 3 maltesers :-s naughty, I'm starving and have nothing in the office dammit, an apple
                            D - chicken puttanesca, broccoli, spinach, 2 squares 90% chocolate

                            ooh my foam roller arrived! My quads are equally hating on and thanking me!
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                              Day 23 - I'm counting yesterday because a little bit of chocolate didn't induce a whole binge of crap food like it usually would!

                              1 min squats, 15 press ups & 20 triceps ones, 1 min plank, 30 secs side planks
                              Only about 10 mins fresh air because I was so busy at work feel stressed and I can't wait for this week to be over!

                              B - boiled egg, blueberries strawberries & banana with yoghurt & ground flaxseed, coffee
                              S - babybel
                              L - prawn salad, banana, a few sips of coffee
                              S - pineapple chunks, finished off the pack of prawns too
                              D - final lot of chicken puttanesca with spinach and broccoli, a bit of flatmate's leftover couscous too
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                                Day 24

                                Uh oh I've woken up feeling a bit cold-y. No no no not this weekend! Got an amazing dinner out tonight with friends, a new restaurant in London everyone's raving about and then a flat party chez moi tomorrow! Not much paleo drinking will be happening, so will try to eat as sensibly as possible.....!

                                No press ups etc today because my back's hurting hmm. Need to give my body a rest I think, still knackered from the walk last week. EDIT - actually, I got home from walk and not only have ages to kill till dinner but felt bad for eating the kinder bueno, so I did a half hour workout, resistance bands for arms then planks and foam roller on the sore legs. Don't feel like I've burnt many calories recently!

                                B - boiled egg, banana pineapple blueberries blackberries & raspberries with a little bit of yoghurt and ground flaxseed, coffee, berocca vitamin tablet thing erghhh
                                S - babybel - feel really hungry today!
                                L - prawn salad
                                S - cup of tea, some more berries... oh poo and there I go again with a bit of kinder bueno - clearly falling off the wagon since my walk and I need to get back on big time!
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