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    Week 2
    W: 125.5 new low
    E: 2-3 mile walk


    Larabar on the way to church

    Lunch at the inlaws-steaks, fresh from the processing plant, on the grill and a large salad. I will stay away from sugar, I will stay away from sugar...

    Supper ?? Maybe scrambled eggs with leftover crumbled sausage, mushrooms, cheese and peppers. Or we may pick up fast food and do a picnic at a park.

    Eta: we go to my in-laws every Sunday for a big lunch and I'm realizing how big of a primal challenge this is going to be. We usually eat grassfed steaks and salads, with their chicken's free range eggs on top, but there's always junk snack food available and eveeyone munches before lunch. Then there's always some sort of bread served (today it was grilled bread with melted cheese ahhh), french fries from a deep fryer (a Sunday tradition from when my mil was a kid), and then always dessert-today it was an amazing cheesecake with fresh strawberries. Seriously, I don't stand a chance of getting out of there unscathed. .

    Right now I'm going to work on making my week days primal, and not worry so much about that Sunday dinner. Over time I think (hope) it will be easier to stay away from the un/primal items there, but I'm not going to beat myself up about one meal a week.
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      Since I use my smart phone to hang out on the forum, and it's pretty difficult to type out longer journal entries, I've decided to move my journal to the old fashioned pen and paper format. I'm still around though!